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Tha t I rode off to a Rally, and opened th e doo r on so me thi ng Future. I was getti ng out of town . Beating th e traffi c, stretching th e lon e h ighway. Th e freeway thinned, pointing N orth. Th e desert roared with heat and distan ce - and by th e time I found m y green river valley and foo thi lls, th is motorcycle and I were of th e same mind, same sub stance. Determ ined and boundless. I stay ed th e night at an old dirt rider's ho use, 'Mel and I ben ch racing for hours, And in th e dawn th e flatland fell far beh ind us. T he Sierra raged up onto Blue Sk y. And from our sets ' of wheels, Yosem ite's old views were brand new again . It was a dream brought to life - th en magnified! Mel stayed alongside to th e summit, w here we laugh ed and bid Goodbye and Take Care. Then I was solo on ce more. Flying on th e crow n of the world. I talk ed to riders along th e way to see what was in th eir heads. Th ey all agreed that we' re m isunderstood. Us Mot orcycl ists. And none was certain w hat to do about it. I chewed on that, and rode on. What was way down inside of us? W hat really needed to be said? What would deli ver us from the stereotype, and help gain back our individuality in the public eye? Wh at might it be to gaze deep in to ourselves, like opening up an engine and conversing with its parts? Yes! Meeting ou r mot orcycle m inds! That's it! A nd now I kn ew m y job, and rode harder. Wh en I reach ed th e rall y cam p , au tum n's Beem er Bash, m y tent wen t up by a river flow ing and clear as m y thoughts. A nd th ere were ins tan t friends th ere, other long riders lik e me. We ate from th e sam e pot and told th e same kin d of stories - but with differerlt Names and Places and Reason s. A new pal called Joe rode out with me onto local roads. We dis covered co u n t ry o n ly artist s imagine. It was superb. And w hen the rains came it was still go od. Our sizzling cam pfire burned any problem s we 'd ever had . We were m en and wo me n of th e La st Frontier! Th e stuff of our very so uls was ma rried to those pa irs of w heels of ours. Inseparably. And now I kn ow th e ' book I will write. Y eah! I'll call it M OTORCY CL E M INDS. William Edgar I I I I I 0') ...... ~ r- c-r .... V ..0 S .... V 0.. V so - WIND : All the latest on and off the track 2 MOTOCROSS: Kiedrowski, Stanton and Ward shine in Germany 6 Button, Young on top at Glen' Helen Trans-Cal race 20 TEST: Riding Bimota's YB4EIR World Superbike challenger 10 ROAD RACING: Human Race Team conquers Willow Springs 24-Hour .. . . 12 Vieira and Honda lead the way at Bol d'Or 27 CROSS COUNTRY: Lojak locks up Beaver Valley National win 14 • I HARE & HOUND: Smith takes narrow victory in Colorado ENDURO: Hawkins shakes at the Rattlesnake National DRAG RACING : Myers takes the U.S. Nationals by surprise VINTAGE RACING: Old-bike extravaganza at Steamboat Springs LOCAL RACING : Fast action around the nation CALENDAR: When and where the action is taking place RESULTS: The complete rundown WANT ADS: Stuff f or sale 16 18 22 24 28 32 38 39 ON THE FRONT PAGE: Americans Jeff Stanton, Mike Kiedrowski and Jeff Ward celebrate their victory in t he Motocross des Nations. See complete story on page 6. Photo by Nate Rauba. Name - --:"C7":'"S E PRINT C Lt:.A R l 't' l - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - :c::-:'::':7'::-=:-:-:-:::-:-:-c(P L EA ~------'------- City S tat e Order Date: I 0') 00 -----------------------------------------------------------------, SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM . Address I I I I I I I I ~ ~ -<.7ip _ _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o ev e ry w e ek for one yea r (50 issu es) for $35.00 o every wee k for two yea rs (100 Iss ues ) for $65 .00 C six months s e c o n d class (2 5 is sue s ) for $ 18.00 One yea r (50 issues). 2nd clas s Canada or Mexico and all other f o re ign ccuntrtes $75 :00 (U .S . f unds). o This is a renewal o Please b ill me o Enclosed is check or money order Charg e my 0 Visa 0 Mastercard IIJ~ S ig nat u re _ MC I Vis a # _ Expirat ion Date _ First class and ai rmail rates available upon request. S e n d to: CYCL E NEWS, ln c., P.O . Bo x 498 . Long Beac h . CA 90801 -0 4 9 8 1 (2 13 ) 427-743 3

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