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c T hatI was being watched, by day and by night, and it wasn't by Fellow Man. T here we re eyes at th e roadside, red flashes across the rus hin g midnight black. A beady pair of gleamers lit up, then another, ' and anot her, . suddenly betuieen fog drifts. They we re neat. T h ey offered a kind of beastly friendship, and confirmed I wasn't alone. A t dawn, rabbits and field mice ran from m y motorcycle's spe ed, grou n d critters seeing something from Another World. Wha t wa s this strange sw ift thing shin ing bright m etallic in th eir moTtling sun? This oddly crouc hed bein g with leath er arms and legs - and wheeled feet, too! - w ith a h ead so perfect and smooth and shiny, eyes darting beh ind its crescen t shie ld? Th e broad sage land sent up its crows and hawks to find out. Wh o was this imp ulsive creatu re on the long em pty highway? T hey had seen m e and my kind before, and won dered about k in ship. Earl ier, ou tside th e lillie airfield cafe w here / ate, a hummingbird fed at a sugar feeder. I studied its w ings , their phen omena l precision, its own d ow n righ t et hereal intelligence; th en told the waitress: " R ig h t th ere's th e best airplane ever made." Later, out orl the road agai'l, a big doe stood fast on the centerline, those huge brow n ears of hers pivoting to tune me in . / slowed and our four eyes met, and locked - and fo r the next few seconds w e knew each ot her as w ell as w e ever might. T hen she bolted and climbed a roadcut almost st raigh t up. A h h! Fur th er on, a fullw inged buzzard sw oop ed to look m e over - th at same mysterious eye con tact again! We were communicating! Saying more th an words will ever tell! I rode on through a sudden storm of swallows. One of th em literall y stop pe d m id -air, just in ch es from my g love d throttle hand, th en darted th e other w ay. A nd there must . have been a billion in sects aloft. Th e day w as fill ed w ith life. A coyo te pup ran in my di stant g li m pse. T hen anot her doe led tw o fawn s across th e road, sto p ping an d turning to watch m e fly past. / actually waved to th em! We had ou r own understanding of each othe r. L ong aft er th e: rid e I sti ll th ought about th ese encoun ters - h ow pr iceless th ey were . A nd then I noticed so mething. M y m otorcycl e o n its si de stan d look ed lik e an animal dozing. • .. HALF MILE: Parker f lies to Hagerstown victory 6 MOTOCROSS : Stanton, Holland top Red Bud 125/250cc National 8 Johnson sweeps Mammoth Mountain Motocross 14 ROAD RACING: Rainey out-duels Schwantz in Dutch GP 10 Dutch Racing styles to Road America Endurance win 20 ENDURO : Houg h strikes gold in Trask Two-Day ISDE Qualifier . .. SUPERCROSS : Bradshaw, LaRocco . star in Toronto, Canada TRIALS: Andersson, Young round up wins in Texas LOCAL RACING : Who's hot CALENDAR: Where the action is RESULTS : The final verdict WANT ADS: What's for sale .18 22 24 24 36 42 43 ON THE FRONT PAGE: Junior riders in the 125cc class take on one of the most demanding and scenic motocross tracks in the U.S . at the Mammoth Mountain MX, in Mammoth Lakes, California . Approximately 1300 riders participated in this year's four-day event, which saw Honda's Rick Johnson win all three Expert classes. See page 14 for race coverage and results. Photo by Ken Faught. William Edgar r-----------------------------------------------------------------, SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name_-::--:-:-:-:-:=.,."...,-::-,.,,;-,,- _ l P L EA S E PR IN T CH A R LV I Address _ . City State Order Date : ....LZip o Th is is a renewa l o Please bill me o Enclosed is check or • money order Charge my 0 Visa 0 Mastercard .~ _ _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper Signature o every week for one year (50 iss ues) for $35.00 o every week for two years ( ' 0 0 iss ues) for $65.00 o six months .second class (25 issues) for $18 .00 MC /Visa# One year (50 iouesj. 2nd cia.. Canada or Mexico and all other foreign countries 575 .00 (U .S. fundsl . ~ First class and airmail rates available upon request. ~ __ Send to : CYCLE NEWS, tne., _ _ I I II Expiration Date . P .O . Box 498 , Long Beach . CA 90801 -0498 I I (213) 427:7433 I ~3

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