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from the West Coast (Cha irman Fred Mork, Secretary Mike Green, Dick Mann, Steve Martin, Terry Pratt and John Hays) and six from the East Coast (Treasurer Mike Smith, AI Knapp, Bob Barker, Beno Rodi, John .Wiman and Tom Faulds). Gary Wi nn, who formed and ran the old AHRMA, has been named executive director of the new AHRMA. For more information, contact AHRMA, 5360 SR 229 East, Marengo, OH43334. Yamaha will be on hand for Daytona Cycle Week with a full complement of TZ250 parts, a limited supply of FZR400, FZR600 and 1000 standard replacement parts, and FZR750 race kit parts. The FZR750 race kit parts will be marked down 50%. The pans will be available from the Yamaha garage in Daytona Internationa l Speedway's garage area. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Assoc. (AHRMA) has been reformed into a memberowned, not-for-profit organization that will hold competition events on both a national and regional basis i n conjunction with the AMA. Both the California Vintage Racing group and the old AHRMA have ceased to function and the all -new AHRMA will take over where they left off in organizing vintage racing activities. The legal framework of the new AHRMA is the handiwork of Ted Bendelow. ,general counsel to the SCCA and a lead ing authority on creating not-for-profit organizat ions. AHRMA has ' a new set of by-laws and guarantees member's rights and privileges. Six of the new Board of Trustees come APPOINTED: Tom Dahl as AMAI CCS race director for the Southwest Region; -Dahl is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and is . currently employed as an ins tructor at the. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, Arizona; Dahl can be reached at P.O. Box 42711, Phoenix, AZ 85080, 602/938-7038. It's been 10 years since Steve Morehead has road raced, but the " Findlay Flyer" is "fired -up and ready to go" for the upcoming March 1 2 Daytona 200 Superbike Classic. " I ' v e got a Suzuki GSXR750 for Daytona," said Morehead. "I've got some people to maintain the bike and it will be race-ready for me when I get there so I th ink I have a good chance to take a big chunk of the Dirt Track Awards money. If I make the top 10 I'll be jazzed, that's what I'm shooting for:' Morehead's only ride in the 200 came in 1978. He was running seventh on the fi nal lap when a rod in his Yamaha TZ750's engine decided his race was over. Th is year's effort will be supported by Fast (Continued to page 4) ANKER. SCHWARTZ, ALPERT &. HYMES It. "A.T"I:~NI " INCLUOtNG " . 0 " C5 5 ' 0"''''1. e o."o."" ,04'oIS L.AWY EFtS S VC s. • c 0 '0 • • u CIt S ..... " e"'· ,.z· 1:"'". 1: • • TEL.C. "O 145311 V E NTURA . OULCV'..... RD. SU I T E 1 0 0 2 1.,., .0'· ENCINO. CALIPORNIA 91436-2144 I: 00 1III31.".·.e .. TCIo.CCO·'C;" ,.,., .0'_0'. HosPITal STOP: Pro MXer Dennis Hennel was seriously injured in a Pacific Rim Racing Association MX at Hollister, California, on January 29. Hennel is in t he Stanford Medical Center's intensive care unit; he 's in stab le co nd ition and being treated for throat and w indpipe damage. Mrs. Sharon Clayton CYCLE NEWS, INC. 2201 ·Cherry Avenue Long Beach , California 90801-0198 Terry Poovey, a 13-year veteran of Grand Nationa l Champ ionship Series competition , and the Texas Dirt Track Asso ciat ion will be conducting a flat tra ck and TT scrambles school at Mike Kidd's Boyd Raceway in Boyd, Texas, Apri l 1-2. Each participant will receive one free entry to the season's opening race at Boyd Raceway , April I. For . more informa tion , contact Leland Howard, Rt . I, Box 773, Haslet, TX 76052. Dear Sharon: Re: Den ny Lee R ussell , et aI. vs, The Manzanita Racing Association, et aI. San Diego Superior Co urt Case No.; 502160 This letter will recap the facts my investigation have 'revea led in the above matter a nd the course of action I intend to folIow to protect your interests. On April 14, 1982, Cycle News, Inc. carried a " I inch" ad publicizing a Manzanita race on April 18, 1982. In that race one of the riders, Den n y Lee R usselI, was severely injured. On April 15, 1983, the above lawsuit was filed naming Cycle News, Inc. as one of the defe ndants. For some reason, unknown at this time, the Summons and Complaint was not served on Cycle News, Inc. unti l Decem ber 10, 1985. After receiving the Summons and Complaint, Cycle News ; Inc. forwarded it to me and I, in turn, had it forwarded to your insurance company. I have proof that your insurance company received the Summons and Complaint. Your insurance company "dropped the ball " and fai led to answer the Complaint, resulting in the plaintiff taking your default and having a judgment of $5,600,000.00 entered against Cycle News, Inc. In the interim, the other defendants who answered the Complaint went to trial and received a defense verdict, resulting in no liability to any of those answering defendants. Thus, because your insurance company fai led to a nswer the Complaint, Cycle News. Inc. was the only defendant that had a judgment rendered against it. Three-time World Champion Freddie Spencer just returned from his Australian test session where he rode t he 1989 Yamaha YZR500 for the f irst time . Spencer, shown here ri ding the 1989 bike at Phillip Island and in the pits with crew chief Kel Carruthers, turned lap times faster than teammate Niall Mackenzie and Frenchman Christian Sarro n, but a second slowerthan Pepsi-Suzuki's Kev in Schwantz, Photographer Lou Martin reports t hat it on ly took Spencer six laps to "get it going aga in ." I am now prepari ng the necessary paperwork, declarations, andlegal au thority to have the court vaca te the judgment. I feel both the law and the facts are on our side and I am confident the court will vacate the judgment. In the interim, I have p ut your insurance company on notice with regard to their liability ilJ this matter. They are currently investigating the matter. I will get together with them in the next few days. Sharon, please make certain alI your vendors are aware of the fact that the only money they should report, pursuant to any Writ of Execution served on them, is the money owing Cycle News, Inc. on the day the Writ is served. AlI documents billed after that date should be remitted to Cycle News, Inc. in the normal cou rse of business. Very t ruly your s, PERT & HYMES Several firms that advertise in Cycle News, Inc . publications have had, as mentioned above , a Writ of Execution served on them. Cycle News, Inc. trusts that the above letter from the company's attorney to Publisher Sharon Clayton explains ou r position. Stay tuned . . . Editor. 2

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