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lJ[}{]rn: SUPERB KE SCHOOL lJ[}{] rn: @0 [1 ~ Whether you are interested in racing or just improving your street riding this is the place. Besides, it's way more fun than half a dozen speeding tickets! ! I f 1985 SCHEDULE-WESTERN Willow Springs-Rosamond. CA $150 February 2' , March 2. Apr il 6. A.M. Sessions Only Ma y 4 , June 1. July 6. August 31 , October 5, November 2. Novembe r 30 Firebird Raceway-Phoenix. AI. March 17 $160 Sears Point-Sonoma, CA Apr il 20. Octob er 26 . Sept emb er 2 ' $160 Laguna Seca-Monterey. CA April 27 , M ay 3 1, J u ly 15 . 16 September 7 ' . Novem ber 23 $160 Tnst's YOU et the CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL telting the most exciring ride on e motorcvcte there is! On a race track for the first time, and plenty of adrenalin pumping, we know you might forget to look at the tach. What's the difference between 10,500 rpm and 14,000 rpm, when you 're having fun? RIGHT? That's why we use BELRAY OIL. Look at it th is way. We provide you with everything from a BELL Star Professional helmet and racing leathers to a track prepared GPz 550 KAWASAKI, plus expert instruction. You're on a real road race course, there's no speed limits, no intersections, we even time all of your laps. Why go slow? You don 't have to worry about tickets so why should w~ worry about our motors? We don't. We use BEL-RAY OIL. Then it's rime to RIDE Ride our GPz 550's *Use our leathers, boots, helmet and gloves "Classroom and on-track training "Timed Laps *40 miles on track *Set your own speed limit * Special advanced schools *No cars, campers or cops *Increase your riding ability * You ride on race compound Dunlop tires. Special advanced schools usually feature star guest instructor Wes ' Coole y. Advanced school students receive much more personal attention and individual instruction plus 100 track miles ofriding. Advancedschool price is $300. Racing license verification for ARRA and AMA Champ Cup Series. II ----------------------------------------------------------KawasakiApplication Form I Narne ! ~K~~K~Il- Advanced Registration Required. Fill out and mail with deposit. (Regular School: Deposit $50) (Advanced School: Deposit $125) ~:::=ate/ZiP I I Telephone I I I I I I (Last/First/Midd le) Heigh t • I I Age (State/Exp.lNumber) Weight Date Requested I ! (Home/Work) Dri ver's License III Ch est _ _ Boot Size_ _ Helrnet Size _ _ Glove Size DMorni ng DAfternoon 0 Advanced All studen ts mwt be 18 yean or older. $7.500 medi cal coverage. '250 deductable, ava ilable to st udents for SIO. Complete coverage machine dam age policy $12 . Students are responsible for 50 ~ of machine damage without the damage policy. Medic al and mach ine da m age not required to be purchased by students. A 3 ,; sur charge will be added for charge canis used at the track. 120 discount for retum students, 110 discount for each :II ~ DUNLOP ~::·:~·:;;r.t;~;;;~;~:::l::::~.~:;::::~-"-~·M - ----------------------------------------------------------- I I I I I I I .JI 3

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