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..... '" co; N ~ Z ~ w Z W .J U > U The Trans·AMA circuit has been too long. This weekend most riders felt fatigued from the state-to-state grind and many were openly outspoken with disapproval of many aspects. One rider complained that he had been thrown in jail twice in one day although no charges were pressed, in Ohio. Another mentioned that he will end up driving somewhere around 20,000 miles before the three-mon th show is over. Yet another, a highly competitive rider, said he just plain ran out of money and was forced to drop out for a few races. At any rate, next year this series ought to be held down to no more than eigh t meetings, preferably less. * * * * * * BRYAN KENNEY will forego the Seattle Trans-AMA to visit Yamaha International in SoCal to get his Yamaha in faster condition_ Tulsa saw his best ride since he switched from Husky three weeks ago: 17th. "It doesn't ma ke me look good and it doesn't make them look good," he said. BOB GROSSI says his arm and hand is all healed up now, but that he still thinks about it ."and that makes it hurt." After the first pro moto at the Hopetown Classic, Bob was complaining that his ann "was about to seize on me." He proceeded, "I got pumped up and the adrenalin slarted flowing and now it doesn't hurt." * * * * * * TOM ROCKWOOD went out and rode a few laps Saturday but had a little trouble with his gear shift lever - it broke off. (;lAVE SMITH tried riding it but couldn't do anything because "it had only one gear - third." Tommy was happy with his performance, although he finished way down the list, because last year he only made it to the first turn before being forced out. Biggest cheers of the entire weekend came when one of the Dirt Diggers' Patrolman dumped it in the water hole. NATE SCIACQUA, Dirt Diggers President, immediately commented, HI don't even have to look; it's got to be one of our patrolmen down." The crowd really ooh-ed and ah-ed and really gave it to him in jest. * really * * take HAP SPOONS "Did it 14 years to clean out the unwanted copies of 'a single issue'?" asks RUSS SANFORD, M.O.R.E. mentor. To t e otest which we reply: "Sure did - the guy did it one page at a time.'" * * two-wheelers entered; word of mouth was spreading that it would have a match-off between JOE SMITH and BORIS MURRAY but Smith broke his hand at Lions a few weeks back. Anyway, no bjkes. * Your favorite sport and mine goes on the air in the Los Angeles area beginning this next week or so. Cycle News time will be at 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday on radio station KLAC (570 AM). Brought to you, as they say, by Escape Country, some Southern California motorcycle dealers and starring LARRY (Fliplip) HUFFMAN. Your favorite newpaper (and mine) will be supplying headlines hot off the ticker. * * '* * going all-out to help raise the membership of a very deserving motorcycle organization. Seems the contest will be ljmited to the members of that organization. * We see where DAVID BYNUM and GLENN BLANTON, two fellows who got turned on to DON WOODS' epic Maine-to.california trip on a 125 Rapido, have recently tu rned in a coast·to·coast record run on a pair of 90cc Kawasakis. The pair left Newport Beach, Calif., at 6:18 a.m. the day after Ontario National, and Dave parked his machine in Jacksonville, Fla., at 7:4S p.m. two days later after a 58 hour, 27 min. trip. Glenn pulled up beside him at 4:11 p.m. the following day after 78 hours and 7 mininutes on the 2,731.7 mile road. Seems Mr. Woods has started something. * The long-awaited Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of motorcycle helmet laws may soon come about as the result of a Massachusetts rider's persistence. CHARLES SIMON, a 30·year veteran rider, has engaged the top'ranked law firm of Crane, Inker and Oteri to handle his case. He paid tham a $S,OOO reta'iner, but the total cost may go as high as $SO,OOO. The AMA has already promised $2,500 toward the test case and New England riders have ponied up $800. To raise the rest, Simon and friends have formed the NATIONAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL HELMET COMMITTEE, who5'l! initials, thankfully, don't spell anything. Contributions are solicited to the Committee in care of Motorcyclist's Post, Stiles Lake Ave., Leicester, Mass. 01 S24. * sources By Papa Wealey * * * * * * Something that borders on the edge_ of insanity: take, for instance, BOB MARTIN who last month trekked from the Dixie area all the way to Southern California on a, now get thu, RUPP MINI BIKE. Even though it took him 18 days, it is still a record. Seems he did it on a bet; hjs winning? 100 and the m;ni. When asked if it was worth it, he said, "If only for the looks on state troopers' faces." Just like everyone else, we were quite happy to see the U.S. get the ISDT for 1973, but why didn't the AMA release the possible sites for it? Latest word so far is that Tennessee tops the possibility list and that Ed You ngblood of the AMA has been trailing about Southern Ohio eyeing out that area ...we should 'get the officia.l ~or

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