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i Rice, o N ri o ~ w Z w ...J U ~ U Payne Head Bay Mare Show BAY MARE, CALIF., Oct. 11, 1970 John Rice, .and 17-year-old Bill Payne put on a show in the 500 Expert class with Rice taking the win, both on Maicos. AI Wurtzel, C.Z. mounted, and Larry Shoemaker (Yam) were the class in the 250 Expert go and Tom Zahnter, on a Hodaka, and Jeff Wright (Ric) battled it out for the 125cc Expert gold. The track was well pt"epared, newly graded and watered down, ready for the first races of the day, three divisions of J 25cc Novices. Near as we could tell, Jeff Wecker, No. 766 won the first division on a Rickman. T-his kid showed great class and will do well as an Expert. Dave Kredell (Sac) took the second division after passing Andy Lopez in both motos. Cliff White came up from back of the pack in both motas to take the third division. The 125 Experts were up next. Wrigh t took the lead in the first moto on his Rickman, but Tom Zahnter, Hodaka mounted with a huge 32mm carb, was able to worls. his way by him on the third lap to take first place. Also, Zahnter was able to take first in the second moto and Wright again took second. These two were way out in Young Billy Payne could only take second in the banle with Ricl! in the 500cc class. front of the balance of the pack. The 250 Novices also had three divisions, with 34 riders in each. Nate Sciacqua on a Yamaha took the fIrst division with a good ride. Gary Dranow on a Montesa gave his fans a thrill by taking the second, and Mike Hauss charged ahead to take the third division on his hot A_J.S. AI Wurtzel in the 250 Expert class had a clean frrst moto going from flag to flag in the lead, but in the second moto had a little trouble lapping a last place rider, which gave Larry Shoemaker on a Yamaha a chance to catch up. Then, Shoemaker got around the last place rider and pushed Wurtzel so hard he went down and Shoemaker won the second moto. Wurtzel had enough points to take the day. Shoemaker was second in the 250 Expert class. One of the best rides of the day was put on by the winner of the 500 Novice class, Bob Archer. To quote the announcer, "Archer has some kind of nerve," as he charged over the hill after It was a beautiful day for racing at Bay Mare. We sell and service the best prepared MAICO motorcycles you can buy anywhere. AM ER ICA~N~!!I'!'P.!'P-P-!III the start in front of that wild pack of fast bikes. Archer rode a Maico for Conejo Honda. Mike Rinno took second for the day on a Husky. John Rice put on a good show in the 500 Expert class, but Bill Payne almost stole it from him in both motos. They went wheel to wheel in the first go with Rice taking the checkered first, but on the second moto they switched fIrst place at least 10 times. On the last lap, Payne took the lead going up the start hill and Rice got it coming around on the outside on the next down grade turn. Payne tried to put his front wheel inside on a turn in the back section and went down, Rice turned his head to see if he was OK and Payne got straight and came charging back to catch up with Rice who had slowed down for the look-see and then came over the finiSh line wheel to wlleel with Rice taking the nod.·Payne was second and both put on a great show on their Maicos to finish a good day of racing. (Results on page 22) Specialized Triumph - Honda Repalrl • CUltom Racine • Eneln.. Machine Work • Mell..e Kits Cyl. Borlne· Head Porllne .........11 MIKE BURKE MOTORCYCLE SPECIALTIES 15178 Raymer St. V.. NOYll Cal. 91406 Teltlpbone (213) 780-0779 DESERT SET UP SCRAMBLES Mike Patrick's YAIWIA of COIOffA 1101 E. &11\ St. - eortaa (114) 135-11 n OAK CREEl RANCH IS COMING a SACHS OSSA Parts & Accessories TRIUMPH SUZUKI MOTORS 1049 W. Mission, Pomona, Cal. 714-629-6642 I This adjustable main Jet means. 1. MAXIIMIM HORSE POWER 2. EASY ADJU$TllENT FOR ALTITUDE RA/AI OR gil/AiEl ___cc CHANGES 3. NO 1I0RE RE·JETTING WHEN EXHAUST SYSTEM IS CHANGED 4. IIAXllIUli ACCELERATION AND SPEED Available far lbe Iollowlne: Yamaba-(HT-l) (AT ·1) (CT·l) (DT·l) (RT·l) Hodaka Super Rat Ple..e state _el. $1.!l5-Tax & Post.e Paid. Henry C1Il1en .0. SIx &32, TIJIIII, Ca. !11M2

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