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VOLUME.III NUMBER 20 WEEK OF MAY 26 through JUNE 2, 1966 • • LODI BOWLS 'EM OVER Bi gge s t news of last Sund ay 's St ock t on M.C. scram bles at L 0 di Bowl was th e dou bl e d e f e a t of Mod e s t o c hampio n Ray Huff. After s howing the way home to the 650c c expe rts i n his heat , Huff wa s expected to win the fi na l by his cus tomary lo ng ma rgin . In s te ad , he f in i s h e d dead la s t. Obviou sly 'Dis t rict 36 's #1 pl at e rid er wasn 't trying. P erhap s Huff was disgru nt le d abo ut being se nt to the s e cond row for th e s tart of the 250cc E xpert Main. In t his he fini shed seco nd to Rog er Goldth war th , by a bo ut t he s ame distanc e as his starti ng handi c a p. T he L odi Bow l t rac k, owned by the Lodi M.C., i s a narro w groove s c rambl e s course with a sudde n bu mp in the middl e . T hi s la unch in g ramp bou nc es th e ri de rs up , th en de pos it s th em on th e ground a g a i n wit h a clang . May be a little more grad e r work is called fo r th e re. Ray Rice with hi s twin BSA led the bi g bike s home after taki ng over midway from J. J or gen s on , a local deale r, riding th e fastes t Royal E nfi eld north of As c ot. Nearly all th e (Continued on page 4) SMITH, PRICE, BOWERS ElCB. IN DESERT .. Pepor! and Photo s by Larry lIal ey 11 was a hot , d usty day on th e de s er t as th e diffe rent c lasses of rider s beg an to gat he r for. the Coa ch ell a Valley M.C. E urope a n Scramble s . T he co urse was well laid out , the start was c ho ppy and full of rocks , but e ve ryone overloo ke d this be caus e we a ll know C oa ch ella Valley doesn' t hav e the best de s er t in Californi a. T o lay out a co urse , the y used a lot of ol d J e e p trails whic h mad e it fa st a ft e r yo u got on co u rse--One sandy uphill a nd one s wi ngi ng do wnhill , hog-back ridge s, t he n into a sandwash tha t was fo urt h ge a r a ll the way i nto th e pits , whic h wer e pretty powder y a nd dus ty for e ve ryone ex cept t he leader . Thi s i s the s e c ond tim e thi s ye a r t ha t Coach ella Vall ey M.C. ha s held their run up on th e Me c ca Roa d. This see ms t o be t he ideal a re a for Indi o, a s it i s mostly de s e rt a nd not so muc h s a nd and hidd en roc ks . With 130 rid e rs swe lteri ng in 110 degrees of he at , it got t o be pretty hot riding, but the re wa s a c omforta ble bree z e t hat help ed bet we en rac es. Res ults wer e in c ompl e te at presstime , the 250 Expe rt c la s s was won by Malcolm Smith (Hus qva rn6) a hea d of CZ-mounted Phil Bower s. T he Ope n Expert class winne r was Re e d Pric e, (T ri umph) wit h W lt Axthelm (36 0 CZ) a runn in g second, a nd t aking 500 Ex pert honors as well . Aft er th e run ev eryone we nt in to to wn for a tasty buffe t di nner, follow ed by a trophy presentation which t oppe d off a wonde rful day on the de s ert. TRAIL BIKE REPORT • By Vonna lIaley Tbe course was pretty rough on the small bikes . There was a big hill and the trail machines had a tough time getting to the top because of t he roc ks and sand. The sta rt was real bad for s ome of the riders . A lot of them weren' t ready when the banner was dropped. Two of the riders were still in the pit s gettin g their gea r on when eve ryone left. They as ked if there would be a res tart a nd when told there wouldn't be , they went on to fini sh, one lap behind everyone else. Earl Roes eler (Zundapp) was the first trail bike to finis h. Frank M organ came in first, but he realiz ed he had ma de a mista ke on the first loop and cut cours e unint entionally. He did go on and finis h, but disqualified himself after the run, and told the club members what had happened. Th e attitude of the riders was to let Fr ank have the win because of his good sportsmans hip, but the club decided the two riders could re-run the course for a half-hour to eli minate if they want ed to. Frank was al l for it but Earl was against it . He said (quote) "I'rn no one' s fool. " The first girl in was Jan Dits on, finis hing s eventh overall . Ros e Martino was having bike troubles again. T he air cl eane r on her bike wasn't working properly and sand was getting to the carburet or and fouli ng plugs. But s hedid finish ninth overall. Though Reed Price was ridin g in the trail bike class on his wife's bike, he didn' t do as well as he does on his Triumph. He finis hed fifth overall. Second to fini sh was Jack M organ (who' s taking it eas y), and third in was Ste ve SIeve Hurd and M Patrick blast up C03Ike chella Valley rise. _ N. Cal AMA Short Track .. Endorses Cycle Parks Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty announced Monday that he recognizes the need to establish a motorcycle educational and recreational area within the City of Los Angeles. F ollowin g a re c en t c onfe re nce with office rs of t he Natio nal Tra il Ri de rs As s oc iat ion: Willia m F red erick s on, Jr. , Gene ral Ma na ger, Depa rtm ent of Rec re at ion a nd P ar ks ; a nd Mel Piers on , me mber of t he Rec reatio n a nd P a rks Commis s i on , th e Mayor conc urred t hat th e thous an ds of re c rea ti ona l motorcy cle enthus ia s ts in Los Angele s s houl d be gi ve n th e same conside ratio n ac c orded an y ot her sizable group of s ports-mi nde d pe ople. Th e Mayor emphasize d that he was referring to owners of motorcycles, and their families, for whom motorcycling is a positive recreational pursuit by providing pleasure and adventure, and not the rel ativel y small percentage of people whose motorcyc ling acti vitie s have been a nuisance factor. "The re a re a pproximat e ly 35 0,0 00 register ed mot orcycle s i n th e St a te of Ca liforn ia, acco rdi ng t o th e Department of Mot or Ve hic les registr at ion s, a nd some 600 ,000 e nthusiasts , acco rdi ng to manu fa c turer s' s urveys , • the Mayor pointed out , adding th at " th e ma jority of th e s e ve hi cl es a re loc a t ed in Southern C a li forn i a, a nd L os Ange le s i s t he ' hub of moto rcyc li ng act ivity . '~ " The peop le who ride mot orcy c l e s come from every wal k of li fe : docto rs, lawye rs , ba nker s, eng i neers , writer s , film indu s t ry , c le rks , mec ha nics, co nst ruc tion work ers, educators , an d oth e rs, with this fin e rec reat iona l acti vity appeali ng to pe opl e of all a ge s , a nd e ve n wo rk- ing it s way in to the fe mini ne wo rld , · Mayor Yort y said . The Mayor emphasized the ne e d for an educat io na l and recreati onal a rea i n Southern Californ i a as t he rapid growth of the sport ha s e xceede d any existi ng facilities. He s aid that de s e rt a reas, which ha ve been used by man y ride rs , have been re s tr ic te d , a nd a once va s t a rea fo r this wholesome activity no longer exi sts. "The e s tablishment of s uc h an educ ati onal and re cr ea t iona l area will afford many a s s e ts to th e community , not only e nco uragi ng rid e rs to us e establi s he d riding are a s , but also enco uraging begi nni ng rid ers to go t o a trai ni ng a rea whe re t hey can be a s s i s t ed by expe rie nced people, " Mayor Yorty said. The Nationa l Trail Rid e rs As s ociation was re pre s ented at the c onfer enc e by Roy R uddock v.P resrdent ; P et e De Pui s, Se creta ry, a nd Gord on Dreyer, T rea surer . Thes e men will mee t with memb e rs of th e Rec reat ion .and P ar ks Commission to s t udy the matt er a nd to se t forth rules and re gul a ti on s fo r the safety and co nve ni e nc e of both cyc lists a nd ot he r citize ns of the community. • Be c a us e th e re ha s re mai ned a de fi nite void in t he de ve lop me nt of trail ing a reas for th e la rge numbers of motorcyc lists in our rec re at ion a l sys te m, a re gu lat ed and pro gramme d ridi ng a re a that c a n be ut iliz ed by th e many ent hus ias ts , wo uld be a boon, not only to t his group of pe opl e , but to a ll citlzens ," the Mayor co nc l ude d. A.C.A. AT RIVERSIDE By George B. Ma ness --. Hedgecoth, W ell known cycle racing promoter J . C. A gaj anian and George Acree announced this week that they will be bringing weekly night cycl e racing into Vallejo Speedway starti ng Friday night, J une 3rd. T he new, s hort, one/ fifth-mile oval will be open to all AMA Novice, Amateur and Expe rt licens ed riders on 250cc machin es and under . Pits will open on J une 3rd at 5:30 p. rn, Tim trials will go at 7:00 p.m. e with the first race going every Friday night at 8:30 p.m, Yorfy Buddy Parrloll, big 500cc winner at Inaugural Riverside race. The elite of California's A.C.A, road racers met last Sunday at Riverside International Raceway. The extremely successful event was promoted by Les Richter, Director of the Raceway, and organized by the American Cycle Association underlhe auspices of the F.I.M. (Federation Internationale Motorcycliste) through the A,C.A, 's affiliation with the Motorcycle International Committee of the United Slates CMICUS), our representative in the F.I.M. 4,325 enthusiasts tlR'ned out in near-ideal weather to watch 123 serious racers put on a show for Baron Von Essen of Sweden, Vice President of the F.I.M., wbo was here at the request (and expense) of the A.C.A. and Les Richter to observe and evaluate the track, A.C.A. organization, and the caliber of our rid~rs. .. see no re a s on for Ri ve rside to be . The Baron Will r~port his fi ndings to ~ he F .I.M. which Wi ll dete!rmne at Its an nual meeti ng later this y~ar w.h et her .or I?ot t.he A .C:':.Ri ver s ide combinar io n IS q ualifi ed to run an international cha mpi ons hip race. . .. The pleasant but dignifi ed Ba ron told Cy cle N e~s afte r the rac e s t hat he was ve ry Impressed by what he h~. s ee n and although th e de crsron was not hi s to make , he c ould den ied t he F .I. M.'s approval. He hint ed that his re port would re comme nd a plac e be gi ve n on th e c ha mpionship ca le nda r as soon as an open (a nd c onve nie nt) date could be fou nd. T he pit area was eno ugh to drive the lov e r of wil d mach in ery into a frenzy . With 123 entires , one would expe ct quite a vari ety and that 's ius t what show ed up. From an oldi s h (Conti nued on page lSI !lOBD6 'me::J 'I/:Ieas :luol 'PAIS I/:Ieas :luol 'N LLI/9 SM3N 31:::>A:::> • :01 UJn1,U Ji3/lfli3P • 01 i3rqeun JI - - H3.LSVW.LSOd

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