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P92 CN III IN THE PADDOCK BY MICHAEL SCOTT I f you'll forgive a moment of self-indulgence, I can reveal that one of my high points, at the end of the season, is get- ting the mighty annual tome of Motocourse to print—all 320-plus glossy pages of it. It has to be done mighty quickly. Christmas is coming, after all. And one of the pleasures of editing it for the past 25 years or so is the chance to nominate the editor's choice of top 10 riders. This is both easy and difficult. Easy because it is a whimsical and often obvious choice. By and large, it goes in champi- onship order. The criteria for being chosen, after all, are not that different from competing in the championship. You have to be really good at motorbike racing. Consistently, and really determined, prepared to give up almost everything for it. There is a certain efficiency to the talent-spotting mechanisms of modern racing. Serious candi- dates for the premier series tend not to get overlooked. Unless, like the obviously brilliant Jona- than Rea, they get sidetracked into World Superbikes. But this list is about the grands prix. The hard part is: who do you leave out? And how do you ex- plain it to them, if called upon to do so—and it does happen, more often than you might expect. Why no Jack Miller, for instance, when he improved so radically? Answer: Because TEN OF THE BEST It's not surprising that Marc Marquez is the top of Michael Scott's 10 best GP riders of the year list.

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