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Cycle News 2015 Issue 16 April 21

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BATFLY ® Aluminium OFFROAD OVERSIZE KIT BRACKETS SINTERED PADS S3 BATFLY ® OVERSIZE KIT CHAD CHOOSES BRAKING! AND YOU? Chad Reed Team Discount Tire Racing/TwoTwo Motorsports - Ph. Simon Cudby US distributors: • The finest oil filter money can buy • Cleanable and reusable - one filter lasts a lifetime • Impervious to heat, water, and pressure - unlike paper filters • Beware of cheap imitations! Demand the Scotts Performance Brand! Made in the USA S i m p ly T h e B e s t ! • Easy to install, less than an hour in most cases • Adjustable damping on the fly, 3 fully adjustable circuits: Low speed, Sophisticated-impact-absorbing High Speed valve, and sweep controls (range of motion) • Designed for all types of riding or racing without internal changes • The highest quality materials used in construction • Reduces arm pump and fatigue • 25 years of experience building the best stabilizer in the world! • Available in Top and Sub-mounts (Stabilizer Under Bars) SCOTTS STAINLESS STEEL OIL FILTER THE NEW SCOTTS RUBBER SUB-MOUNT 818-2 4 8- 6747 or contact your local de aler

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