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Following Suzuki's drop of its road racing and drag racing (rumored) efforts, Wes Cooley has signed a oneyear contract with Kawasaki. "I signed yesterday with Mr. Mathers," said Cooley in a Nov. 12 phone conversation, adding, "I don't know what Suzuki's plans are. I was kind of left standing in the middle, so I started shopping around and Mr. Mathers was kind enough to offer me a ride." Cooley, who will team with Wayne Rainey, said he also spoke to Honda. "Yes, I did," was Eddie Lawson's response to a question on whether or not he had signed with Yamaha to ride in Europe in 1983. "I'm really looking forward to it." Lawson said that he would ride with Kenny Roberts on a two-man team, and that his only U. S. appearances would be Daytona, and "possibly Laguna Seca." Roberts told us that he hasn't signed anything for 1983, but did allow that a deal was, "more or less firmed up." Promoters demand racing board LONG BEACH, CA, NOV. 15 Following a Nov. 4 meeting to organize a promoters' trade association, and a Nov. 5 meeting with the AMA Board of Trustees, MX and Supercross promoters have demanded that the AMA establish a professional motocross board with the authority to make its own decisions. And, according to Stadium Motorsports head Mike Goodwin, the AMA has agreed to the proposal. On Nov. 8, the promoters' steering committee (Goodwin, Gavin Trippe, Bill West, Dave Coombs and Ted Moorewood) sent a letter to the Board. The most pertinent parts of the letter appear below: "AMA, by December 1 st, at latest, with no delays (i.e., check now to verify that you can legally accommodate the board in Number 2, below, within your structure) must: "1. Settle your litigation with the manufacturers or set it aside so it does not affect racing and in either case make that clear to the public. "2. Adopt a racing board with equal representation of manufacturers, promoters and AMA with regular meetings to make final determination of al motocross matters. There are numerous items which impact 1983 this board needs to address right now. (AMA has separately seen many of our concerns.) Please set the board structure now so we can elect our representatives and have our first meeting on December 1st to approve the schedule and other items since the first event is just 60 days away. Although you indicated the manufacturers would not support this board, we understand more than one of them has proposed the same thing to you. "3. Adopt a schedule (with as close to the total number of events currently scheduled as possible so promoters do not get left out) and outdoor format the manufacturers can support. We suggest 125, 250 and 500cc classes in one day with no claiming rule, shorter motos and two classes combined for GNC points, one of which is . Supercross. "4. We must see, prior to finalization, the exact "give and take" of any agreements that the promoters are "required to perform" in (Wrangler) or are restricted by (i.e., Winston Class C). "We received your agreement to the verbal statement of this Friday, November 5th, and request a notification in writing by November 15th, H you do not agree with the written rendition or will not perform on all items by December 1 st. The promoters plan another meeting the week of December 1st to review progress here since with events so close we can tolerate no delays. " Goodwin, in a Nov. 15 phone interview said, "1 talked with John Hasty (AMA Board of Trustees treasurer) this morning, and he said, 'We plan to set up a board to make final decisions. ' In the meantime, until this is set up, the competition board (Hasty, Wayne Moulton, Ed Youngblood and Chuck Larsen) would, in the interim, take promoter problems under advisement." Goodwin, who also said that the proposed board could be expanded to cover AMA Class C and road racing, talked about the Dec. 1 deadline covered in the promoters' letter. ~'My company asked them for a Nov. 16 deadline, if they would at least tell us by that time, if these things were being done. That would be satisfactory. John says he mailed me a letter last Wednesday. Although I haven't received it yet, another promoter did and he says it essentially agrees to all our points." Late in the day, shortly before Cyde News went to press, Goodwin called after having received Hasty's letter. Goodwin said the letter agreed to the format change, drop of the claiming rule, and the treatment of the litigation as a separate issue. As far as the issue of the pro motocross board, Goodwin said the letter skirted the issue, saying, "Some type of committee or board is necessary in the help of future rulemaking ...we are in favor of such an entity." Goodwin also said that the letter, "did not answer my questions." ..... Also out after the Suzuki drop of racing is Yoshimura R&D, the company that carried on Suzuki's road racing effort since 1978. "We've known for a month that we weren't going racing, but we kept it quiet to allow Wes (Cooley) to make the best possible deal," related Yoshimura spokesman Marcel Fortnery. "We're going to take a year off, primarily for business and R&D. We'll be doing the Team Hammer project and working on a 750 Superbike for 1984." Fortney said that Yoshimura would make a few racing appearances, probably at Daytona and some California club races. Graeme Crosby is a possible pilot for Daytona, depending on whether or not he picks up a GP ride for 1983. Over at Yamaha, racing boss Ken Clark said that no plans have been made in regards to dirt track and road racing efforts for 1983. But Clark did say, "1 seriously doubt that we're going to anything, other than motocross, in 1983. We may have some contingency awards in other areas, but none of that is set yet." Yamaha did release a statement on its 1983 motocross program, through the office of public relations and sales promotion director Ron Crawford. The statement is as follows: "There has been concern expressed as to Yamaha's plans for motocross racing in 1983. While Yamaha's entire plans for 1983 have not yet been finalized, Yamaha does plan to field a fourmember professional motocross racing team consisting of Broc Glover, Mike Bell, Rick Johnson and Ron Lechien. At this time Yamaha is looking forward to participating in most of the 1983 stadium motocross events currently scheduled, beginning with the Jan. 29 race at Anaheim, CA. Yamaha also plans to enter selected outdoor events during the 1983 season. Yamaha has not decided whether to enter a full outdoor series in 1983 and is currently reviewing all possible options. Yamaha will probably be racing in series' which meet the needs of Yamaha and are governed by rules which reflect the overall interests of the sport of motocross racing." Northern California Motor Sport Press Association met and has selected recipients in four categories of motorcycling for the 1983 awards banquet to be held in San Francisco on Jan. 29, 1983. Representatives of all forms of the media meet and decide on awards in all categories of motor sports and former recipients include the 11k.s bf Mlttf UMWilt, 'Oid( ManA; Ken Roberts and Mark Brelsford, amongst many names. First and foremost of the honorees will be 500cc World MX Champion Bra Lackey from Walnut Creek for hi 10 year quest of the coveted title. Winston Pro series champion Rick Graham will join the aforementioned heavy hit list of Nationa motorcycle champions while Darrell Shultz will receive the Nationa Motocross racer award for hi 500cc National Motocross racer award for his 500cc Nation championship. Pete Es..ff an Dennis Crueger will also b amongst the 18 honorees for their National Sidecar championship effort. Former National champion Joe Leonard will be the only member to enter the Hall of Fame ot Northern California Motor Sports., Joe was the three time Natio Motorcycle champ (1964-196" as well as the USAC champio • car title holder in 1971 and 1972 The Pismo State Beach ATV Du Patrol, in cooperation with CORV (California Off-Road Vehicle Asso· ciation) will be giving a series of rid awareness schools for three-wheel riders. The first class will be given on Nov. 29 at two locations, Pismo Bea and Dumont Sand Dunes. The Pismq class will meet at the entrance of Sand Highway on the beach at 10a.m. classes are given free of charge by the expert patrol members, who ha logged thousands of hours riding in; the Pismo sand. A certification card will be awarded on completion of the class. American Honda and several manufacturers of safety equipmen will donate helmets, boots and othe safety equipment that will be raffled off. Tickets will be available at th Dune Patrol Camp and the drawin will be held Sunday at 10 a.m. (winners need not be there). Also, rumor has it that there will be several Hon factory racers on hand to help out. The Dumont location will be at the CORVA Headquarters at the dunes. Look for the CORVA Banner! For more info call 805/962-1741. Goodies for the two Cyde New Barstow to Vegas poker drawing continue to arrive every day. Lead ing off this week's list are the nic folks from Jardine, who sent u eight transparent fairings wort over $800 retail. Western Cycl Supply's Stan and Eric Ruben do nated eight of their trick new San Band jerseys, worth $80. Ke Rogers at KV Products donated Dyna III electronic ignition and set of Dyna High Performance Igni tion Coils, all of which goes fo $200. And finally, Jim O'Neal an John Caper of O'Neal, USA sen over two dozen O'Neal hats, si O'Neal T-shirts and 200 stickies worth about $260. So far we hav over $7000 in merchandise to ha out on that big Saturday afte Thanksgiving, Nov. 27. Here's an offer you can't refuse: G father's Pizza of San Diego County having a drawing for the YZ250 th Broc Glover used to win the Mill High Life Supercross Finals. En blanks are available at all San Dieg County Godfather's Pizza location and they must be turned in by Nov. 2 Note'to anyone planning to spen Thanksgiving weekend out Pismo Beach. The new restrietio of 600 campsites in the dunes wi be enforced, and the limit ha already been reached, so plan t stay in hotels. Also, vehicles th aren't street legal must be trai ered in to-the S8'mt Highwey.~ ,.

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