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T he basis for their denial of the class was that there were not en ough riders to have a class. The agreement to run the 60cc class if at least six riders showed up was reached at the District meeting in Fairfield on Sept. .I5, 1982. If any of the parents of the 60cc class are intendi n g to come or would like to speak with me, p lease call and speak with either myself or my wife (Toni) at 415/684-2356. T h ey can also con firm the above with the District 36 representa tive. My wi fe and I a re pe rsonally calling all of the p arents of the 60cc riders th at we have numbers for in a n a ttemp t to diss pe ll th e misinformatio n. We fully a nticipa te a m in imu m of six ri ders fro m nor th ern Cal iforn ia , an d wo uld appreciate th e additional co mpetition from the sou thern Ca lifornia riders in the 60cc clas s. We would appreciate any exposure that your pu blication could give th is matter. Furt h er , n eit her myself nor my wife are in any way connected wtih the promotion of this event. We are merely the parents of a rider who has, in good faith , attempted to qual ify for this. event, only to la ter be advised that it was not being held. Now that it will be run, we are making every effort tha t we can to facilitate a good, full line-up for th is class. WIST America's weekly motorcycle newspaper Sharon Clayton, Publisher Caroline Gendry, Executive Secretary to the Publisher Lisa Schorr, Advert ising/Editoria l Assistant. Editorial Da le Brown, Senior Editor. Lance Bryson, Editor. Karel Kramer, Edi tor jim Bowman, Editor. Advertising Skip johnson, National Sales Manager. Terry Pra tt , Sales Manager. Duane johnson, Sales Manager. Steve Wilson, Sales Manager. Li nda Brown , Advervising Coordinator. Nancy Danger, Advertising Assistant. Graphics and Production Kristin Cooper, Graphic Artist. Rona Kramer, Assistant. Marion Hatashita, Typography. Dennis Greene, Laboratory. Accounting /Data Processing Mike Klinger, Controller. Donna Bryan, Accounts Receiva bl e Coordinator. Geneva Repass , Assistant. Terry Dailey, Credit Manager. Circulation Rheba Smith, Manager. Michelle Hanna, Sarah Taylor. Debbie Walker, Lyna Hood, Assistants. Want Ads Gay le Wheeler, Want Ad Sales. Dealer Sales and Service Nancy Emde Bro gger, Dealer Sa les Manager. Service and Support Chris Aitcheson, Reception ist. Gregory Hanson, S&S. West 2201 Cherry Ave., Long Beach, CA P.O. Bo x 498, Long Beach , CA 90801· 0498 (213) 427-7433; L.A. Line 636·8844. East 4190 First Ave., Tucker, GA. P.O. Box 805, Tucker, GA 30084-0805. (404) 934-7850. Cycle News /West (USPS 141·340) is published weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year for $20 per year by Cycle News , Inc., 2201 Cherry Avenue, Lo ng Beach , CA 90806. Second class po stage pai d at Long Beach , CA. POSTMASTER: Send form 3679 to Cycle News. P.O. Box 498. Long Beach. CA 90801-0498. Subscri ption rates: One year, second . class mail , $20; two years, second class mail , $35; th ree years, second class ma il , . $53; 25 weeks, $11. Foreign rat es available on req uest. Cycle News welcomes unsol icited editoria l materia l includi ng stories, cartoon s, photos , etc. Such material , if published, beco mes the exclusive property of Cycle News. Such accep ted ma terial is subject to revisio n as is necessary in the sole discretion of Cycle News. Unsolicited ma terial which is not used will be ret urned if accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope. All unsolicited material will be ha nd led with reasonable care, however, Cycle News assumes no responsibility for the safety, loss or damage to such material. Reprint ing in whole or part only by permission of the publisher. Advertising rates and circulation information will be sent upon request. See S.R.D.S. Copyright® Cycle News. Inc. 1982. Trademark Cycle News regim red U,5 . Patent Office. All rights reserved. ON TH E FR O N T PAGE: Kaw asaki' s new flagship/ starship poses in San Francisco at dusk. Photo by M att Reed, courtesyof Kawasaki. 4 Get the AMA out•..of pro rac ing I hope that all this furor between the Japanese factories, the AMA and the promoters concludes favorably ... with the AMA out of professional racing. I don 't side with the factories or the promoters or the AMA. I, like thousands of other paying members, would much rather see the AMA do more a nd better at what we 130,000 members pay for. And that isn't to see the AMA spend untold thousands of dollars and man hours every year fondling manufacturers, promoters arid sponsors for professional spectator racing. The AMA should once and for all decide what business it 's in. Either they 're in the enthusiast membership business or racing business. They can't do both proficiently and seldom very we ll. I pay the AMA to help protect my rights as a motorcyclist. I pay them to keep riding areas open. I pay to keep monies, like the Green Stickie Fund, for my benefit. I pay to retain riding use of areas like Pismo, Red Rock a n d forests and deserts and highways. . The easy solu tio n for all these u ne n di ng problems is for th e AMA to turn over p ro racing to someone li ke the CMC, whose on ly business is rac ing.. The factories, promoters a n d sponsors would further be bett er off to let the p ro race rs form a n orga n ization like CART, NASCAR, or USAC and work it lik e the real " professionals" do. In fact the rider s wo ul d be a lot better off thi s way because they wou ld n' t be ridi ng for factories tha t also control th e sanctioning (AMA) organization. They would have better control over schedu les, safety conditions, promoters, rules and, most of all, prize monies. Come on AMA! Stick with the business that's most important to your members. DANE ROBERTSON Tujunga, CA C red it w here cred it w asn't du e I am writing in regard to the final results of th e S.I.R. Superbike race , Sept. 12. Unfortunately, my husband and I didn't see the results until it was too late to protest any mistakes made in the scoring. Nonetheless, a local Seattle rider was listed as finishing in ninth position. We're not blaming AMA or scorers, we realize they're not perfect! Bein g as we cou ldn't protest with AMA, I was a bit upset that the rider p icked up the money another rider deserved and took points away from other riders. Being a racer's wife and seeing all the time, money and energy my husba n d p uts into h is racing, I felt the need to voice my opinion . I called th e rider about his finish, he admitted he didn't finish where the results had him. He said he needed the money as much as the next rider. Money is no t thepoint in this matter. The point is that all of these racers, no matter what the type of competition, work long and hard for their finishes on the track. Some have to travel hundreds of mi les to get to the race , as we di d for S.I.R. I think each rider should behave .in a professional manner and be honest with their fellow competitors. Personally, I wo uldn 't feel good about myself, knowing I took someone else's finish away from them. Evide ntly this ri der di d not! I hope if any of you racers ever get aIinish that yo u kn ow is n ot one yo u deserve, yo u' ll think a bo ut th e racer that does. MRS. J O N K. WOO C h ico , CA 60s at Cal State MX Championship This is with referen ce to what has been advertised as th e State Championsh ip Mo tocross to be held on O ct. 9, 1982, at Marysville. T he promoters of the event, after ru nning the q ua lifiers, had adv ised the riders in th e 60cc class tha t the 60ccclass would not run at Marysville. Appare nt ly, th e promoters i n southern Ca lifornia have li kewise been telling the 60cc riders that there will be no class at Marysville. Bo th m y wife and myself have spoken with the promoter of the Marysville event, as well as the District 36 representative. We have been advised that contrary to the previous information, the promoter has agreed to run a 60cc class if at least six riders sign up for the event. No qualifications will be required for the 60cc class because of the misinformatiqn p~e.v!~l!~l y . g-~~e.n... ~~t. DO NAL D A. P lANT AN IDA Brentwood , CA Dinosaurs thank sponsors Since our first club event on Jan. 3, 1982 we ha ve received support from the following sponsors: Barn ett Tool and Engineering, Kal- Gard Products, j.R .C. Engineering, T riumph Motorcycles of America, the T riu m ph In ternational Owners Club, a nd Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. O ne hu n dred percent of the money gen erat ed from the raffle of donat ed products has gone to the Phantom Duck, Lou is McKey, and at our Labor Da y event $100 was sent to the District 37 Desert Legal Defense Fu nd. O ur next club event will be the Second Annual Steve Mc Queen Memorial H a re Scrambles held on Jan. 2, 1983 in the California City area. Cha nges in our club events will be the fo llowin g: an over 50 class; no weight limitation on Di nosaur, pushrod bik es; a n d a Powd er Puff class lettin g all g irls ri de th e"newest OHC, four-stroke bikes of any size. We would also like to th ank all those ri ders fro m the Ridgecrest area who h elped us pull ribbon after our Sept. 5 event, especially Dave Cooper who loaned Donna Owens his Tr250 Yam aha and sh e won the Powder Puff class on it. If you wou ld like to meet those who rode th e desert in th e '50s and '60s, pl an on attending one of our social and club events in 1983. We plan on staying ac tive to p reserve th e use of the deser t. In closi n g I wou ld like to acknow ledge our most outstanding member . J oh n Ca licchio, pres ident of j.R.C. Engi neeri n g, do n a ted $30 to the Ph antom Duck on Apr. 25 an d has recently sent us a check of $50 which has been directed to the District 37 Desert Legal Defense Fund. PAT OWENS Temple City, CA Published letters do not necessarily reflect the position of Cycle News, Inc. Send letters to Voices. Box 498, Long Beach. CA 90801 .

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