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C. « til ;: W Z w -' o >o ... MAY 13&111 MAY 20&21 MAY27&28 CAL EXPO SACRAMENTO ~ ~E CARLSBAD RACEWAY SAN DIEGO SADDLEBACK PARK ORANGE COUNTY alG SATURDAY FUNNY CAR AND FUEL alK I DRAG Min ON T.V. KHJ CHAN NEL 9 THURS. NIGHT MAY 25th. FOR DOAILS usnN TO TRAIL aiDING ALSO K GB RADIO FOR DnAIU Lars Larrson, Gunnar Li ndstrom, Dick Mann (Grand Nat ional Champion) , John DeSoto , Bi ll Silverthorn , Bryan Holcomb, Tim Hart, Jim West, Rich Thorwaldson, Billy Clements, Gene Fetty , Martin Tripes, John Rice, Jim Wilson, Gene Cannady, Gary Jones, Brad Lackey, Bruce Baron, Jim Weinert , Gary Chaplin , DeWay ne Jones, and many more. 14 car jumps every day by "SUPER 10E" the new world's record holder at 144 feet. Iso FREE at each event. Cycle Parts Swap Meet, " Miss Californ ia Motocross" Beauty Contest, Cycle Exposit ion and ccessories Show, Calif . Sun, Recreational Vehic le Show, Carnivals for the Kids, Drawings for a New Motorcycle nd Other Prizes, Craft Fairs, Trials and Exhibit ions. (Amateurs Ride All Day Saturday, Pros. Sunday). dvance discount tickets at Ticketron out lets statewide, 3.50 Saturday, 4.50 Sunday, 7.50 for the weekend, all locations. or informati on call Sacramento (916) 442-7010, San Francisco (415) 563-4622, Los Angeles (213) 273-5932, San Diego 714) 420-6311. Carlsbad Sat. Night Drags 3.50. or further information, Exhibitors, Contingencies, Rider Entr ies, Beauty Contestants, write: Leisuretech Inc., P.O. Box 3369, S::::~ , calif::~958 13. , -!.~fiJMi~,~ ~::I~_.k_~~j?r r ANA EN_V BLANK NAIoIE AMA ENTRY BLA'NK AMA /1.. ADDRE'"SS'--_ - -CI Ty - - - -_ STATE. _ x NAME PRO'S tOne crass onlW 125 Milke e nc c ee PilYillllq to : LE ISURE TECH _ ClTy STA:orE 250 - OPEN _ 5acrMe(l1 0 Los A"gel San CA l Eapo Sacldleba;l<,. Pa,1o. C8r ISI)OO Rtc-ay races efllQt ng 20 P r05l'400 AlTfttlKJlt, . , Po '; l - entr " Sportsmen ride Saturdav - Pro's ride Sunday 125 - 250' - Open " .5Mac. GICIaft Apr, PRO'S lOne c Of1lyj 125 - Z50 ~y Mav 13 & 14 $acram&nto Ma v 20 & 2 1 LOll Angeles Coil e.po Saddl b&t;:k Park lsu, . en'" 'Ag ore jo L S0RETECH . INC . lor M

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