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Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves -------- -- --_ .. ~ -~-- $17995 Aromeeuer-e. U SA 2780 W 23 7 t:h St:. Torrance. C A 9 0505 800/ 438 -2577 vvvcvv.eiomeecer-e.ccrri Get Caught Red-Handed 2 49 95 G ear box In t e r n a t io n a l 2236 Mariner Squ are Dr #200 A lameda , C A 9450 1 The all-new OP Plus glove from Alpinestars incorporates years of B= devel opment work by designe rs and the best riders in the world. includmg Carlos Checa. Taday uki Okada. Noriyuki Haga and Ben Bostrom. Al pinestars claims that the GP Plus is the nrst road -racmq glove w it h the fit and feelIng of a motoc ross glove , but wi th far superior protection . The glove incorporates a pre-curved design and an in credibly flexib le one-p iece leather palm. The double wnst closure and protecti ve flap over the (79 9 - 9 44 4 vvvvvv,g e a r b axin t e rna cional ,corn Bo ot y C a ll This year's Dayto na 200 was won using Diadora Evolut ion Boots, The Evolunon IS the latest . top -of- the- li ne street and track boot from the renow ned Diadora factory in Italy , Featu res in clude: Anti- scratch, full gram leather Wit h Lorica . plus Kevlar gussets at th e ankle , heel and calf: breathable. moistu re- and heat-wi eking Airt ech tabn c. T.P.U. removable, steel shank insole : shock absorbinq . high -density EVA. padding : durable double -density Skywal k race-patt ern sale with high grip i nstep: carbon -fiber ankle -joi nt protectors: Poly Armour shin protector. heel cup and ball guard for the wrist strap prevent the glove from flyi ng off. or worse. bemq torn off by slIdmg across asphalt at a hig h rate of speed . Rider protection is top - qualitv with carbon fiber knuckle guards and memory -foam inner ankle; impact-absorbing gel pads in strategic paddmg 10 high - Impact areas: replaceable toe and calf sliders With "1beam" retention system . The boot comes in optional black /red. bla ck/blue . black /yellow or black /b lack color combos and IS availab le in SIzes 5-12 (Mens). Impact areas. Bates Kevlar 1300 Leathers --------- - - $ 130 000 (Solid Color) .$ Bate s Le ath ers iI 1 6 6 3 E . 2 8 t: h St:. L o n g B e s ch. CA 90B06 5 62/42 6-8 6 6 B vvvvvv.b a t e s leath e r S .c o m Psycho Leathers Bates' Kevlar 1300 Leath ers offer the best In road protecuon. The Kevlar 1300 features perforated ventila ti on at the chest and lower back , Velcro knee pucks. stra teg ically placed hard and soft armor. and Kevlar behind th e knees and calves. There are many more desiqn s availab le in addition to the one show n here , and the addi tio nal cost for th e custom design of your chorce IS only S275. Call for informati on or check out their Web site . AGV : A-OK The AGV Argo n helmet rs a hiqhperfor mance helmet for riders WIth budgets. No corners we re cut in develop ing this helmet . however ; it comes sta nda rd WIth an adva nced cornposite -nber shell , wh ic h IS made in two dif ferent sizes to cover the complete range of head sizes - a medium -sized shell for Ext ra Small thro ugh Med i um and a larger shell for Large through XX Large. Padding IS made of a soft . anll-sweat honeycom b labri c and the cheekpads are bot h removable and mach ine- washable. The Arg on 's ven tIla tion system is AGV 's patented AGV Dy nami c Syste m, using three airflow vents to help keep your head cool. The visor rotat ion mechani sm neithe r has nor needs coverplates, and the VISor can be replaced Without the use of tools. Nume rous color and size combinations are available. .$ iI $ 23 495 . AG V . tri o . P O . B o x 489 B u c k e y s t o vvn. M O 800/9 5 0-9 0 0 6 VVVII\IV ,a g v .c c s-r-i 2 1 71 7

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