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o 'l -..J J o o o Fred Andrews (Kaw) was the overa ll winner at the Moose Run in Fenton. Illinoi s . Ma y 2 . Fini shing sec o nd wa s C h uck Woo dfo rd (Kaw) , wi th Jeff F re d ette ( Kaw) third. Tim Taber (KTM) and M a rk Hyde (KTM) completed the top five. Championship Trials Series in Nepomak. Czech Republic. May 20-21. Takahisa Fujinami (Han) was second on Saturday . wi th K e n ic hi Kuroyama (Bet) third. Sunday saw Marc Freixa (G-G> finish second ahead of Marc Colomer (Man) . B rit Dougi e Lampk in (Mo n) once again won both rounds of the W orld At the AMAlFMF Racing National Enduro on May 21 in Kalgary. Texas. Michael o O 8 O n U O O O O O o fX]@fi]@ !5j[JiJD@r?!J@fiJ @(}[}(Jp 8(]@f? Worso O O O O O O o Lafferty (KTM ) won his third-consecutive round in the five-round-old series. Finishing second was Randy Hawkins (Yam). winner of the first two rounds. The top five were rounded out by H ayden With the late release dates on some . - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, manufacturers' 2000 models, and Honda already allowing a sneak peak at its 2001 units , it 's almost as i f the year 2000 never even existed , at l east i n regards to MX motorcycles. The new Hond a CR125R (pictured) and CR250R are visually qu it e similar to the 2000 models. with team -style shroud stickers and new seat gra phics being the most obvious updates. There are other changes, however, including new porting, an all-new Mikuni TMX carb (on the 250), different reeds and reed block (on the 125) . inc reased fo rk spring rates , updated rear shock piston . and most importantly , new grips. In addition , Honda will offer a 20 ·inch front wheel as an opt ion . (Mi k e LaRocco and Team Honda have been competing with the smaller hoop, which uses a tire with the same outer diameter as a 21 -incher.) Changes to the CRBOR. CR500R, XR50R, XR200R , XR250R. XR400R , XR650R and XR650L are limited to graphics. 8 O O O "I'm just doing Glen Helen and then reading Cycle News." Jeremy McGrslh on his plans for Ihe summer. ©fX1fB {][}@rm [}{]@UD@)&J O O .0 • @[fJ [S1]/JDD T he proposed 200 1 U.S. GP will no t ha ppen at Road Arner ica, accord ing to Road America president and general manager George Bruggenthies, because the track and the promoters couldn 't co me to terms on a variety of issues. However , B ruggenth ies didn't rul e out the race happening in Elkhart Lake in the future. " Essenti ally, it's beca use Bill [Kautz , of Tagsport, the tentative USGP promoters] and I haven't reached anagreement on contract terms: Bruggenthies said Saturda y at Road America . "We 'll see what the future holds. This thing could happen yet, but it won 't be next year. We'd still like to do it." . B ruggenth ies h ad been actively n eg o ti a ti n g with Tagsport's Kautz right up to th is weekend. The two spo ke on Friday and decided that time constra ints meant th e U .S. GP wouldn't happen in Elk hart Lake in 200 l. " T h e FIM needs to post their prov is i ona l schedule," Bruggenthies beg an , "and I'm notifying them that this is not going to ha ppen for next year." As to why it won 't happen , Bru gg enthies said , "It really is a va riety of reaso ns . We have an approved course plan, we are making m odific ations, and we are on plan." But th e trac k would have to m ak e considerable cha nges t o create th e new circui t and need ed co m mitm ents th at the race would h ap pen. !I3(}[}(J !XJ@[fJ@fB r:.~~~k;O' down a bridge and puttinq up e $600,000 br idge and we were past the deadline: Bruggen · th ies said. Th e race was to be held on a new , shorter lay ou t that would have eliminated much of the high -speed parts of th e course exiting the carousel. Though the race isn't going to hapren, the new la yo ut may still get built. " actually have that in my m ind ," Bruggenthies said . " T h e urgency ' s not there now. It's a very in teresting course . It could happen. It's not off my radar screen . It would be a good course when you have smaller fields of bikes or cars. It'd make better value for the spect ato rs ." Since Tagsport still ho lds the promotional rights to the U.S. GP, the race may yet happen, though no decision on a venue has been made. Doma, wh ich runs the World Champ ionsh ips , has had Tagsport representati ves look at every possible track in the U.S., incl uding the new Formula One layout at Indianapolis Motor Spee dw ay . Homeste ad Motor Speedway in Florida , and Lagu na Seca Rac eway . When contacted on Monday. May 23 , Ta !ilsport's Denn is Noyes sai d: "Wh at the people at Road Amer ica have said is completely accu rat e. We are considering every possib le venu e in th e Un ited St ates right now . We 're ve ry hopef ul and we don 't discount th e possib ili ty of a Grand Prix bei ng here [in the U.S. ] in 200 1." Henny Ray Abrams F ranklin. Mat t Stavi sh and M ark Stevens. Lafferty leads the points standings over Hawkins by 12 points. 136-124. Tige r Strank (Kaw) and Jeff Thomas (Yam) both picked up their first-ever Pro Hillclimb victories in the second round of the AMA Hillclimb National Championship in M iddlebury, Indiana, on May 21. Strank topped Phil Libhart ITrl) and Scott McNeeley (Hon) to win the 540cc class while Tho mas beat David Watson (Hon) and Bobby Templeton (H-D) to win the BOOcc class. Brya n Bennett (Kaw) overcame a poor react ion tim e to def eat Ga ry C lark (Kaw) in the Funnybke final during the A MA/ Pro star Schn it z Racing Summer Nationals held at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham. North Carolina. on May 21. Tom Mice li (Suz) took the Pro Mod ified win over A shle y O wens (Su z), Fred Co llis (Suz) won the Pro Stock class. defeating P au l G a st (Suz ) in the final round. The A MA / Pro gr essiv e Insurance U .S. Flat Track Championships round at the Delaware St ate Fairgrounds in Harring· ton. Delaware. on May 20. was rained out. It is unlikely that the event will be rescheduled. Final eliminations for the NHRA /Matco T o ols Spring S uperNatio na ls at Old Bridge Tow nship Racew ay Park in Englishtown . New Je rsey . which were scheduled for May 21. were rained out. All the fields are set. and eliminations for all professional classes . including Pro St ock Bike. have been resc heduled for September 9. Road racer Matt Wait is we ll on the road to recovery follow inq the broken neck he suffered at Willow Springs earlier in the year. Wait says he will be ready to race a motorcycle again in six to seven weeks and is hoping to attract a ride for the last four PACE Formula USA Series races. Wait can be reached at 310/312 001 2. Dirt -trac ke r Sh aun Russell has rec eived bad news in th e wa ke of his crash at the Indy Mile durinq round two of t he Fo rm u la USA/W ren c he ad .c om 8 ~QJ[W[bG[?----------o o 8 o o o 2 MAY 3 1. 2000' cue • n EO _ S

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