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D D C D ~[jj]~[jj]DJ5 fffJ [JD@) [%fffJ WfffJ~fffJ DJ5 [15[JD DJ {Jf}ilL D . Suzuki Motor Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. announced on July 29 that they have agreed on a tie-up of their motorcycle operations. The two motorcycle makers will cooperate in research and development work in the production of ~ models, Including large-size motorcycles as well as scooters and aD-terrain vehicles, according to various news r e p o r t s . . SuzukI chairmlIn Osamu~. saId. at a news ~re:'Ce one of the greetest benefits of the tie-up IS being able to maintain or even boost the current level of their motorcycle output while splitting development costs. Kawesaki president ~ TazakI ~Id the two companies wBI aim to develop their first Joint model In three D D D D D D D D D D o to maintain their brand Image and increase their combined motorcy· c1e shipments. The two firms expect to be able to share as much as 70 percent of the parts needed for models developed separately, Suzuki said. The following press release was issued by Kawesaki after the initial announcement. "Kawesaki Heavy Indlllltries Ltd., (KHI) and Suzuki Motor Corp., the Japan-based manufacturers of various types of vehicles, announced a unique alliance that will see the two companies join forces In the areas of product cIeve/opment, parts procurement, and production of motorcycles and all terrain vehicles (AlVs). "Similar to the business model that has been widely adopted in y~e are not consic/ering any plant closures or layoffs," Tezak! the automobile industry, the alliance allows the two brands to coopsaid at the joint ~s conference. "ThIs is not the type of al/lance erate in ~arl,:,u.s early·stage research and development activities companies form when demand for a product is falling and supplies while malntalnmg complete independence In the distribution and have to be cut as a result.· marketing of their own models. SuzukI said motorcycle demand in Japan has been shrinking but "According to Masamoto Tazaki, KHI president. the joint product overseas demand is expected to continue growing. 'planning effort will inltially be evident in the marketplace with the He added that motorcycle shipments by the four big Japanese 2003 model year. manufacturers In 14 European countries came to 1.35 miOion units "The joint arrangement calls for supplying OEM products, &har· In 2000. marklng a steady rise from 1.23 mBliol) units in 1999 and ing and purchasing of parts, and seeking long-term production em1.0 mBllon units in 1998. However, Japanese manufacturers' overaD ciencies that will support the common goal of Increased sales and market share in Europe has fallen. competitiveness. The two companies will share certain technical The two presidents said the companies will sell jolntiy developed resources and new product development will benefit from shared models through their respective sales channels, but that they hope functional components.· o o o o D o Adam Raga (G-G) and Graham Jarvis split wins in the World Championship Trials round, held in the Czech Republic, on September 1-2. Raga topped Jarvis and Albert Cabestany (Bet) on day one with Jarvis beating who might be available for us to talk to soon, when some contracts have been signed and other riders find themselves looking for a new ride. But I won't rule to allow them to compete more evenly with the twins. But, if we have to come here next year with the same rules, we out hiring a rider from another country, will. and we'll still do our very best to succeed. I think that a rule change would World Champion Dougie Lampkin (Mon) and Cabestany on day two. even a British rider, A British rider would be good. as I expect Britain to be one of the biggest markets for the road going be very good for the sport, it would increase the publicity that the World Superbike series receives. People would Francis Martin (Suz) won the final Tornado. But the main thing is that we have a rider who is capable of getting onto the podium on the Tomado. Much be talking and writing about the new rules all winter, and next year also. " will depend on budgets, we are speaking to some very big sponsors and once we have finished those talks we will be able to talk seriously to some riders." Much The Castrol Honda W~rld Championship team will receive a royal visit to its Louth, Lincolnshire. England headquarters from Prince Edward and his of the future development of the Benelli Sport team and the Tornado Superbike wife, Sophie Rhys-Jones September 21, according to a release from the team. will depend on what rule changes, if any, are decided by the governing bodies, the release said. 'They need to make an Their visit is one of three in the area that round of the 2001 Parts Canada Superbike at Shannonville Motorsport Park on September 2, topping Steve Crevier (Hon) and Frank Trombino (YamJ. Crevier, meanwhile, clinched his second straight Parts Canada Superbike title by winning the pole in qualifying on Saturday. Martin also won the Open Sport Bike feature at Shannonville, but he couldn't prevent Trombino from clinching his second straight title. Michael Taylor (Hon) finished second in the race Kevin Lacombe (Yam) was third. Despite haVing already clinched the title. Crevier scored the win in the 600 Sport Bike feature, topping Clint McBain (Suz) and Lacombe. o o o D C announcement soon, for the sake of the teams. We need to know what direction to move in. what we need to do for next year. I would prefer to see more capacity allowed for the triples and the fours. Benelli boss Andrea Merloni has confirmed that the team will run two riders in next year's World Superbike Championship. with a second rider to join Australian Peter Goddard. "We want to run two riders next year.' Merloni said in a press release that was issued at the German round of the series, held on September 2. "Peter Goddard will ride for us again, he is a very talented rider. he tries hard and his development skills are very valuable to us. But I also want to hire another top rider." It is expected that the second rider will be Italian. "This is certainly a possibility," Merloni said. "It would be a very good situation for us, and I think it would be one that would generate much interest and publicity, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. There are many good Italian riders, both in World Superbike and in GPs, and you don't know C C C o o 8 o 2 SEPTEMBER 12, 2001 • co U co I expected to be at the team's headquarters for apprOXimately one hour. They will meet key personnel from the Honda and Castrol organizations, be given a brief history of the team and tour the As the many motocross riders and racers who live in Southern Cali· fomia's Orange County are no doubt aware, Saddleback Motorsports Park recently opened within just a mile and a half from the famous MX track from which it gets its name. On August 29. the new park's owners and managers - Jonathan Waller, Brad Etter and Alan Her· lTTlann (pictured, left to rlght)- welcomed the press and industry for a sneak preview of the facility, just days before its well-attended Labor Day Weekend grand opening. The park features three Dirt Wurx·designed circuits - a main track, a vet track and a pee wee track - and sits on land co-owned by the Serrano Irrigation District and Irvine Ranch Water District next to Irvine Lake. The opening has drawn more attention than usual, not only because Orange County MXers have recentiy been forced to drive out to San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, but because of the popularity of its namesake venue (the first Saddleback, situated in the heart of the emerging 0.5. motorcycle industry, featured many historic race battles). "This is just the start; we want to be here for years to come, and to improve over time," said Hermann, just before Orange County legend Doug Dubach became the first rider to take to the track. Saddleback Motorsports Park wHl be open for practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will host its first race with the CMC TransCal MX National Series on September 9. For more information, call 949/786-6269, or log on to C C 8 o day for the pair" officially titled; the Earl and Countess of Wessex - and they are • n • _ s facilities. Team manager Neil Tuxworth commented: 'It's a great honor for the team and for Superbike racing that Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones will be joining us. I'm sure they' II have an enjoyable visit and everyone in the team is looking forward to meeting them." The Parts Canada Superblke Championship will make its debut on The Outdoor Life Network on Friday, September 14, according to race promoters. The series will appear on OLN's 'Extreme One20' for eight con· secutive Fridays with airings at 11 a.m. EDT and 5:30 p.m. EDT. The hour-long program will also be repeated on OLN Saturday afternoon at 6 p.m. The series has been running in half-hour segments on The Sports Network this summer. 'We have a lot of dedicated fans who are looking forward to the one-hour shows on The Outdoor Life Network," said Colin Fraser of series organizer Professional Motorsport Productions. "The addition of our features and inter· view segments combined with race coverage from all three national classes should make for an exciting hour of television. Ingersoll-Rand Company has announced that it has acqUired the Kryptonite Corporation, a leading manufacturer of locks for recreational and portable security applications based in Canton. Massachusetts. Terms were not disclosed. Kryptonite, which had sales of apprOXimately $27 million in 2000, will become part of the Residential Security unit of Ingersoll-Rand's Security and Safety Sector. The Residential Security unit also includes Schlage Lock, a leading residential-lock brand. Founded in 1972, Kryptonite is Widely known as the originator of the Ushaped bicycle lock. In addition to bicycle locks, today Kryptonite markets recreational locks for such applications as motorcycles, snow-sport eqUipment. and powered ?porting eqUipment. Kryp-

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