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o 8 o G r a h am J a r v is (Sher) and Dougie L ampkin ( M on) traded w in s at t he World Championsh ip Tr ials rounds in Troisfontaines. France . July 7-8. Jarvis took Saturday' s w in over Lampkin and Marc Colomer (q-G) . while Lampk in came back to w in on S und ay ove r Takahisa Fujinami (Hon) and David Cobos (Mon). Jarv is finished sixth . o o o o Jared Mees. of Honey Bro ok. Pennsylvania. took home the top award after a wee k of racing at the AMA Dirt Track G rand Champi onships in Lawrenceburg a nd Indian ap o li s . Ind iana, J uly 1- 7 . Securing his goal coming into the co untry 's top competition for youth and amateur dirt -trackers. Mees won the AMA Dirt Track Horizon Award after winn ing overall tit les in two classes during the week. M ees emerged as a tit le c onte nd e r at t he eve nts he ld in La w re nc ebu rg . Ind ian a. early in t he week. posting strong showtnqs in three class es. 250cc Modified . 50 Sec Modified and 600cc M od ified. On the halfmile at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, he only solidified his position. His plans were upse t only in the 250cc Mod ified cl ass . wh ere N ic k Cu mmings . of M t . M o rri s. M ic higan . t o ok th e f lag wh ile Mees earned seco nd place. vaulting into first in the points in the class . In 505 cc M o d ified . a third-pl ace fin ish was enough to secu re the G rand C hampionship . and a w in in 600cc M o di fied gave him his second overall win of the week. " That was the goal from the st art. ' Mees said. " To try to go for the Ho r izo n A w ard . " A mo ng the other Grand Champion s at this year's event were : Gary Hite of Hauser Lake. Idaho (18+ Twins): Clayton Riggle of Chi llic ot he. M i ssou ri (250DTX) ; Charlie Italia of Cuyohoga Falls, Ohio (400cc Mod); Ricky Marshall of Solon, Ohio (1 25cc M od ) ; Mark Cheza of C lio , M ichigan (30 + Single) and Noot Irvin of Clio. M ichigan (600cc Pro Sport). 8 8 o o 8 o o o o o o o 8 8 8 o Afte r two runner-up finishes this season. Tiger Strank (Yam) scored the first 800 cc win of his career in round six of the 2001 AMA National C hampionship Hillclimb Series in We irton . West Virginia. Strank topped James Large (H-D) and David Watson (Hon). with Watson winning the 540cc class over JeH Thomas (Hon) and Phil Libhart ITri). o o 8 8 o Da rcy Lange (Kaw) and Jean · Sebastien Roy (l-ion) were the big winners at the fifth round of the Canadian National MX Series in Grunt hal, Manitoba, Ca nada, o n Ju ly 8. Lang e wo n bot h moto s t o take t op ho no rs in th e 125cc class, w hile Roy went 1-2 to win the 250cc class. Finishing second overall in th e 12 5cc c lass wa s Brad Hagseth (Yam) . foll ow ed by Lance Smail (KTM) and Turbo Reif (Hon), In the 250cc class. Blair Morgan (Hon) took second, fo llowed by Craig Deck· o o o o o o 2 JULY 18.2001· cue I R e r (Kaw) , Hagseth wrapped up the W est Coast C hampio nship. wh ile ~ oy ove rtoo k Lange for the series points lead in the 250cc class . three landed on the podium in the 505cc Pro Spo rt main event as well. with Murray (ATK ). taking the win ove r McDermitt (Rw and Irvin (Rtx) , In the third round of the Part s Unlimited Championsh ip Off -Road Series in Kahoka, M issouri. July 8. Joey Ambersin i (G-G) scored the overall win ove r M att Stavish (G- G ) and Jeff Fredette Jo hn n y Murphree ( Htx ) s li pp e d under ra ce- long le ad e r Dominae Beau lac o n the la st lap to w in t he 600 cc Expert final at the AMA Hot Shoe Nat ional in Frederick. Maryland. on July 4 . M ike Hacker ran a close second . Geo Roeder II (H-D) was lead ing Steve Beattie (H-D) by half a straight when rains hit about halfway through the 750cc Expert final. Paul Lynch (H-D) was a dista nt third . (Kaw) . James Stewart (Kaw) and S hae Bentley (Kaw) came away with wins at t he Ka wasaki Te nne s se e S t at e MX Championship s at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville. Tennessee, July 6-8. St ewart capt ured the 125 cc Pro class w in ov er Bentley and Kevin Walker (Yam). while Bentley came back to win th e 250 c c cl ass over Walker a nd Joshua Summery (Kaw), St ewa rt also won the Schoolbo y and Pro Money classes. In other cla ss action . Colton Bailey (KTM) won the 65 cc (7-g) and Un limit ed 65 c c (7-1 OJ classes . Kyle Chisholm (Kaw) topped the 85cc (9 13) and Unlimited M ini 80-11O class cc es. Nicolas Evennou (Yam) won the 8 5 cc (1 4 -1 5 ) c la s s . and Zach Osborne (Suz) to pped the 85cc (7 -Ill class . Steve Crevier st rengthened his bid for a sec ond st rai ght Pa rt s C a nad a S uperbike title by winninqjhe fourth round of the series . the Suzuki Superbike Ch all e ng e at A ut o d r o me S t Eustache in Canada on July 8. Crevi er topped Francis Martin (Suz) and Michael Taylor (Ho n) in ta king the win. With the win. Cr evier powered into a com manding lead in the Part s Canada Superbik e sta ndings . With three races remaining in the seven-round series. he has a 4 6 -po int lea d . 21 6 - 170. ove r Owen Weichel (Kaw ), wh o fini she d Sixth. Crevier also extended his lead in the Yoshimura 600 Sport Bike Championship with his third victory in four races th is year. topping Greg Boki (Yam) and Andrew Nelson (Kaw) . Tony Souza (CCM) won the Open Pro class at round eight of Gene Romero' s E-m oo la.c o m W est Co ast Flat Tr ac k Series at Wat sonv ille Speedway in W atsonvi lle . C aliforn ia. o n J uly 7 . Rod Spencer (Yam) won the Open Vin tage class . Jimmy Abrams (Yam) won the Novice 250cc class . Changed . again. SFX Motor Sports w ill be known as Clear Channel Enterta inment . Motor Sports . effective Monday. July g. SFX used to be Pace Motor S po r t s . The name changes reflects SFX' s recent sale to Clear Channel. Citing personal reasons . Jack Turner has announced his resignation as executive director of AH RMA, according to a relea se from the o rgan izat ion . Turner asked that his con trac t not be renewed when it exp ire s in October. and he pledged to work closely with his successor to ease the administrative transition . Turner was hired as executive director of the 5000-member organization in August 19 9 9 . after se rv ing as d irector of AH RMA's national road racing program . since 1991. ' W e regret but understan d Jac k' s decision and thank him for his fine work on behalf of the association. ' comme nte d Fr ed Mork. chai rma n of t he A H RM A Bo ar d o f Tr ust ee s . M o r k explained that AHRMA's Execut ive Committee has appointed a search committee to evaluate applicants for the executive posi tion . The co mmittee is made up of three AHRMA tru st ees, chaired by Rob Stickl er of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. along with Rusty Low ry of St. Marys City . Maryland . and Jeff Sm it h of W ausau . W isco nsin. The co mmittee will make a recomme ndation to the full board. which in tum will make the final selection. The search co mmittee is seeking applicant s with a motorcycle sports backgrou nd plus strong business. administrative and communi cations skills . Resumes and cov er letters should be directed to the AHRMA national offi ce. P.O . Box 676. Shawnee M ission . KS 6620 1. Turner intend s t o con tinue to be invol ved in a leadership po sition w ith A HRMA. ' The Execu tive Committ ee is delighted by Jack 's interest in continuing in some capacity with the o rganizatio n. ' Mork said , po inting to Cory McDermitt CAtx) outran Noot Irvin (Btx) and Steve Murray (Rtx) in the 600cc Pro Spo rt cl ass during the AMA Nat ional Hot Shoe half mile held at the Indiana St at e Fairg ro unds in Ind ianapo lis . Indiana. on Ju ly 5. The same f%CfJr!i!JCfJf;BCfJ [fIo @@71f;B fliJ@CfJ[fiJ n e _ os redesigned cylinder head. more radical camshaft and pistons. and an increase in the diameter of the fuel-injection throttl e bodies. A revised. close-ratio, five-speed transmission capitalizes on the extra kick in the Mean Streak's motor. The Mean Streak also features several chassis changes to go along with the engine boost. They include completely reworked frame geometry for better stability and nimble handling, a cartridgestyle inverted fork, air-assisted shocks with four clic ks of rebound damping adjustment. and front brakes plucked directly from the Kawasaki Ninja ZX·9R sportbike. Of course, all of the updates are packaged in styling befitting the genre. The Mean Streak rolls on polished 17-inch wheels. drag-style handlebars, a low seat, sculpted fuel tank and tastefully shaped fenders. And Kawasaki offers an extensive assortment of aftermarO'Odles gh its Fire es line.

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