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([iill~ VOICES America's weeIcly motorcycle newspaper LETTERS TO THEEDfTOR Volume XXXV Sharon Clayton, President MiChael Klinger, PlIblisher ". Editorial Paul Carruthers, Editor Kit Palmer, Associate Editor Scott Rousseau, Associate Editor Mark Hoyer, MPnaging Editor Keith Bush, Assistant Editor/CoP'! Editor Cameron Coatney, Associate Editor Alan Cathcart, Ellropean Editor David R. Horther, COP'! Editor Advertising Terry Pratt, NationaL Accollnts Manager Mark Mitchell, Eastern Accol/nts MPnager Mark Thome, Western Sales MPnager Thomas Gonter, Western Sales Manager Forrest Hayashi, Western Sales Manager Greg Mitchell, Eastern Sales Manager. Rick Matheny, Eastern Sales Manager Rhonda Crawford, Western Ad OJardinato,. Bridgett Bobrofsky, Assistant Carla Allen, Eastern Ad Coordinator Tina Farr, Assistant Marketing & Promotion Mark Thome, Director . Forrest Hayashi, Manager Kory Klinger, pealer Representative New Media Development Mark Mitchell, Director Rick Matheny, Webmaster Stephanie Leamon, Assistant aassified Ads Cherie Collie Graphics and Production Mandy Loo, Prodllction MPnager Dennis Greene, Lab. Tech. Amanda Wollny, Graphic Artist . Robyn Light, Graphic Artist Terra Whitmeyer, Graphic Artist Administration Judy Klinger, Coordinator Leanne Sims, Administrative Assistant Accounting/Data Processing Donna Bryan-Diamond, A/R Coordinator Geneva Repass, Assistant TI,eresa Milburn, Credit Circulation Alma Anguiano, Processing Coordinator Carol Maggio, Dealer Coordinator Pam Klein, Billing Coordinator Joy Lau, Assistant Service and Support Shannon Clark, Receptionist Jim Olson, Service and SlIpport National Headquarters 3505-M Cadillac Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 P.O. Box 5084, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5084 (714) 751-7433 FAX (714) 751·6685 Eastern Office 4188 First Ave., Tucker, GA 30084 P.O. Box 805, Tucker, GA 30085-0805 (770) 934-7850 FAX (770) 934-3112 e-mail subscribe® Internet Cycle News (USPS 141-340) is published weekly except thE' last two weeks o(the calendar year for $50.00 per rear by Cycle News, Inc.. 3505-M Cadillac Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92628. Feriodicals Postage Paid at Costa Mesa, CA and at additional mailing office. Canada Posllnlcmational Publications Mail #546615. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Cycle News, P.O. Box 5084, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5084.. To determine the expiration date of your subscription, check the four numbers on the first line of your address labeL The first two digits indicate the last issue number you'U receive and the lasf two characters indicate the year of the last issue. Subscription rates: Rates for the United States and its p0sses.sions for one year (SO issues), $50.00; two years (100 issues" $95.00; six months (25 issues), $26.00; trial sub (15 issues), $19,00. Canada and Foreign, one year (SO issuest $90.00; two years (100 issues), $175.00; six months (25 issues), $4.5.00; trial sub (15 issues), $38.00. Cycle welcomes unsolicited editorial material including storics, cartoons, photos, etc. Such material, if published, becomes the exclusive property of Cycle News. Reprinting in whole or P<1rt only by permission of the publisher. Advertising rates and circulation information win be sent upon request. St.oe S.R.D.S. . W/B0'A V wn!"'~ AUOITEO _ .1 _~_.7'_~, • Marking time Saying thanks On Friday, March 6, the Daytona 750cc Supersport final and 250cc GP final were scheduled for a 3:40 p.m. start. By the time the bikes took the grid, it was almost 4. Does anyone know why these races can't be started earlier in the afternoon and the qualifying for the other races take place after the finals are complete? We were in jeopardy of not getting the 250cc race in before darkness due to a red flag in the 750cc final. Does this make sense to anyone - especially the fans who pay the price for a ticket and support the ra"es? It seems to happen almost every year for the Friday afternoon race schedule. In plain English, starting 'races at 3:40 p.m. is too late. Rich DeZago· Team Moto XXX had all three of its bikes and all its gear, parts, tools, press1,lre washer, race gas and personal items stolen at the Fairfield Midtown Inn in Atlanta, Friday night before the supercross race.. Riders Paul Currie, James Eikel and Brian Deegan had no way to race at the· Atlanta Supercross. But thanks to the many, many friends and sponsors who helped, they managed to race. We. would like to thank all those who helped us: Capitol Cycle, Mr. Donny Banks, Pro Circuit, SplitFire, Jimmy ~erry and Mark Easley, who. all helped provided the bikes to ride. And thanks to everybody who provided gear and extra parts and mechanical help so we could race: Team Tecate, Dave Coulton, Shae Bently, the Walker family,. Nathan Ramsey, Kenny· Germaine, Brad Strunk, Brandon Roberts, Jeff Dement, Brock Sellards and anyone we might have missed. The VIN numbers for the stolen bikes are JKAKXRKCl WA028722, JKAKXRKC7W A026656 and JKAKXRKC4WA028431.lf you have any information, please call us anytime at 984/584-0627 - reward offered. The Curries Naples, FL Thanks, and just do it My compliments to the AMA, ARHMA and OM Productions for a wonderful flat-track week at Daytona. What few problems there were last year were corrected, and a lot of people worked very hard to make these events a success: registration, staging, starters, scoring - everyone. . I would heartily encourage anyone just maybe thinking about coming back to or beginning this dynamic sport to do so now. The rewards of even a little effort on your part are returned many times. A cast of fascinating participants await you. See you at the races. And thanks to Knapp Racing for its generosity. Bruce King #15B Copyrightc' Cycle News, Inc. 1998. Trademark Cycle News registered U.S. Patent Office. All rights reserved. Go Jeff! I would like to say, "Go Jeff" (Emig). Also, to hell with the people that stay with the winner. For example, now that Jeremy's kicking (expletive), everybody's cheering for him. When he was on Suzuki, everyone said (expletive) Jeremy, but now they cheer. I, though, am gonna stick with Jeff because [ know he's gonna kick (expletive) at the Nationals, and at least get second in the Supercross. Joe Virgilio Santee, CA I wanted· to say a few things about the Calendar of Champions I received absolutely fantastic! This is the stuff legends are made or. I'm primarily a motocross fan, but the photo of Greg Hancock heading the month of February takes the cake. Talk about concentration. I think I'm going to frame it. That photo alone is going to get me to follow speedway. Thanks. What a gift. James Stewart Bradford, PA Recently, many letters have been printed addressing the current problems and the future of the sport of Supercross, and the growth (or lack thereof) of motocross on an amateur level. Comparing Supercross to Nascar or NHRA racing is like comparing street luge to the PGA tour. The number of people who play golf and drive cars is huge compared to the number of people who ride motorcycles or modified skateboards. AMA Supercross will never, ever achieve or enjoy the popularity or support of Nascar or NHRA Racing, because in the general public's mind, supercross is' a stunt show. The producer of the supercross series should be happy they are getting the kind of turnouts that they are getting, and work on getting back a big-bucks series sponsor like the U5. Army, Pepsi or Microsoft, for example. Letters to the editor should be sent to Voices, Cycle News, P.O. Box 5084, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5084, faxed to 714/7516685 or Published letters do not necessarily reflect the position of Cycle News, Inc. Letters should not exceed 200 words and all letters are subject to editing. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. All letters should contain the writer's name, address and daytime phone number ... Editor. ENDURO Round 12 - SETRA Enduro Series from Daytona Beach, Florida .........................•34 On champions, and somebody else ARENACROSS Rounds 23 & 24 - AMA/PJI Arenacross Series from Sacramento, California ......60 CROSS COUNTRY Round 1 - AMA Grand National Cross Country Series from Okeechobee, Florida 36 DRAG RACE 1998 NHRA Winston Drag Racing Series Preview 62 INSIDE . .mllarch 18,1998 FEATURES ROAD RACE Round 2 - AMA/N.ffiNA Su\,erbike National Championship Senes from Daytona Beach, Florida 6 Round 2 - AMA/Honda Pro Oils 600cc Supersport National Championship Series from Daytona Beach 22 Round 2 - AMAITeamline 750cc Supersport National Championship Series ITom Daytona Beach,Rorida 26 Round 2 - AMA/Elf 250cc Grand Prix National Championship Series from Daytona Beach, F1orida 28 Round 2 - AMA/Progressive Insurance Pro Thunder National Championship Series from Daytona Beach, Florida .....32 SUPERCROSS Round 9 - Toyota Trucks/Thor/Parts· Unlimited AMA Supercross Series from Daytona Beach, Florida 12 CffiCULATION Printed in U.S.A. Don't worry, be happy As to the growth of our sport in general, how do the fa,tories expect to draw new people in to off-road motorcycling when the only real TV advertising they do is during televised races? This strategy targets a very limited group of peo. pIe who are already involved, and the commercials don't even come close to saying "Tell your friends, dirt bikes are fun." They also fail to try to induce the vast group of 1970s dirt bikers to make a comeback via the Vet and Old-Timer classes, which are very popular a t the local level. . Couple these few (of many) problems with the fact that the US. government is trying to close down every practice area it possibly can, the California off-roadbike emissions sta'!dards, the everincreasing cost of riding and racing, the cost of getting injuries fixed and the competition for the recreation dollar, and it's easy to see that we all must do what we can to keep what we have, and be thankful for what we've got. Robert Sampaulesi .Madera,CA DlRTTRACK Round 1 - AMA Grand National Cham- FLAT TRACK Round 6 - Florida Flat Track Series from Daytona Beach, F1orida.: : 40 Round 1 - Florida Flat Track Series from Savannah, Georgia 48 Round 2 - Florida Flat Track Series from Barberville, Florida 49 Round 3 - Florida Flat Track Series from St. Augustine, Florida 50 Round 4 - Florida Flat Track Series from Tampa, Florida 52 Round 5 - Florida Flat Track Series from Barbersville, Florida .56 VINTAGE AHRMA Classic Days from Daytona Beach, Florida 44 AHRMA Vintage Motocross, Road Race, Trials and Dirt Track from Florida .58 DEPARTMENTS EVENTS CALENDAR LEADERBOARD WANT ADS CHICANERY LOOKING BACK 64 73 80 82 99 99 ON THE FRONT m~"",",_ COVER Daytona Bike Week featured four big winners: Scott Russell, Jeremy 11cC;rath, Scott Parker and Fred Andrews. Photos by Kinney Jones. ----

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