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Grand Prix bikes have three chances left to ride Moto Liberty's Honda RSI25s in the Cali fo rnia Su perb ike Schools. For more information, call 818/ 246-0717. If you live in the Sout hern California area and are planning to compete at the 125/250cc National MX at Washougal, Washington, August 15-17, Sunset Off-Road will again be offering motorcycle transportation to the Washougal track and back. For $150, Sunset OffRoad will provide motor cycle transpo rtation a nd limited technical support. Motorcycles must delivered by 7 p.m., on August 12, in Temecula, Cali fornia , a nd the bikes will be returned by 8 a .m. on August 21. Prices a re g uaran teed wit h a m in imu m of 11 motorcycles - 14 total. The $150 service fee must be pai d b y Augu s t 8. For more information, or to make reserva. tio ns, call 909/ 676-6366. Evidently, there ha ve been rumors circu lati ng th at the Na tio n al H are & Hound round in Yerri ng ton, Nevada, on September 21, has been canceled . Accord ing to Scott Myer of the H igh Sierra MC, the hosting club, this is not true. "We don' t know how the rumor got started , but the event has not been canceled ," Myer said . And, speaking of the High Sierra MC, the club is hosting a roll-chart-gu ided dual sport ride in Tru ckee, California, on July 26, wh ich will finish at the Don ner Ski Ranch , jus t in time to watch the World Trials round at the same location. For more information , call Myer at 916 /58 2-4511 (e ve n in g s ) o r Jay at 9 16 / 582-80 81 (days). Frank H. Cooper, 88, died on Jul y 6 from injuri es received in an au tomobile accident near his home in Lake Elsinore, Ca li fo rn ia. Cooper, a former Indian, AJS, Matchl es s, Royal Enfield , Maico and Yamaha dealer and importer in Los Angeles, was a member of the six-man committee tha t orga nized the Catalina Grand Prix events from 1951 to 1958. Although Greg Albe rtyn won 't be able to attend th e Tony D . M ot o cr oss School on July 21-24 at the Hurricane Hills Sp orts Cen ter as o r ig in a ll y pla nned , the factory Suzuki rid er will be on hand for the Broome-Tioga MX school on August 25, the day after the AMA 125 /250cc National Motocross round there. For more inform ation, call 410/ 635-6916. Harley-Davidson and Buell held their 1998 new-m od el launch for the press in and around its Milwaukee, Wisconsin, facilities on July 9-11. Some 100 journalists fro m around th e wo rld w ere on hand to see the 1998 models and tour the facilities, including the new and highly secretiv e Willie G. Davidson Product Dev elopment Center adjacent to Harley's Capitol D rive e ngin e assembly plant. The s ta te-o f-the-a rt facility was of particular interest in tha t the tou r is supposed ly to have ma rked t h e o nl y time th at th e n ew-mod el skunkworks will be open to the press. Additional to u r s were condu cted through the Capitol Drive plant; the new Pilgrim Road facility located nine miles north of the Capitol Drive plan t, whic h will become the sole production cen ter for all FL eng ines an d transmissio ns; th e Bue ll factory in East Troy; and the Harley-Davidson VR1000 race shop in Mukwonago. In celebrat ion of the Eldo ra Half Mile Grand Na tional d irt track and the Troy Nationa l MX weeken d , F&S H arleyD avidson and F&S Kawasaki/Suzuki w ill be hosting an open house at its Dayton, Ohio , mo torcycle complex on July 25 from 9 a.m to 8 p.m. Festivities wi ll includ e a pig roast and bike show alon g with aut ograph sessi ons featuring some of the top racers in both disciplines . For more information, call 800/ 783-898-8090. Jay Sp ringsteen will be among the top AMA G rand National competitors scheduled to compete in a round of the Canadian Dirt Track Nationals in Quebec City, Canada , on August 1. Th e hard-charging Geo Roeder II will also be on hand to face off against Canada's Steve Beatt ie and Chris Evans among o the rs . For more info r ma tio n, call 514/ 654-8193. speedway racing on August 2, 9 and 16. For mo re information, call 716/2272223. MOVED: Kinney Jones Pho tography, io 21935 Van Buren St., Build ing 0 , Sui te 27, Grand Terrace, CA 92313, 909/3703325. OPENED: Th e web site for Race Tire Service, Dunlop's Eastern U.s. road race tire distributor on the World Wide Web. The site can be reached at the following address : http:/ / O PENED: Pu lse Tech Prod ucts' home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be found at the following ad dress: http:/ /www.pu O PENED: Twi n Cities Yamaha /Tigershark's home page on the World Wide Web . The site can be found a t the follo w in g ad d ress: htt p :/ / w w w .m in d spri / -twayscyc/ index.htm. OP ENED: Indigo Sports' home pag e on th e Wo rld Wid e Web . The site can be found at th e fo llowi ng addres s : http:/ / www.ind . OP ENED: Jack's Cycle Worl d ' s home page on the World Wid e Web. The site can be found at the following address: ht tp :/ / REOP EN ED: Barnum's Pro-Products' sh op in Ad elanto, California, after a one-year layoff . For more information , call 760/ 24(,.3575. S IG NED: A multi-yea r deal between American Honda Motor Co. a nd Las Vegas Motor Speedway that will see Honda become the exclusive motorcycle of the speedway. There will be no Pro practice on Friday, August I , for the Millvill e, Minnesota, round of the AMA 125/250cc National Championship Motocross Series to be held on August 3. GRAND O PENING: At Brown Motor Works in Pomona, California, on July 19 fro m 10 a .rn . to 2 p .m. No ted ra ce a nno u ncer Larry Huffman will ho st a fas hion show and cond u ct interviews. Fo r more in fo rma tio n, call 909 /6 292132. AMA-san cti oned speedway is retu rning to New York wi th the reopening of Champion Spe edway in Owego. Pr omoters Jason and Gene Bonsig nore have taken over the facility and will be kicking things off with a Grand Reun ion of Champion Speedway event on July 19, followed by co ns ecu tive nigh ts of OPENED: Yamaha Motor Europe NV's home page o n the World Wid e Web . be fo u nd at The site can h ttp :/ /www.yamaha-motor-e urope. com. The site also features a raci ng section that is updated on both Grand Prix and Wo rld Superb ike weekends with up-to-dat e results. CORRECTIO N: In ou r re p ort of the Ma mmot h Mountai n Motocross , we reported that Ty Davis' bike seized in the 125cc class because of "loose head bolts," but according to Davis' mechanic, "Turtle," this appa rently wasn't the case . "We h a d an abno rma l failu re inside the moto r," Turtlesaid. "It didn't seize because of jetting, piston or loose head bolts." CORRECTION: The fax number given for informati on on the second annual Pharoahs Desert Cannonball Rally in Egypt on October 4-11 was incomplete. The correct fax number is 011-33-1-4882-28-67. CHANGED: The dates of the American Super Camp di rt track school in Dallas, Texas, to August 8-11. For mor e inferrnation, call 970/669-4322. OPENED: Team Gattolone's home page on the World Wide Web. The site can be fou nd a t th e follo wing add ress : htt p:/ / . OP ENE D: Team Alstare's hom e p age on the World Wide Web. The site can be fo und at t he fo llowi ng add ress : http:/ / OP ENED : Forme r AMA and Wo rld Superbike Champion Scott Russell's home page on the Wor ld Wide Web. The site can be found at the following address: http :/ / RESIGNED : Eric Gorr, ed ito r of the "Ask Dr . Dirt" column in Dirt Rider magazine. Gorr is slarting a technicalinform ation home page on the Internet. The site ca n be found a t the following address: http:/ / AUT O G RAPH SIGNI NG: At Su zuki of Troy on Friday, July 25 fro m 6 to 7 p.m . Members of Team Suzuki Motocross a re scheduled to a p p ea r. For more in forma tion , call 513/2941577. CO RRECT ION: An ad vertisement for the Kenworthy MX round of the AMA . 125 /250cc National Motocross Series (Issue #27, July 9) conta ined an incorrect da te for the event. The races will be held on July 25-27. MOVED: Moto Italia, to 1060 Petaluma Blvd . No rth , Petaluma , CA 94952, 707/763-1982. ,.. r- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , (]].ill ~ SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name _ Address City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ Zi p Order Date _ Please start my subscription to C ycle News: o Ev e ry week for o n e year (SO is sues ) for $38.00 (can b e billed 3 m onthly payments ) Every week fo r two years (100 issues) for $70.00 o Six mo nths s e co n d class (2 5 issues) for $19.00 One year (SO issues) , 2nd class Canada or Mexico and all other foreign countries L~~~~~~~:~~~~~~~~~:~~~~~~~~~ o SpeCial SUbscription This is a 0 N ew Subscription Renewal P le ase bill me B ill 3 payment s o f $12.67 . Enclosed is m y check or m oney order C h arge my 0 Visa 0 Mastercard o o o o Offer Signature _ MC /Visa# _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ Expiration Date fII17iTll:l ~ I Send to: \.:J:..J~ 1.lJ..:J....£l, nco P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90801-Q498 Toll Free Subscription H otl in e (800) 831· 2220 ~~~~~~~~=!~~~~: - - - - - - - - ~ 3

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