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The American T ri a ls Association (AT A) ha s announced its donation of $10,000 to th e USA Trial des Na tions Team Fund . The funds we re gener ated from an industry-sponsored draw ing whic h included two 1996 trial s motorcyc les donated by Montesa and Gas Gas at the recent 26th Annual EI Trial de Espana in Victorvill e, California. Stadiumcross racing retu rns to the Chowchilla Fairgrounds in Chowchill a; Californ ia, after a three- year h iatus . The series will run on Saturday nights, begi n ni ng o n June 1 an d r u n n ing th ro ugh July 20. For more inform ation, call 209 / 541-0860 or 209 / 667-7109. The Ogd en, Utah, round of the AMA We stern National Four-Stroke MX Series has been repl aced with a round at the Owyb ee M /C Club Raceway in Boise, Idaho, on July 20-21, according to Mike Youn g Sr. Pro Ci rcuit will ha ve a su ppo rt technic ian on hand at ev er y AMA Amateur MX National in 1996. The technician will be able to provid e assistance with jetting and suspen sion and will also allow riders to test exhau st pipes. For m ore information, call 714/ 9935400. After 'getting approval from its Boa rd of Directors, H arley-Dav ids on has an no u n ce d funding for co n tin ued impl ementat ion of ex pa ns io n pl ans aimed at in creasing m ot or cycl e production at exis ting facilities and a new s i te i n Kan s a s Cit y, M iss ouri , to accommodate the tran sfer of Sport ster production . The plans call for most of the exp ansion to take place at the compan y's exis ting facilities. Additi ons are to be made at th e compa ny's York, Pen nsylva nia, as sem bly plan t; Tomaha w k, Wisconsin, fibe rglass faci li ty ; and in the are a of Milwau kee, Wiscon sin, power-train manufacturing plant. In a d d it io n, constru ct ion o f a n ew plant in Kans as City is expec ted to be co m p leted b y 1998. Th e ad d itio na l capaci ty will enable the com pa ny to me e t its goa l o f p rod u cin g 200,000 mot o rcycles by 2003 - H arl ey-Davidson's 100th ann iv ersa r y . " We a re en th usias tic about th e future of Harley-Davi dson Mot o r Co. an d its contin ue d g ro w n in m a r ke t s bo th do mestic an d interna tiona l," said compa ny p resid ent a n d CEO Jeffrey L. . Bleus te in. " As we ra mp up p roduction, we expect to be ab le to significantly red uce the amo un t of time our Grand Prix in the last 20 races. Americans were domi nant from 1978 to 1993, but have recentl y given way to an Au stralian and European dominance. rid ers mu st wait to purchase a Har leyDavidson motorcycle." Th e company expe cts total capi tal ex penditures of approximately $180 to $200 milli on in 1996, $160 to $180 millon in 1997 an d $120 to $140 milli on in 1998. The AMA Superbike National Ch am pi onship round s che d u led for the Metro-Dad e H om estead Motorsports Complex is being billed as the Powerade Superbike Challenge presented by Suzuki, acco rding to tr ack presi-. dent Ralph Sanc hez . The rac e will m ar k th e AMA d ebut on th e n ew 2.21-m ile, 14-turn Homestea d road course . Accordin g to a release iss ue d by the Sturgis Rally & Races, th e Exce lsiorHenderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Company will unve il i ts Super X motorcycle at the rally in August. With h is victo ry in the Spanish 250cc Grand Prix, Max Biaggi kep t alive his s tr ing of 14 conse cuti ve podi u m appearances and 21 consecu tive pointscoring finishes - it was his 13th win in the last 21 races. Biaggi 's string of consecu tive poin t-scoring finishes began when he won the Czech Repub lic GP in 1994. Biaggi has now won a total of 18 250cc GPs, moving him into a tie with Jim Red man for six th on th e all-time win list. Germany Hu sqvarn a distribu tor Zupin Moto-Sport GmbH h as anno unced a race bike re nta l program for r ide rs interested in part icipatin g in the 1996 International Six Day Enduro, sche duled for Au gust 12-16 in Hameenlinna, Finlan d. Riders can chose from the following motorcycles: Husky 410, Hu sky 610, Husky 125, Hu sky 250 and Hu sky 360. Prices range from app roxima tely $1600 to $2300 with rental fee including race preparation, plate, taxes, insurance and flight from German y to Finl and . The application deadline for interested riders is July 1. For more information, con tac t Han s Zimmermann, Zupin Mote -Sport GmbH, Wern er -von Siemens-Strasse 8, 0-83301 Traunreut, Germany, 49 / 86 69 -85760 (p ho ne ), 49 / 8669-2328 (fax). The milestone SO th SOOcc Grand Prix O will be held in Imola, Italy, on Septem ber 1. The first 500cc Grand Prix ever h eld w as w on b y Brit a in ' s H a rold Daniell on a sing le-cylinder Nort on on the Isle of Man in Jun e of 1949. Who has the highest winn ing percentage of all 500cc Grand Prix riders? How about Kenny Roberts. The three-time World Champion started 58 GPs and won 22 of them for a winn ing percentage of 37.9. Next on the list is Freddie Spencer with a winning perce ntage of 32.3 followed by Wayne Rainey at 28.9. Michael Doohan is cu rre ntly a t 28.7 percent with 27 wins in 94 sta rts. Th e man with th e hi ghest average poi nt s p er s tar t is Rainey . Th e three-tim e Wo rld Cha m p io n a vera ged 17.39 points per start. Harley- Davidson of Glendale, the home of th e annua l Love Rid e, w ill ce le bra te th e d ealershi p ' s 20th annivers ary with a gala bash on June 15 from 9 a.m. to 6 p .m. The bash will feature a live concert, biker carni va l rid es, raffle draw ings, an anniversary sa le and a barbecu e. Th e p arty will begin wi th an Obs er vati on Run; the re is no en tra nce fee an d th e fir st 200 en tran ts will re ce ive a free HarleyDavid son of Gle ndale 20th Ann iversary pin . For more in for matio n, ca ll 818/246-5618. Michael Doohan's win in the Spani sh Gra nd Prix on May 12 ma rked the first time th e Austra lian h as sco re d fou r . wins on the sa me race track. Dooh an h as raced in eight GPs at Jerez and has four win s and four po le po siti on s to sh ow for his efforts. Dooh an 's win at Jerez was Honda's eighth at the Spanish circuit (Doohan 4, Wayn e Gardner 2, Edd ie Lawson 1 and Alberto Puig 1). Yamaha w on the race in 1988 with Lawson and Suzuki won in 1993 wi th Kevin Schwa ntz. First Auto Sports Television (FAST) an d th e California Superbike Sch ool will hold a d rawing for three superbike school sessions, n ormall y pri ced a t $250. The school wi ll be run on Mon day, July 22, the day after the World Superbike Ch am pio nship ro u n d at Laguna Seca Racew ay in Mon terey, California . Contest for the free schools will run in various Northern California are as but mainly in the San Francisco Bay are a. For m ore in forma tio n, ca ll 800/530-3350. One su r p risi ng sta tis tic th at co m es fro m GP promoters Dorna is th at an American ri de r hasn't w on a 500cc Th e l odi Motorcycle Club in Lo d i, California, will host a two-day vintage race and sw ap meet on May 25-26 at the Lod i Cycle Bow l. The re w ill be a short track on Satu rday night and a TT on Sunday. There will also be a 600cc Exper t Exh ib iti on Money race. For more informa tion, call 209/ 544-1027 or 209 / 368-7809. OPEN HOUSE: At Hun gry Vall ey Stat e Park in Gorman, California, in conjunction with H ang Time Motorcycles, on May 25-26. For mo re information, call Pete Carro ll at 805 / 248-2453. AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: At Cutl er Ridge Moto rcycles in Miami, Florida, on May 16 fro m 6 to 8 p. m. Mu zz y Kawasaki's Doug Chandler and Mike Sm ith are scheduled to app ear. Fo r more informa tion, call 305/258-2000. AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: At Garr ett's Harl ey-David son in Streat or, Illin ois, on June 1 from 10 a.m . to 12:30 p .m . Ha rl ey-D a vid sons Scott Parker is sch eduled to appear. For more in for mati on, call 8151 672-7152. NAME D: BMW Motor cycles as the latest sponsor of the 1996 Sturgis Rally & Races, sched u led fo r Au gust 5-10 in Sturgis, South Dakota. NAMED: Dunlopad Brakes, as an official spons or of the Ton y D. Motocross School and CLASS Road Racing School. AUT OGRAPH SIGNING : At Bob Tho mas Kawasaki of Irwin in Irw in, Pennsyl vania, on May 24 from 6:30 to 7:30 p .m. Team Kaw asaki's motocross team is sched uled to appear. For more information, call 412/863-0237. BORN: Wyatt Co li n Wil so n, to dirt t ra cker Don Wil so n and h is w ife Man die on April 25 in Maple Valley , Pennsylvania. BORN : Carly Mad ison Lee, to Troy Lee Designs' Troy Lee and h is wife Elisa on April 27 in Corona, Californi a. MOVED: Pro Conce pts, custom helmet painter, to 29665 Innsbrook Ave., Stacy, MN 55079,612 /257-6419 . AUTOGRAPH SIGNING : At N e w England Cycles in Hartford, Connecticut, on June 21 from 6 to 7 p.m. Members of Team Suzuki's motocross team are sc he d u le d to ap pear . For m ore information, call 203 / 527-0822. ,~ r- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- --- --- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - , (]Jill ~ SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name ~ Add ress City _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ State _ _ Zip Order Date _ Please start my subscription to Cycle News: o Every week for one year (50 issu es) for $38.00(can be billed 3 monthly payments) o Every week for two yea rs (100 issues) for $70.00 o Six mo nths secon d class (25 issues) for $19.00 L One year (SO issues), 2nd class Canada or Mexico and all other foreign countries ~ $78.00 (Ll.S, funds). First class and airmail rates availab le upon reque st. o This is a 0 Ne w Subscripti on o Rene wal o Please bill me O' Bill 3 payme nts of $12.67 o Encl osed is my check 'or m oney order Ch arge my 0 Visa 0 Ma stercard Signature MC /Vi sa# _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ Expiration Date ~~ I Send to: ~ 1.l.L::J~, nco P.O. 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