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Lost and found department: J ohn Flanders was having dinner a t Perry 's in Mammoth Lakes, Cal ifornia, after part icipa ting in th e Mammoth Old Ti me rs MX o ver th e Jun e 15-16 weekend, when he looked up to see a mountain bicycle bounce out of a pickup tru ck with a yellow MX motorcycle stra pped in it. T he owner of the bicycle never returned to retrieve it. If you are the ow ner, co ntac t Flanders durin g busi ness ho ur s at the Flanders Compa ny i n Pa sad en a , Ca lifornia, by call ing 8 181792-7384. Eastern Vintage Motocross Racing has added two rounds to its Cha mpionsh ip MX Series. Raceway Park in Eng lishtown, New Jersey, will host roun d three on July 21, and Sleepy Holl o w MX Park in Fredericksburg , Pen nsylvan ia , will host round fou r on Aug us t 4. For more information , call (days) 201/385 -5595 or (even ings) 201/ 784-9854. The 5th Annual Wegman Benefit Fund fundrais ing event will be held at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in South Beloi t, Ill inoi s: Held in conjunction wit h the J ul y 27-28 AMA/CCS Pro Am Series races, an auction of motorcycle and no n- mo torcycle related items will begin . at approximately 7 p.m. Sa turda y. Fo r more in formati on , contact Gord on Lunde, Sr. (even ings) at 414/871-5682. Justin Viens, 12, suffered a brok en an kle in the ope n ing round of the CMC Summer Series a t Sunrise Park in Adelanto, California, J une 16. Viens won the open in g mot o in th e 80cc class, but suffered the injury when he crashed wh ile leading the second moto. Cards can be sent to P.O . Box 5, Wrightwood, CA 92397. The May 19 San Jose Mile round of the Camel Pro Seri es, which was won by Grand National Champion Scott Parker, wi ll air o n cable televisio n' s The Nashville Network (TNN ) on Saturday, Jul y 6, at I p.m. Pacif ic tim e. Pat Moroney of Mo ron ey's Cycles in Newburgh, New York , tells Papa that even tho ugh the Syracus e Mile ro und of th e Camel ' Pro Seri es has been canceled, Moroney's will still host the Jul y 18 M iddletown Half Mile , a round of the AMA Region al Cha mpio nship Dirt T rack Seri es. T he race will be held in co nj unc tio n with th e Oran ge County Fa ir and Moron ey, th e former mot ocrosser who is now mak ing a name for h im self in vintage roa d race events , said he hopes a good turnout of ri ders a nd fan s will lead to an in creased interest in dirt track information, call Bob or Velma Bagwell at 502/444- 7593. raci ng in the sou theas t portion of New Yo rk State. The Middletown trac k hosted monthly dirt track racing in the si xties an d seventies , a nd Gra nd Nationa l Championshi p races in 1977, 1979, 1987 and 1988. If you caught las t week's editio n of MotoWorld o n ESP N, you probably enjoyed the aer ial views of the Blackwater 100 race. Former Cycle News ad vertising sales man ager Bob Lenk ge ts th e camera credi t. Len k sho t th e footage from a Bell J et Ran ger helico p ter pil oted by Mike Sponseller, a form er professional di rt track and road racer and co-owner of Eak en - . Sponseller Racing, the team tha t fields bikes on the Camel Pro Series circu it / for two -tim e Grand National Ch am pion Ri ck y Gra h am a n d La rry Pegram. Whe n Sponseller isn ' t at th e cont ro ls of his whi rlyb ird or opera ting stopwatch es at a race, he operates a cons tructio n com pa ny in Maryland . After a three-week break, the Roll ing Thunder Show of the Camel Pro Series swi ngs bac k into action with th e ru nning of th e 8th Annual Lima Half Mile o n Sa turda y evening, Jul y 29. T he race, wh ich tak es p lace at western Ohio's Allen Co unty Fai rgrounds, will see Scott Parker attempt to set an a ll -time record of Grand National Cha mpionsh ip victories. Parker and Jay Springsteen are currently tied at 40 wi ns eac h; Parker havi ng mov ed into a tie with Springer with a win at the June 8 Lo uisville H alf Mile. Parker has wo n at Lima three tim es (1984, '87 and '90) and he ho lds both th e o n e-la p track record (24.994 seconds) and the 20-lap race record (8 m inutes , 40.805 second s). Stev e Morehead is a two-time Lima winner (1985 a nd '88) and single wins have been posted by Ronnie Jones (1986) and Will Davis (1989). A tip of Papa.'s Cycle N ew s cap to ace tuner Bill Werner for the excelle nt color com mentary on ESPN's Camel Pro Seri es telecasts . Werner, wh o has wrenched the likes of Gary Scott, Jay Springsteen and Sco tt Pa rker to Grand National Ch ampionship tit les, joins . D ave Despain and Larry Maiers beh ind the mi ke on the shows. T hey air o n Thursday even ing at 9:30 p .m. Pa cific tim e. Immediately following the Lima Half Mile on j Ulle 29, Jay Springste en and Steve Morehead will be off to Detroit to catch a Sunday flight to Barcelona, Spain, wh ere they' ll compete in rounds three and four of th e Sant Jordi Challenge. Just five hours after th ey a rr ive, both will co m pe te in a short track race o n Monday evening and the foll ow ing night they' ll tak e part in a TT race, with bot h events taking place ind oors in Sam Jord i O lympi c Stadium. Mor eh ead ca me up th e winner of ro u nd one in February, wh en h e introduced American-styl e short track racin g to a packed house of 15,000 Spanish race fans . The pair will be co m pe ting against a talented field of Europeans, including two-time 250cc MX World Champion Heinz Kin igad ner of Austria , four-time Spa nish Na tional Enduro Champion J ordi Alcarons and Czechoslovakian end uro ace Stanislac Spa cek. Both Springs teen and Moreh ead will be a board 600cc Harl ey-Da vidsons th at will be sh ipped to Spain via air. Stop by your local Honda dealer or U.S. Forest Servi ce office and p ick up a Tread Lightly poster featuring Team Hond a's J eff S t a n t o n or a set of trading cards (a la baseball cards, but larger ) featuring the likes of newl y cr o wned Supercr oss cha m p JeanMichel Bayle and Rick Johnson. The poster and trad ing" cards were prod uced by Am erican H onda in support o f th e BL M/ U .S. Forest Service's Tread Lightly program that focuses on insp iri ng a level of environ menta l awa reness whic h will hel p to ensure access to off-road ridi ng areas well int o th e future. T eam Kawasak i's Jerry Campbell, J eff Mat iasevich 's tuner, su ffered a hairl in e crack of hi s lower left leg when he fell th rough a gap in th e bed of the team 's 18-wheeler trailer at the June 22 Los Ange les Supercross. Two-time Supercross Cha mp io n Jeff Ward celebra ted h is 30th birt hday at the L.A. Supercross. Ward go t to cu t h is birt hday cake at a Kawasaki party in the pit area , and he was presente d with a wooden rocking chair after th e 37,472 fans sang Happy Birt hd ay to him. " I co uld get used to th is," said Ward as he rocked in the chair on the victory podium. In o ur coverage of the SCO RE Baja 500, th e results fail ed to credi t th e ATK-mounted team of Klaus Nennewitz, W ill ia m Diaz and Detlef Herrmann wit h fifth in Class 22 (250cc) and 10th overal l. NAMED: Calhoun Maico of Oxford, Alab ama, as the distributor of Maico motorcycles and pa rts for the Eastern half of th e U.S. and Canada. Individual s interested in becoming Maic o deal ers should contact Calhoun Maico's Ro nn ie or j an a Sm ith at 205/8313029. Arizona 0HV bill goes to'governor o use Bill 2093, which repealed and cha nged Ari zona 's OHV progra m funding estab lished .by p~st legislation, is now in Go v. Fife Sym ington's h ~nds: M.ter an exha us ti ng eig ht-mo nth House and Sen ate batt le, HB2093 Will pro vide 55/ 100 of 1% of th e tota l mot or vehicle fue l taxes to th e Off-H igh way Vehi cle . Recreati on al Fund. T he fund is ex pec ted to receive approxi matel y $ 1.8 mi llion an nually, cons idera bly less than the proj ected $5.9 mill ion of the original legislati on. The State Parks board will admi nister the fund , wi th Game and Fish receivin g 30% for law enforce ment, a nd informati on al and ed uca tio nal activities. Sta te Park s will also pro vide fun ds to the Arizona Conservat io n Co rps for mitigat ion of damage to natural resour ces caused by OHV use. O ther cha ng es include the addition of an environmenta l group mem ber and a representative from the general pu blic to the cu rren t seven-member O HV Advisory Group and an eme rgency cla use to ma ke the bill retro acti ve to J an uary I, 1991. The Arizona O ff-H ig hway Veh icle Association suppo rts the cur re n t bill as an accep table compromise to th e or ig inal progra m. Ari zona's OHV enthusiasts can look for war d to a program tha t will designa te, co nstruct, ma intain and ma nage O H V recrea tiona l areas. Much of the cred it for the victory goes to Sen . Do ug T odd (R-P hoen ix) and Sen . Karen Eng lish (D-Flagstaff) for their co n ti nu ed support to pr eserve a q ual ity program that meets the needs of the OHV com m unity. Standing toe-to-toe in the fight for a responsible O HV program were the man y memb ers, cl ubs and o rga n iz tio ns of the AO HVA, the American Desert Racing Associa tion and the a Arizona Dealers Association. H Ri v ersid e Dow n s in Henderson, Kentuck y, will host an AMA Pro-A m H alf Mile on Sep temb er 29. In addit io n to the professio na l cla sses, rac ing on the lim eston e ova l will feature three Vintage classes - Han dsh ifters, 500cc over head valve1750cc side valve, and Open for pre -1975 bikes. Other activities include a field meet , swap meet, bik e sho w and parade. T he event wi ll be sponsored by th e Evansvi lle Brewery of Evansville, In d iana . For more r--------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name -,- Add ress ..:.... Cit y Order Da te _ State . Zip _ _ _ o T his is a re newa l o Plea se bill m e o Bill 3 payme nts of $ 11.67 o Enclosed is m y ch eck or m oney order Charge m y 0 Visa 0 Ma ster card . 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