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is also offering comp lete travel packages with discounted airfare and car rentals as well as motel accommodations. For more information, con tact TravelCraft at 800/541 -1223. jT Racing's Joe Bond su ffered a broken tibia and fibia in the right leg while racing in an arenacross held in ; conjuction wi th th e 23rd Annual Dealernews Motorcycle Expo in Cincinnati. Ohio, February 16. Bond, who handles Southwest sales and promoI tions for jT, is expec ted to be out of action for several months and ma y undergo surgery. Southern California's Over The Hill Gang is offering membership to all women motocrossers 25 years of age and older. The membership will be honored at OTHG events run in conjunction with several other racing organizations in California. For information call 714/754 -7305 or 213/8327485. Quiz time answer: Last week we asked yo u to name th e two riders who won two consecutive AMA ' National Championship 500cc MX Series titles before jeff Ward pulled that o ff in 1989 and 1990. j im Weinert won back-toback titles in 1974 and 1975 and Rick j o h nson was th e 500cc MX cha m p in 1987 and 1988. Quiz t i me: There were three riders wh o won two strai ght AMA 250cc MX National Championships before j eff Stanton accomplished that th e past two year s. Ri ck j ohnson won back- toback titl es in 1986 a nd 1987, Kent Howerton was the champ in 1980 and 1981, and Bob Hannah in 1978 and 1979. But topping all those riders are two motocrossers who won the 250cc MX titl e three years in a row! Name them. WERA has announced that it will hav e a new Novice class at its 1991 Pro Seri es road races, dubbed th e Future Star Series. The ,Future Star class will be run' at seven of the Pro Series races and riders will race under WERA 600cc Superstock rules. In order to be eligibl e ride rs must use Metzeler Tires and RK ,Chain , and the Two Brothers exhaust system will be the o n ly aftermarket system permitted. Riders wh o fini sh in the top 10 will earn $200 at each event and the seri es cham pio n will recei ve sponsorship from Metzeler, RK and Two Brothers for h is 1992 WERA racing effor ts. WERA enduran ce road race team Hall ' n S till Racing has joined forces with RKN Racing, In c. for the 1991 racing season. RKN 's team man ager Rob ert Nutt will be assisting Kurt Hall in solici tatio n of spo nsorship and Nutt will be in charge of th e team 's 600cc Supersport effor ts and will also assist j im Still in h is duties as team manager. H all 'n Still is hoping to defend its 1990 WERA H eavyweight Prod uction En d u ra nce C ha m p io ns hip . Th e team 's Suzuki GSXRIIOO will be ridden by Bru ce Baldus, j aso n Pridmore, Steve Patter son ' a nd Bo bby VonNessen. ADRA answers the call for heIV__ S evera l members of the American Desert Ra cing Association answered the call for help from the Bureau of Land Management and recently fen ced in an important archa eological find in the desert near Phoenix, Arizona. Head ed by ADRA president, Phil Auernheimer, 30 volunteers stru ng 1700 feet of barbed-wire fenc e aro und five acres of desert su rro u nding an ancient Indian intagl io that , acco rding to BLM archaeologists jane Pike and Cheryl Blanchard, is at least 1000 years old. The archaeo logists say that the intaglio hasn't been disturbed in all th at time, even though it's within sight of a maj or highway, Interstate 10. According to Pike, intaglios are a mystery. ' "We don 't know who built them or why , but archaeologists are studying them to solve the mystery," said Pike. "Even dating them is difficult because there , are no artifacts at th e site and nothing to dat e by carbon 14. We can only look at "the surro unding area and judge its age by the desert patenation." Although th ere are severa l intaglios that have been found in Arizona, this one had been preserved in pristine co ndi tio n . It measures approximat ely 30 feet on a side and resemb les an " R " with a cross in the center. Arch aeo logists sugges t becau se of the diffi culty in viewing these figures from ground level, especially th e very large ones, the y could hav e religious significance becau se th ey can on ly be viewed from above. ADRA workers sun k a pproxima tely 95 fen ce posts, th en stru ng fo ur ro unds of barbed wire and ins talled two gates to let out wild animals that might jump the five-foot fence. " I hope that o ur peo p le get a sense of ownershi p out of doing th is p roject," sai d Auernheimer about the project. " We wa nt the off-highway user to gain a , new respect for the land." Michael R oss Northern Cal iforn ia 's Lodi Cycle Bowl will o pe n its ga tes o n Sunday , February 24, for short track practi ce in the morning and TT practice in th e afternoon. Italian ro ad ra cer Giancarlo Falappa recently had his first tests since serious injuries ended hi s 1990 Wor ld Championship Superbike Series seaso n ear ly. Falappa and World Champ ion Raymo n d Roche tested their Ducatis at Pau l Ricard in the south of France. Fallapa lapped the circui t in th e l -rninute, 3 1-seco nd range, whi le Roche turned times in th e low 1:29s. Ro che and Falappa aren 't th e only p reseaso n World Su perbike testers. Italian F abr i z io Pirovano has been in j apan testing his 1991 Yamaha OWOI. Pirovan o's tea m is being su p po rted by Byrd, the raci ng department of Ital y's Yamaha im porter. Itali an road racer Massimo B r occo li wi ll ride a 1991 Kawasaki ZXR7 for the Italian Kawasak i importer in th e 1991 World Ch ampionship Superbike Series. A second rider is likely to be an no unced prior to th e sta rt of the seaso n. Motocrosser Trampas Parker, who beca me the first American to win the 125cc MX World Championship in 1989, underwent surgery on February 13 for a kn ee injury su ffered while practicing in Italy for th e upcomin g 250cc World Championship MX Series. It is not kn own how lon g Park er will be out of act io n. , S tig P e ttersson of Pettersson ' Pro Su spension will be on hand during Cycle Week a t Daytona Int ernatio na l Speedway to do suspe ns ion work. In addi tio n, Pettersson has space available for two motorcycles in his Daytonabound truck that will depart sou thern California. For more information, call 714/970-2423. 1£ you pre-entered the A M I Sout h east AMA Amat eur /You th Dirt T rack Regional Champions h ip 'races a t Daytona and fail ed to get a reply or if yo ur en try was returned to yo u by the po st office, give DMP, the event's promoter, a call at 904/238600 1. DMP 's Dav e McCarthy sa id th ey've had a number of confirma tio n letters returned to th em by th e post office, all marked " retu rn to sender, no forwarding or der on file." Northern California's Sacramento Ra ceway will host s tadium motocros s practice every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m., star ting next month. For' more information , call 916/36 3-2653, Doug " T he W h ee li e King" Domokos escaped injury in a hang gliding accident in Elsinore, Ca lifornia, o n February 11. Domokos dr ifted into the 12,OOO·volt electr ical power lines and was left dangl in g fo r mor e than an hour before rescuers freed him. One rescu er said that Domokos would have likely been kill ed if h is glider had touc hed two wires at th e same ti me. I ron Butt 19 9 1, the road rally th at' s billed as " the world' s toug hest motorcycle com petition," will take place Septe mber 1-12. Star ting and ending a t Ren o, Nevada, the ra lly will see finis hers log over 9000 mi les in II days. Participat ion is limited to 25 riders. The entry fee is $295 and entry form s are available fro m The Nevada 1100, In c., IB 9 1; 1000 Marietta Way, Sp arks , NV 89431. Fresno, Ca lifornia-based Vintage Iron says the y've been informed that p romoters Roger DeCoster and Mo tolink are interested in once aga in running the Vi n tage Invi tation al Rac e in conju nction with this year's U.S. 500c c M X GP. Accordin g to Vintage Iron's Ri ck Doughty, th e event occurr ing is contin gent on financial spo nsorsh ip and availability of riders. Although Vintage Iron will supp ly a number of restored bik es for the event , they're i ntere sted in fi elding offers from individuals and o ther res tora tion companies who would like 'to donat e a bike for the weekend to a star of th eir choice. La st year's event dr ew many sta rs of the pa st, including j im Porn ero y, john DeSoto, Kent H owe rton , Rich Thorwaldson and Marty Tripes. Interested sponsors, riders and bike donors sh ould contact Doughty a t 2091 252-9053. A wea lt h of com parries host motor cycle tours and three have recently been - - - - -- Continued on page 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name Address _ ---, _ City Order Dale State Zip.; _ _ Please start m y subscription to Cycle News: . o Every week for one year (50 issues) for $35.00 (ca n be billed 3 monthl y payme nts ) ti Ever y week for two years (100 issues) for $65.00 o Six months seco nd class (25 issu es) for $18.00 O ne year (50 issues). 2nd class Canada OT Mexico and all o ther foreign coun tries $75.00 (U.S. funds). Firs t class and airmai l ra tes ava ila b le' u pon req uest. c T his is a renewa l o Pl ease bill m e o Bill 3 paym ents of $1 1.67 o Enclosed is m y ch eck or m oney order Charge my 0 Visa 0 Mastercard !. ~ ,-,,!,- -.- Signa ture MC/Visa# _ _ Ex piration Da te Sen d to : Cycle News, Inc., P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 9080 1-0498 213/427-7433 ' --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I 3

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