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pla ns to tak e . a break after th e Sep tembe r 16 Mot ocro ss des Nati on s even t and skip th e o ff-seaso n supereross event s in Europe. Eu ro pe, th e four- time Wor ld C ha mpi o n is considering th e move a nd a test is plan ned for lat er in th e year. Stay tuned. For me r 250 a n d 500cc MX World Cha mpion Georges J o b e o f Belgium sat o u t th e Brit ish G P in order to ac t as a co m menta tor o n Belg ian TV o n th e telecast of th e Belg ia n road rac e GP a t Spa- Francorcharnps, Jobe will promote a su percross a t thc ven ue la ter th is yea r and it seems in creasin gl v likel y th at he will qu it racin g at th e end o f th e season. Road racer Niall Macke n zie will team wi th Eng la nd 's Roger Burnett o n a factor y Suzuki in the S u zu ka 8Hour end ura nce race o n Ju ly 29. The Sco t was orig inall y sch eduled to do the even t with hi s Team Lucky Stri ke Suzu ki teammat e K e vin Schwantz, but th e Texa n has decided to co ncen trat e his efforts on trying to catch Wayn e Rainey in th e 500cc World Cha mpionsh ip. America n road racer R ichard Arnaiz (H on) won round six of thc Europea n Formula One Cha m p ions hip held at And erstorp, Swede n , o n Jul y 8. The win moves th e Cali fo rn ia n up to second place in the series point standings , just four points o u t o f first , with three rounds remain in g in th e series. T he Gary Cowan Ben efit Raffle held o n consec ut ive weekends a t the New H ampshire International Spee dway in Loudon, New Ham pshire in June, ra ised $3500 fo r th e Irish road race r who suffered paralyzin g in juries in hi s 250cc crash at Da ytona in March . Ra ffl e o rga ni ze r Kevin H ennessy wo uld like to th ank th e n umerous co mpan ies wh o co nt ribu ted prizes to th e raffl e, as well . as Ca na dian 250cc racer R ick T ripod i, who wo n a set o f Fieldsheer leathers and th en donat ed their $750 va lue to th e fund. O us ted Yoshimura Suzuki Supe rbike p ilo t Ste ve Crevier took th e Ap rilia 250 he used to win th e 1989 Canadi a n Pr o 250 Gran d P r ix ti tle o ut of mothball s a nd p romptly wo n both th e Formu la RACE (sim ila r to F-USA) a nd Pro 250 GP features in ro u nd five o f th c Cas tro l Eas tern Ca na da Ch al lenge Series held a t Sha n no n vi lle Mot or sport Park , J ul y I. Crevier 's FR AC E win was espec ia ll y impressive becau se he bo tched the sta rt a nd had 10 co me from eig h th p lace, passing a hos t o f big -bo re su pe rbi kes en ro u te to victo ry. Wh en HRC tested a t the Hungaroring in H unga ry recen tly, th ey ap pa reritly fou nd problems w it h th e circu it. C ur b height , lack o f run -o ff in certa in areas and a large amou n t o f rubber left o n the track fro m a rece n t truck race were the main co ncerns. After receiving a rep ort from H RC, the FIM has ins truc ted ci rcui t owners to co rrect these p robl em s as a co n d itio n of ru n ni ng th eir 1990 Grand Prix o n Sep tem ber 2. . Eddie Lawson to Cagiva? That 's the la test rum or to surface from th e G P circu it. Accordi ng to rep orts fro m Snencertocomnete·in Miami National h ree-ti me Wo rld Road Racing Ch ampi on Freddie Spe ncer wi ll co me ou t of retirement to con test th e AMA Nation al Champ io ns h ip Road Race Series ro u nd in downtown Mi ami, Florida, July 21-22. According to h is m a nager Lonnie H a rd y, Spencer will be a boa rd a H onda RC30 su perbike ow ned by Two Brothers Racing 's Cra ig Erion a nd prep ar ed by Two Brothers tuner Mik e Velasco, a former Amer ican Honda ra cing department em p lo yee wh o previously worked for Bubba Sh ob ert and Fred Merkel. "T he promoter, Ra lph Sanchez, will be making a n o fficial announcement shortly," Hardy said o n Monday, July 9, " We 'll be working closely with CBS TV to mak e thi s rac e interesting for th e fans . " ·" 1 flew back from th e Road America National j ust to work on Freddie's bik e," said Velasco when asked a bo u t th e a rra ngem en t. "I've been working on it for . fou r day s stra ig h t." . According to Velasco, th e RC30 was built entirely at th e Two Brothers ra ce sho p , a nd features forged titanium rods, knife-ed ged erank, ported heads, magnesium o il p u m p , deep su mp, Keihin flat -slide carb ure tors, H RC shorte ned sw ingarm and exhaust system and th e from end fro m a VFR750 superbike. Plans currently ca ll for Two Brothers Racin g 's Kevin Eri on to cam pa ign th e ma chine later in th e season , but the pos sib il it y th at Spenc er may rid e it in su bseq uent seri es ro u nds has not been ruled o u t. "I wouldn't co u n t it o ur ," H ardy said , " b u t a ny decision will have to wa it until a fter Miami." . . Spencer co u ld no t be reac hed Ior co m me nt, b ut was said to be plan ning a test sessio n prior to th e Na tio na l. T AMA road ra cers Tom Kipp a nd Dona ld Jac k s will be teammates on a Bim ota for th e upcoming Suzu ka 8H ou r. The du o' s team will be run by th e J apanese Birnota importer , Carrozzeria , a nd th e bik e the y'll rid e will feature a factory-kitt ed Yam aha OWOI engine. The pai r w ill mi ss th e Jul y 21 AMA Nat ional in Miami, Florida , du e to test ing co m m itmen ts in J apan. P la ns for d irt tracker/ ro ad racer Doug Cha n dler to co n test th e Peoria TT o n a White Bros .-prepped KTMhas been scra p ped du e to a schedu ling co n fli ct 'w i th t he AM A road race Na tion al a t Mid-Ohi o. C ha n d ler cu rrently lead s th e AMA Su perbike Nat ional Ch ampion ship o n hi s Team Muzzy Kaw asak i. T eam H onda's J e a n -M ic h e l B a yl e , Rick Johnson, Mike Kiedrowski a nd Jeff S tan t o n will be on ha nd to sig n a utographs a t Man ch ester Honda, in Man chester , Connecti cut, o n J u ly 2 1, from 3:00 to 1:30 p.m. , in co nj u nctio n wi th th e July 22 AMA National C h a mp io ns h i p 125/25 0cc MX at So u th wick, Massach usetts. Fo r m or e in fo rma tio n, call 203/646-2789. Trampas Parker (KT M) led an American sweep of a su pe rcross held in Mi lan, Italy, o n July 7. Tyson Voh land (S u z) fin ish ed seco nd a head o f Bad er Manneh (KT M), while Ron Lechien (Kaw) mar ked h is rerum to racin g fo llowing a bro ken leg w it h a fo u rt h -p lace finish . R ick J ohns on wi ll retu rn to actio n a t th e Jul y 22 125/250cc Nat ional MX in So u th wic k, Massachusetts, a nd not a t the 250cc U.S . MX G P a t Unad illa as he origi na lly pl anned. " I o n ly began riding o ne a nd a half weeks ago, " said Joh nso n , wh o was ou t of action du e to surgery to pin a bone brok en in hi s hand a t th e Da yton a Supercr oss. " I don ' t ge t tir ed when rid in g, but the hand do es." J o hnson ma y ri de the August 26 5Q Occ U.S. G P in Sa n Bernard in o , Cal iforn ia. depen di ng on ho w his ha nd feels aft er the first two 500cc Na tiona ls th a t p recede th e GP. J ohnson , a n avid su rfer, recen tly too k form er. Nat io n a l a nd S u percr o ss Cha m pio n David Bailey, wh o was pa ra lyzed in 1987, bod yboard ing in th e ocea n. hospi tal on T uesda y, July 3, a nd is currently recoveri ng a t home. G et well notes ca n be sent to: 9[30 SW 15th Ave., Portla nd , O R 97219. BORN: Am a nda Ni co le H ou gh , daughter of AMA Nat ional Rel ia bil ity En duro Champion Kurt H o ugh a nd hi s wi fe J a ck ie, in In d ian a p ol is, India na, Ju ly 5. PROMOTED: Ma rk Dw yre, fro m Midwe st regio nal sa les manager to nationa l sa les manager o f Bell Sports Inc., ma n ufactu rers o f Bell a nd Vett er helm ets. Accord in g to form er Nati on al H ar e Scram bles Cha m p io n J oh n Ma rti n, the o wne r a nd opera to r' o f Sp ri ng Cr eek Motocros s Pa rk in Millvill e, M in n eso ta , Donny Schmi t w ill co m pe te in th e 125cc class at th e August 19 AMA Nationa l Ch ampion sh ip 125/ 250cc MX at Sp rin g Creek. Schm it. wh o is cu rre ntly lead ing the World Cha m p ions hi p 125cc MX Series, wi ll co m pe te in th e last ro u nd o f the Worl d Champions hip Ser ies in S pa in o n Au g ust 12. NAMED: T uc ker/ Rocky a nd Part s U n lim ited as excl us ive d istributors o f Vetter hel m e ts, RECUPERATING: Lo ng-t ime roa d racer H o ward Pi n kstaff, 69, underw ent success ful qu intuple by pass open heart .sur gery o n Frida y, June 29. Pin kstaff, fa ther of AMA Superbi ke co m petito r a nd fo rm er OM R RA Champion Keith P in kstalf, was di sch ar ged fro m th e CORRECTION: A p ho to ca p tio n on page 13 of last week 's issue in correctl y identified U.S. Twin Sports road racer Randy T exter , #8 1, as Matthew Winnacker , #91. NAMED: Mark Brown of Brookline, Ne w H a m psh ire, to th e Am eri can His toric Racing Motorcycle Associatio n (A H R MA) board of trustees; Brow n was elected to fill the u nexpi red term o f th e la te Tom l\IcG ill. For the pas t yea r , Br o wn h a s served as AHRMA MX coordi nator. HIRED: Fo rmer pro mo tocrosser Wa rre n Reid , by American H onda as field service rep resen tati ve for H o nd a's Power P rod ucts Division in New Yor k, P en n syl vani a , Dela wa r e and Mar yland. BORN: Karla Ann Ash e, daught er of Kaw asaki mo tocross race team suspensio n tech nicia n Rick Ashe and his wi fe R u th, in Anaheim , Cal iforn ia, J u ne 29. --------------------------------------------------------------------,I ISUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM . . I I I I T his is a renewal Please b ill m e 0 Bi ll 3 pa ym ents o f $ 11.67 0 Encl ose d is my check or money order . Charge m y 0 Visa 0 Mas tercard L' I I I 0 0 Name Address Ci ty State Zip _ ' ..... _ Signatu re Ord er Date Please start my su bscri p tio n to Cycle News: o Every week for o ne yea r (50 issu es) for $35.00 (can be bi lled 3 mo nt hly paymen ts) o Every week for two years (100 issu es) fo r $65.00 o Six m onths seco n d class (25 issues) fo r $18 .00 I L One year (50 issues). 2nd class Canada or Mexico an d all other foreign countries $75.00 (U.S. lunda). Firs. elm and airmai l rates avai lable upon requ est. . _ MC / Visa # _ _ Exp ira tion Date Send to : Cycle News, In c., P .O. Box 498, L o n g Beach, CA 90801-0498 213/427-7433 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - J

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