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; IN THE WIND ByPapa Wealey Defending 600cc National Dirt T rack Champion Chris Carr (H- D) continued his dominati on of events held at th e Peori a TT track as he set fast tim e; won the fastest heat of the da y, and then soared to th e win in the June 10 600 National TT at the Illinois faCility. Kevin Atherton (H -D) fin ished second and Rodney Farris (H -D) was third. e o O'l O'l - Czechoslovakian B oh u m il P os ledni (Suz) was the overall winner in round four of the AMA National Championship Reliability Enduro Series in Rose City, Michiga n , June 9-10. Posledni edged out Aaron Hough (Ka w) , who finished second overall and first in th e I 25cc class. Roun ding out the top five were Kurt H ough (Kaw), Kevin H in es (KTM ) and Dave Bertram (Suz). Larry Roeseler, Danny LaPorte and Ted Hunnicutt (Kaw) made up the overa ll winn ing team at the 420mi le SCO RE President e Baj a In terna cional off-road race, wh ich started and ended in Ensenada, Baj a California, Mexico, J un e 9. The R oeseler/ La Porte/ Hun nicutt team finished j ust over seven minutes ahead of Dan Smith and Danny H ammel (KT M). Finish ing thi rd were Bru ce Ogil vie and Chuck Miller (H on). Vet class winners Kenny Parry and Paul O stbo (Kaw) were fourth overa ll. Ohioan S te v e Mo r ehe a d (H -D) won the Expert mai n event at the 20th Annual Dayton O ld Time Newsies Half Mile, June 9. Dan Ingram (H on) ' was second and Rusty Rogers (H on) finis hed third. The J unior final was won by J ason Fletcher (W-R), and Georgie Price (W-R) topped the ProAm field. Pen nsylvan ia 's R y a n Young (Bet) won ro und six and fini shed third in rou nd seven of the AMA Nati on al Ch ampionship Observed T rial s Series in Douglas, Wyoming, June 2-3, and in doing so, wrapped up hi s third consecu tive National Ch ampion ship titl e. On Saturday, Young edged Mark Manniko (Fan) by 2.5 points, 43.5-45. Geoff Aaron (Ap r) was third, follo wed by Mark Cahill (Bet) and Kip Webb (Fan). The following day, it was Aaron capturing his first-ever-career victory with 34 points, while Manniko, aga in , finis hed second with 36. Young took third with 45 po ints , while Cahill and Webb rounded out the top five. Out of the total nine rounds in the series, a rider's five best performances count towards the series championship. Wit h five wins, You ng clinched the title . Scott Gray (Suz) won the th ird round of the WERA Formula USA Series at Firebird Internation al Raceway i n P hoen ix, Ar izona , June 10. Gray topped Rich Kirk (Yam) and Mike Smith (Suz) in winning his second race of the series. Smith leads Gray by one po int, 41-40, in the champions hip point standings . Mike Har th is third with 38 poi nts . The Human Race T eam (Yam) wo n the WERA Kerker/ SBS 6-Hour Endurance roa d race at Firebird Internatio na l R a cewa y, June 9. The H umans topped CAl Raci ng by five laps with Class Racing finis hing third. Road racer Paul Bray suffered a broken righ t leg during the WERA Pro Series event at Firebird Raceway. Malcolm Smith Product s has circu lated a dealer memorandum, dated Schwantz, Cadalora win Austrian GPs exan Kevin Schwanu won his second 500cc Grand Prix in a row during th e sixth rou nd of th e World Championship Road Race Series at the Salzburgring in Austria. T eam L ucky Strike Suzuki's Schw anu beat World Champion ship poi nt leader Wayn e Rainey (Yam ) by :561 of a second with Australian Michael Doo han (Hon) finish ing third. Pier-Fra ncesco Ch ili (H on) a.nd ~ i.all Mack~nzie (Suz ) rounded out th e top five fin ish ers. Ramey leads Schwanu by 24 points, 11 1-87. Doo han is third with 60 points. Alth ough he was scheduled to return to racing in Austria, four-time World Champion Eddie . Lawson did not compete. A thrilling 250cc GP saw Marlboro Yamaha Agostini's Luca Cadalora (at right) beat West G~rm an Martin Wimmer (Apr) by .489 of a second with John Kocinski third, 'YI!co Zeel ~n~erg (H on) four th and ~ein~old Roth (H on) fifth. The top five fin ished within the same second. Kocin ski leads Cadalora by 12 points in the champ ionship , 92-80, with Zeelenberg third with 78 points. T - ------ Name _ City Order Date State Zip he AMA Nati onal Ch ampionship Road Race Series round sched uled for Portland Internati on al Raceway (PIR) in Portland, Oregon , August 25-26, has been cancelled by th e Portland-based promoter, Global Events Group, promoters of other events at th e municipa lly-owned road race circu it. The race would have been the sevent h rou nd of the nine-round series. whi ch will now include just eight events . " We are disappointed in thi s decision by th e race orga ni zers, especia lly because it comes realistically too la te 10 adjust o ur schedule to open negoti ati ons with other interested parties," said Ron Zimm ermann, AMA vice president, professi ona l racing. "There is every reason to beli eve tha t the Portland market can and will suppo rt a major motorcycle event. Despite thi s setback, we rema in very interested in in creasi ng AMA's exposure in the Pacific Northwest." The Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association (O MR RA) has been in for med by PIR ma nager Dale La Follette that the August date would revert to them for their use as a club event . May 22, that said, "There have been some ugly rumors and lies circu lating abo u t Ma lcolm Smith Products (MS Racing) and we want all of you to know what the truth is abo ut our grea t compa ny. We are in bu sin ess and opera ting under Chapter II of the Federal Bankruptcy Law s. 100%of our su ppliers ha ve been tremendo us, and are shipping inventory so as 10 fill your orders. Our customers and supp liers have been very loya l a nd su pportive during these di fficult tim es. We have new prod ucts, exci ting plans for the future an d have solved th e problems of the last two a nd one-half years. Our sales staff of 24 are in the field wri ting orders. Both our Riverside, Califo rnia, and Gen eva , Ill inois, faci lities are operating. Thanks 10 yo u, we are her e to stay. We believe that the industry needs MS Racing and its prod ucts, and dedi cation 10 servi ce motorcycling. " H ere are more deta ils on the 2nd Annual Miss Mammoth Mountain MX contest we mentioned last week. The contest wi ll take place J u ne 30 at the Ocean Club, whic h is located in the Ocean Harvest restaurant in Mamm oth Lakes, Ca li fornia. The contes t wi ll be conducted during the third day of the Mammoth Mou n tain MX and will be bro adcast live by a local radio station. KMMT-106.3 FM. A to tal of $300 in cash pr izes will be awarded as well as many door prizes. Pro spective participants are enco uraged to ente r earl y, sending their nam e, address, and photo to: MMR D. Box 24, Mammoth La kes, CA 93546, ATTN: Ru ss Larsen / Ri ck Mill er. The co ntest is spo ns o re d by O cea n H arvest, Yam aha , Si erra Sa les, Ma m m o th Mountain Sport Shop, Bod y Gl ove, Kawasaki , and KMMT. Speaking of th e Mammoth Mountain M o t ocross, Kawasak i's Team Green · technicians, as well as the --- Address Portland·National Road Race cancelled T _ Team Green support tru cks, will be on ha nd for suspensio n tun in g and car buretor jett in g at both th e Old T imers MX event, June 16-17. and the regu la r Mammoth Moun tain MX , June 28-July I. T he techni cia ns will also be available at least one da y before each event . Emergency race pa rts will be for sa le af ter practice on race days on ly - the on ly excep tio n will be carburetor jets. M ini, Wom en a n d Vet E xpert class rid ers will all be competing for a sha re of the $20,000 Expert purse at the Mammot h MX. Entries are still available for all classes. T eam 25 Travel of Los Angeles is conducting an A ustralian Grand Prix tour, Sept ember 12-20. In addition to two days spe nt a t the Worl d Champio nship Roa d Ra ce Series round in Phillip Island, tour participa nts will have tim e to see the citi es of Melbou rn e and Sydne y. The tour costs $1699 per person, based on double occupancy. For more information, call 213/380-2904 . AT K Motorcycles has announced its lin eup of five new 350cc four-stroke MX and off-road motorcycles: Kick and electric start MX mod els wit h 2.2ga llo n gas tanks and lon g seats (sug! gested retail price of $4995 for the kick: start and $5995 for th e electri c); kiclt and electri c sta rt off-road mo dels with 4.7-ga llo n gas tanks ($5440 for the "kicksta rt , 6480 for the electric), and an electric start Cross Country model , whi ch includes a 4.7-ga llon gas tank , turn signals, headlight and taillight, brake ligh ts. and, acco rding to ATK. is street legal in some sta tes ($6480). A recent p ress release from Roa d Atl a nta in Braselton, Georgia, reported.that " By 1991, the track itself will have a new loo k. as p lans are underway 10 add a chicane on the o This is a renewal o P lease bill m e o Bill 3 paymen ts of $11.67 o En closed is m y ch eck or money order ~.~ Charge m y 0 Visa 0 Mastercard .... Si gnature _ _ MCiVisa # Please start my subscription to Cycle News: o Every week for one year (50 issues) for $35.00 (can be billed3 monthly payments ) o Every week for two years (100 issues) for $65.00 o Six months secon d class (25 issues) for $18.00 One year (SO inues), 2nd class Canada or Mexico an d all other foreign coun tries $75.00 (U.S. fun ds). First classand airmail rates available upon request. 2 _ Expiration Dat e Send to : Cycle News, Inc., P .O. Box 498, Long Beach , CA 90801-0498 213/427-7433 -------------

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