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T erry Kizer (SUl ) top ped Elmer T rett (ET) to win the Fun nybik e/ T op Fuel division of the first-ever IHRA Nationa ls excl usive ly for mo torcycles at Atco, New Je rsey, Sep tembe r 9-10. Kizer turned a 6.99-second run at 189.23 mph to defea t Trett, who went 7.08 at 200.66 mph. Ha ppy Rin g (H -D) wo n th e Top Fuell Harley-Davidson division, and Dave Schu ltz (Kaw) won in Pro Stock. fiY 'P~'P~ Wf~LfY J eff Ward (Kaw), J eff Stanton (Hon) and Mike Kiedrow ski (Hon) gave America its ninth Mot ocro ss des Nati ons Wor ld Ch ampion ship in Ga ildorf, West German y, on September 10. Tea m U.S.A. topped It al y's T ra m pas P ar ker (KT M), Michele Fanton (Suz) and Alessan d ro P uzar (Suz) by seven points, 4I I, for th e win. En gl and 's David T horpe (Hon) , J eremy Whatl ey (Suz) a nd J a mes Dob b (H o n) finish ed third wit h 15 points. Stanton led the American team with a I-I mo to tall y in the 2S0cc class; Ward turned in 1-8 finis hes in the SOOcc class; and Kiedro wski scored a 1-2 ta lly in the 12Scc portion of the event. Ward won the first 500/ 12Scc moto overa ll, and Sta nton topped bo th 125/250 a nd 2S0/S00cc rno tos overall. Randy Hawkins (Suz) was the overall winner of round 10 of the AMA National Championship Enduro Series in Winterset, Iowa, September 10. Hawkins. the series points leader, was followed by Terry Cunningham (Kaw). Kurt Hough (Kaw), Jeff Russell (Yam) and Jeff Fredette (Kaw). The series will take a seven-week break while many of the series competitors head to West Germany to compete in the 64th ISDE, September 25-30. Defending Natio na l Hare & H o und Ch ampion Dan Smith (KT M) was the overa ll wi nn er of th e sixth ro u nd of th e National Championship Hare & Hound Series in Maybelle, Col orado, September 10. Smith fin ished 10 seconds ahea d of local favorite Fritz Kadlec (Yam). Rounding o ut the top four were Garth Sweetland (H o n) and Larry Roeseler (Kaw), respectively. 2 On September 5, the national AMA office in Westerville, Ohio, was notified by the manager ofthe California Desert District of the Bureau of Land Management that District 37 off-highway competition permits were going to be suspended for 30 days. According to District 37's legislative officer, Dana Bell, the decision was made because the Bureau did not believe that it could meet the requirements set forth by the endangered species listing of the desert tortoise, and did not have sufficient time to consult with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as to what would be an acceptable level of "take" (the number of tortoises and/or tortoise burrows that m ight be directly effected by an event). Should there be an unacceptable " t a ke " on a BLM permit event, the Area and District Manager would be criminally liable. When a plant or an imal is listed as endangered, the Fish and Wild life Service (a federal agency) must be consulted if an activity might in any way affect the listed species. Any decision made must consider the opinion of the Fish & Wildlife Service. As of September 7, two permits for September 10 events - a District 37 Hare and Hound at Red Mountain. California. and an SCEC Family Enduro in Barstow. California had been suspended and the events canceled. According to BL M' s Ca lifo rnia Desert Distr ict Manager Gera ld H illi er, " We are firmly committed to pro tecting th e desert tortoise and its habi ta t, and we are wor king wit h the Fish and Wi ld life Service to identify meas ures to ensure their safety. H owever, we also recogn ize the value of publ ic lands for recreational activities, incl uding competitive events. T he Fish & Wildlife Service is bein g most coopera tive in wor king with us in a n a ttem pt to allow much of the racing seaso n with OHV areas to proceed." Alex Vieira, Jean -M ichel Mattioli and Roger Burnett (Hon) completed 610 laps to win the Bol d'Or 24-Hour endurance road race at the Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France on September 10. Second place went to American Fred Merkel. Canadian Mario DuHamel and Belgian Stephane Mertens (Hon) with Herve Moi neau, Therry Crine and Adriene Morillas (Suz) finishing third. The win gives Vieira the 1989 FIM Coupe D'Endurance World Championship. The H u m an Race T eam (Ya m) comp leted 826 la ps to win ro und II of the WERA/EBC Brakes Enduran ce Road Race Series, a twice redfla gged 24-hour ra ce a t Will ow Springs Int ern atio nal Raceway in Rosamond, Ca lifornia, Sep tem ber 910. Four-ti me winner Vance & Hines (Suz) fini shed second, 23 la ps beh ind th e lead ers, with T eam Suz u ki End urance (Suz) pl acing th ird , two laps behind Vance & H ines. T eam Sledge (Suz) too k the H eavyweigh t P ro d u ction class hon o rs, w hi le Bench Raci ng (Yam) won Medium- , weight Superb ike, Ba y Area Fast Bo ys (Su z) wo n Med iumweigh t P ro du ction and Vitesse Raci n g (Ya m) wo n th e Lightwei ght di vision . Barry Burke (Yam) defeated Paul Bray (Suz) and Kurt Hall (Yam) to win the WERA/Toyota/Dunlop Formula USA road race held in conjunction with the 24-Hour at Willow Springs, September 10. Chuck Graves (Suz) retired with Jimmy Button (Hon), Mike Young (Cag) and Steve Lamson (Yam) captured wins in the 125. 250 and 500cc Pro classes in round two of the CMC Trans-Cal MX Series at Glen Hell1n OHV Park in San Bernardino. California. Sep tember 10. Rex Staten (Hon) and Spud Wa lters (Kaw) topped the Vet Pro and 80cc Expert classes, respectively, for the second week in a row. LITT L E KNOWN FACT: 1989 AMA Nation al Supe rbike C ham p ion J am ie J ames' real first nam e is - Calby. Grand National Champion Scott Parker's tuner, Bill Werner. was presented a plaque by the St. Louis Auto Racing Fan Club at the Labor Day weekend Springfield Mile . Werner was honored for his machinery's success at the Illinois oval. Since the disq ual ification of Ca mel Pro Series co mpe titor Ta mmy Kirk , a t the Sp ringfield Mile (Kirk's engine displacemen t was pro tested and she refused to subm it the bi ke for measu reme nt), severa l racers h a ve stepped forward with opinions o n the su bject. " Her (H arley-Davidso n ) XR7 S0 ru ns di fferent heads tha n are normall y used and she's been under susp icio n for quite a wh ile. ' The probl em was, no o ne wa nted to be the person to pro test her. What if th e bik e turned o ut to be lega l? T hat would really emba rrass the guy who protested her," said a veteran Camel Pro Seri es co mpetitor wh o, like a ll, req uested ano nym ity. Most riders who spoke to us echoed the same sentiments. A former ra cer sa id, "T am my a nd her father Tommy are su per peo p le. But if you' re fam ili ar with the so ut hern stock car racing scene, . then yo u kn ow that going around th e ru les isn 't necessaril y regarded as chea ting. " Say it ain' t so, T ammy J o. The scheduled October 14 AMA 600 National dirt track at Devil's Bowl Speedway in Dallas, Texas, has been cancelled. However, the Annual Fall Motorcycle Rally and Races will be held on October 15. Featured will be an AMAsanctioned half mile with a $500 bonus to the first Harley· Davidson rider in the J r.l Expert main event. plus $300 to the main event winner, $200 minimum to win the cash dash, and $100 m inimum to win the Pro-Am final. For more information contact Bob Bagwell at 817/488-9133 or 502/4447593. ,T h ree-time AMA 250cc Grand Prix Cham pion J ohn Kocinski rod e a Yamaha YZRSOO to a 20-secon d win o ver Tada h iko Taira (Yam) a nd Nor ihiko Fujiwara (Yam) in a J apanese Nation al Championshi p road race at Suzuka, Sep tem ber 10. Rumors of Kenny Roberts switching from Lucky Strike sponsorship of his GP road race team to Marlboro are just that - rumors, accor Ing 0 I g . told you that? There's no truth "t o that at all. We've got things in the works. but it's too early to say anything about it," said the threetime World Champion . Speaki ng of K.R ., Kenny Roberts J r. called Cycl e News recently to ask di rections to Amago Raceway, a sou thern California go -kart track that feat ur es mi n i roa d racing. When asked when he was going to get on a big bike, the you th fu l Roberts rep lied, " I do n' t kn ow . He (his dad ) says I need more time o n thi s (a Yamah a YSRSO)." It looks li ke th e Kin g's groom ing ano ther o ne .. . The San Jose Mile Junior Invitational race will be followed by a Junior race at the October 7 Camel Pro Series Sacramento Mile at Cal-Expo. According to Bill Spencer. , plans for a special Junior race are also in the works; more on that next week. Do nnie H an sen will be cond ucting a special two-day motocross school for Vets and O ld-Timers at Perris Raceway in Perr is, Ca lifornia, o n October 28-29, o ne week prior to the Vet Nati on als. Additio na lly, he will host a school lo r a ll riders at the Santa Clara, Ca liforn ia , PAL track o n October 21-22. For additiona l informat ion, call 800/343- 8559. A press release from Two Brothers Racing touting Kevin Erion's winning the title on a Honda Hawk in the AMA Pro Twins Modified Production class brought a smile to Papa's face with lines like the following : "Disgruntled quacking could be heard in the pits . .. the Hawk was ready for unfettered flight and showed its tail-feathers to the other birds _ . . the litigous nature of some Americans became evident, and a protest was filed .. . Two Brothers Rae· ing appealed and the protest was thrown out of the nest." Fast ornithology. Former dirt tracker/road racer J eff H aney brok e his righ t tibia and fibu la in a street ridi ng accident o n northern Ca lifo rnia 's H ighway I o n Aug ust 27. Team Suzuki Endurance (Suz) won the Kerker Quick Pit Stop Competition, held in conjunction with the WERA 24-Hour West at Willow Springs, September 9 . Team Suzuki entered the pits, changed both tires, added four gallons of fuel, swapped riders, and exited the pits in one minute, 11 seconds, despite having to manually remove/replace the front axle when their air ratchet failed. For their efforts, they received the $500 winner's share of the $1000 purse. Cycle Racer (Hon) took second place and $300 with a time of 1 :21, while Johnson & Wood (Suz) took third place and $200 with 1 :54_ Both Vance ' 80 Hines (Suz) and Hyper-Cycle (Suz) were disqualified from the competition for minor pit infractions. T eam Motor Sport Yamaha fou nder and manager Malcom Hill was an i nv ited g uest of Yam aha Moto r Corpora tio n USA's ann ual dealer show held at the Ball y Resort H otel in R en o , Nevada , Se ptembe r 7. Mo to r Sport's AMA Nati onalwinning Yama ha FZR750 Superbi ke pilot ed by Richard Arn aiz and the FZRl OOO end urance machine ridden by Arnaiz and teammate P h il Kress were di sp layed in the main exhibit (Con tinued to page 4)

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