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gia. The Human Race Team's Kurt Hall a nd And y Fenwick (Ya m) fini sh ed second, with T eam CIA 's Scott Zampach, Gen e Burcham and Ch uc k Mathis (Yam) third overall and first in the Middleweight Superbike class. T eam Suzuki leads th e Human Race T eam in th e point sta ndi ngs, 174 to 146. Sco tt Russell (Suz) took the win in the Formula USA sprint race, followed by Paul Bray (Suz) and Ma rk Chin (Ya m). ~y 1>411>41 Wf~LfY of the bill's co-a ut ho rs are on th e powerful House Interior Committee. T ho se sa me preservationists know tha t a Senate bill, suc h as SII, ha s littl e cha nce of passing without Californ ia Senator Pete Wi lson's su p port. Multipl e u se ad voca tes across th e United Stat es are ur ged to wri te th eir co n gres sman imm edi atel y, protesting HR780. Congressmen 's names and ad dresses are listed in local phone boo ks. Wh ile Ca liforn ia desert recreationists are scra mbling to repl ace " No o n S7" stickies with th e 'new " No o n S II " stic kies, a new H ouse bill has co me in th e back doo r. HR780 was introduced on Februa ry 2 by Mel L evin e (D-Sa nt a Moni ca ) and already has 60 co-a u thors from across th e co untry. Identical ' to Senator Cranston 's S II (Ca li forn ia Desert P rot ection Act), Levin e's bill ca lls for th e clo sin g of 9.5 million acres of Californ ia desert to motorized recreation and multiple use in general. Preservati onists are boa sting that 13 Former Nationa l End uro Champ ion Terry Cu n n ing h a m ' (Ka w) was the overall w inner in round two of the AMA Na t ional Championsh ip Enduro Series in Maxeys, Georg ia , Ma rc h 19. Second place went to J eff Russell (Va m), t hird to Kurt Houg h (Kaw) and f o u rt h t o defend ing Natio nal Champion Randy Hawkins (S uz). Ro unding out the top five was Bryan Adams (Suz). T eam Suzuki's Mike Sm ith a nd Paul Bray (Su z) led from start to fini sh to win round two of the WERA/EBC Brakes National Endurance Seri es, a six-hour road race held at Roeb ling Road Raceway in Faulkvill e, Gear- Motocrossers Kenny Zahrt (left) and Sean Conley were recently awarded new Dodge trucks from the Continental Motorsport Club (C MC) for their outstanding performances during the 1988 CMC MX season. Zahrt received his truck for earning the most Pro points in the southern California reg ion, while Conley did the same in the northern part of the state. Will Da vis (H-D) topped Ch ris Carr (H- D) and Bob Sweeten (W- R) fo r th e Expert c lass w in at t h e $ 10 ,000 Tu rbo Blue Easte rn Reg io n a l Indoo r Short Trac k Championship held in Nashville, Tennessee, March 18 . M ike Mc Donnell (H-D ) won the J unior class and Bart Schmulbach (W-R) was the Pro-Am c lass winner. 'Oops! We erred in our co vera ge of the Daytona Camel Pro Series Short T rack wh en we listed Dan Ingram as fini shing fourth and T erry Poovey as pl acin~ fifth. Mari oneaux Raein g/ Sh oei /Flap Jon es/Ja ck Sisem ore/Wa yn e Willi am s/Dalla s H onda/Jer ry Stinchfield/Tsubakispo nsored Poov ey fini sh ed fourth and In gram was fifth. Ditto for the Camel Pro Seri es point standings tha t sho u ld hav e shown Po ovey fourth with II po ints and In gram fifth wi th 10. A c c o rd ing to Edd ie Lawson 's manage r Gary Howard, the threeti m e World Champion is " o kay. " Lawson, who broke a bone in his rig ht w rist and bru ised his palm in a test session crash at Suzuka in Japan on Monday, March 13, d id not return home to California as orig inally reported, but stayed in Japan to undergo therapy w ith noted physiotherapist Dean Miller. " I really don't have anything new except that Dean Miller le ft a message that said he's okay," Howard said on Monday, March 20. NAMED: Mark Hosbach, as eastern regional manager for JT Ra cing; Hosbach wi ll ca ll on key J T accounts on the eastern seaboard and will cover regional racing event s 'in a specia ll y equipped JT van ; dealers interested in having Hosbach visit their deal erships can call 619/421No Brakes Promotions has announced that they've received the go ahead from Sacramento, Californ ia's Cal-Expo to run 18 professional speedway races this season, starting Apri l 19. The races will run every Wednesday nig ht. For more info rma t io n, call 916/485-8619 or 489-0476. The AMA/ CCS ha s added two road race dates jo th e New H ampshi re Int erna tional Speed way (forme rly Bryar Mo torsports Park) schedu le, April 29-30 and May 13-14, a nd two meets have been dropped from th e schedule, September 30-0ctober I and October 21-22. due to track construction. The AMA/ CCS April 22-23 meet a t Phoeni x Interna tional Raceway (P IR) has been ca nce led due to a snag in co ntract ta lks be tween PIR a nd Volkswagen of America who hol ds a testing lease of the facility. Dr. John Wittner's Mo to Guzzi s howed u p for t he Ma rch 3 -12 Da ytona Cycle Week road races sporting so m e ne w in novations, . n ot the le a s t of w h ich w as a Weber/ Ma relli fue l-inject ion syst em . "I love it: ' said Wittner. "I used to have gas all over my hands f rom changing je ts a ll the t ime, but here I just tried three different settings and chose the one that worked best." The machine did have some teeth ing problems, however, the first of which was a rocker arm t ip hardness problem that was cured by hard welding and regrinding the parts. Rider Doug Brauneck's Pro Twins Grand Prix race was later hamperedby t he fork legs ru bbing on the fa iring lo w e rs and a raceending broken ca m belt . The bike h a d reported ly sucked some debris int o t he fa iring early in the week, so Wittner fitted add itional screen gua rds there. The Tulare Coun ty ' Agri-Center Show a n d Fes tiv al G rounds in Tulare, Ca lifornia, will be the site of the April 29-30 Vin tage Cycle Magazine West Coast Vintage Cycle Rally. A show, swa p meet and road rid e will be co nduc ted. For pre-entry bl anks, offering di scou nts , write Vintage C ycl e, P .O . Box 4134, Sonora, CA 93570, call 209/532-9563 (days), 209/ 586-5231 (evenings ), or Dave Hansen , 6841 Ventura Blvd. , Ventura , CA 93003, 805/656·6777 (days). Papa has a set of AMS/Fujii Team Super Flat Twin stickies that he will give to the first BMW fanatic who can explain the significance of the odd-shaped muffle rs on the K100 and K75 machines, and a lso explain why the concept could never be implemented on the Rseries twins. The earliest postmarked entry with the correct answers will receive the stickies. Send entries to Papa's Stickie , Cycle News lnc., P ,O . Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90801 -0498. The Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) is cur ren tly accepting entries for th e June 23·24 Molson Export Supercross to be held in the new Toronto's Skydome Stadium. April 5 is the deadline for regular entrie s at $60 per night. Each night's race features a $20,000 purse, with th e winner receiving $3000, p lus th ere is a $2000 bonus for the overall winner from both nights of raci ng. For more information contact the CMA at Box 448, Station B, Hamilton, Ontario L8L8C4, Canada, 416/ 522-5705. Chris Carr, the 600 National Champion, has pre-entered the Second Annual Honda Spring 600 National Short Track which w ill take place at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia, on Sunday afternoon, April 2 . Also on the pre-entry list are the likes of twotime Grand National Champion Ricky Graham, Te rry Poovey, Dan Ingram , Rod ney Farris, Garth Brow and Georgia's own Tammy Kirk. Adva nce ti c ke ts are available at partic ipating dea le rs in the metro a reas of Atla nta, Columbus and Macon, Ge org ia , a nd C hatta no o g a, Te nnessee, a nd Greenville , Sout h Carolina . Advance t ickets are $1 0 each, race day t ickets w ill be $1 5 at the gate. For more inform a t ion , c a ll 404 /926- 5315. The Na tio na l Motorcycle Patrol is. look in g for ma ture riders wh o are interested in pa trolling ha re scra mble and end uro events, a nd nonriders to ma n the base sta tion ; to provide first ai d assistance. Applicants must have a basic first aid certifica te, knowl edge of CPR, a nd be wi ll ing to donate their time. For additional informa tion, write th e Nat ional Mo torcycle Patrol, P.O . (Co ntinued to page 4)

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