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--- ~- ------------- Riders Championship speedway event in Belle Vue. Manchester. England October 9. Pederson topped fellow countryman and Cradley teammate Erik Gundersen. while another Dane. Hans Nilsen. beat England's Chris Morton in a runoff fo r th ird . Shawn Moran was the top American at f ifth. and American Ronn ie Currey was a point behind in s ixth . Kelly Moran. the only other Americ a n in the event. finished 11 th o '" O"l . ~ .... Q.) ..0 .o ..., u o fiY p~p~ Wf~LfY ""--.., z -c ::2 c w a: u.. :I: ~ ~ )0- m en o .... o :I: 0.. Newly crowned Grand National Champion Scott Parker had a busy day after winning the Sacramento Mile and the title Saturday night. Parker partied until sunrise. took part in a photo session displaying his title-winning riding style and new Number One plate - in the morning. showed his non-title-winning form at bat as the Harley-Davidson team got trounced by a Honda team in softball in the afternoon. and capped the day by attending the Camel Pro party that night. tively wasn 't brak e checking.·He lost th e dr ain plug to th e crankcase, crea ting a n air leak, and wh en he let off th e throttle it would lock up. He was just trying to get th rou gh . th e race a nd win. H e was in th e lead a nd taking th e sam e lin es he'd been taking all da y as he moved up from the back." The Human Race Te a m (Yam ) won round 13 of the WERA Tsubaki/GS Battery Nationa l Endura nce Road Race Series in India napol is. Ind iana. October 9 . The Humans topped Tea m Suzu ki (S uz) by 1-minute. 1 6-se c o nd s w it h both teams completing 201 la ps. Third place went to 5150 Racing (Suz ) w ith ·1 9 6 laps . Roya le Racing (S u z) and CIA Racing (Ya m ) rounded out the top ' five fin ishers. Steve Lu cero (G M) won th e Coors National Speedway Ch ampionship at th e Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California, October 8. Lucero won hi s first four races and by doing so wrapped up th e cha mpionship with 12 points early in th e program . British expa tria te Phil Collins (Wes) finish ed second with I I points, and Sam Erm olenko and Bart Bast (Wes) bo th scored 10 points with Ermolen ko .bea tin g Bast in a runoff fo r th ird placehonors, Earlier in th e week, on October 5, Ermolenko won the Budw eiser California State Ch ampion ship at San Bernar din o 's Inl and Motor Speed way. Bobb y Schwartz (G M) fini sh ed second and Mik e Faria (Gd n) was third in th at event. Japa n 's Tadahiko Tai ra (Yam) beat Christian Sarron (Ya m) to wi n the 500cc c lass at the Big Road Race in Sugo. Japan on October 9 . Th ree-t ime World ' Champion Eddie Lawson (Ya m ) was not among the leaders in t he ra in -sodden event. The Formula One c lass at Sugo was won by Australian Michael Doohan (Yam) w ith Texan Doug Polen (S u z) finishing second . The Formula Two class was won by two-time AMA 250cc National Champion John Kocinski (Yam). 2 In last week's coverage of the CMC / Dodge Trucks Tra ns-Ca l Series round at Adelanto, Ca lifornia, Scott Brown wasn't given -the chance to respond to brake-checking claims mad e by Craig Davis after the seco nd 500cc Pro class moto. According to Bob Brown, Scott's father , the bik e ':Vas seizing and " Sco tt mo st posi- T yson Vohland (Kaw) was th e big winner at round five of the CMC / Dodge Trucks T rans-Cal Series hel d a t Arg yll' Cycl e Park . in Dix on , Cal if ornia , O ct ob er 9. Vohland topped Jon Nelson (Hon) and Ri ch Myth en (Hon) in th e 500cc Pro class, and bea t Mike Youn g (Cag) a nd Ty Davis (Suz) in th e 250cc divi sion . Kyle Lewis (Hon) won th e 125cc Pro class over Davi s and Young, while Buddy Antunez (Suz) too k th e 80cc Expe rt h onors a nd Ron Turner (Ho n) LOpped th e Vet Pro cla ss. KTM has signed three ride rs to . factory contracts for the 1989 motocross. desert and endu ro season. Californ ian Todd Campbell w ill ride in selected motocross events and campaign the AMA National Championship Hare & Hou nd Series. while Georgian Allen Gravitt w ill ride in t he AMA National Championsh ip Enduro Series. Kev in Hines. the 1987 Nat io na l Enduro Champion. has yet to s ign for w hat would be his th ird year with the company. Bobby Moore w ill head to Europe. once again. to compete in the World Championship 125cc MX Series for KTM. It is a lso rumored that former 125 and 500cc National Champion Broc G lover is ' negotiating w ith KTM to campaign the 1989 500cc MX GP circuit. Canada and possibly Belgium to compete" in the October 23 CVRG/AHRMA Vintage MX at Sandh ill Ranch in Brentwood. California. on October 1 6 and October 23. The first date will be devoted to vintage trials. hillcl imb competition and exhibition f lat track racing. while the foll ow ing Sunday w ill fe at u re the fifth round of the CVRG MX Series. The Becker Lyon BMW Stream liner, powered by a Luftmeister turbocha rged KIOO motor, set a new SABIOOO reco rd a t th e Bonnevill e Salt Flat s o n Monday, October 3. R un n in g without its body panels, the streamliner turned in a run a t 191 mph and backed tha t up with a 203.908 to break the old record of 183.586 with a two-run average of 197.121 mph. Rid er/design er Kenn y Lyon said, " I know we can get th e unlimited motor cycle land sp eed record whi ch is current ly 318 mph. I am hopin g we can get addition al su p po rt from BMW. The liner 's potential has been , so far , unlimi ted. We can rewrite th e record books for BMW if given th e opportunity." The Luftmeister motor was spo nsored by Brown Mo tor Works, a BMW motorcycle deal er in Pom ona, California. The n inth round of the AMA Natio na l Championship Enduro Series in Reddi ng. California . October 9 . was canceled due to t he lack of ra in and the resulting dry and pote nt ially dangerous conditions in the Redding area . According to the AMA. the event will be rescheduled but not as a Nationa l points paying event. Six-time National Mot ocross Champi on Glover says the rumors of him signing with ~TM for an assa ult on th e 1989 World Championship Series are inaccurate. " As of now I have nothing," Glover sa id. ' 'I' m still looking LO co mpete in the U.S., and I'm just wai ting to see who 's inter- . ested. I can say that th ere is a good chance my care er with Yamaha is co ming to an end." Gl over recently moved from hi s long- tim e hom e of EI Cajon, California, to th e coas ta l town of Del Mar, Cal ifornia. Dan Smith (Hus) was the overall w inner of the October 9 Check Chase Hare & Hound at Means Lake. California . Larry Roeseler (Kaw) was second overall. Charlie Moors (S uz) was th ird overall and tops in the 250cc cl as s . and Eric Ha lgath (Ya m) w o n t he 125cc class. Tony H endon (ATK) was th e overa ll winner in round 10. of the AMA National C hampionship H are Scrambles Series at Millvi lle, Minnesota, October 9. Second p lace went to Four-Stro ke class rider Scott Summ er s (H a n ), w hi le Duane Conner (Yam ), Jim Stanfield (Kaw) and Tim Newell (H on ) rounded out th e top five. The America n Motorcycle In stitu te in Da yton a Beach , Fl orid a, wi ll m ake it s se rvice sho p faciliti es ava ilable LO licensed racers in need of a place to work after Dayton a International Speedway clo ses durin g th e October 28-30 AMA/CCS . P ro-Am road race meet. The AMI shop will be open at 6 p.m. , Friday and Saturday nights, and will remain open as long as necessary . If you p lan to use th e facilities, stop by AMI be tween 6 and 7 p.m. to make arrangements. AMI is located outside the Speedway and is accessed by the airpo rt entra nce road . It is the last building on th e right before the airport. Denmark's Jan Pederson was the winner of the British League Dick Mann tells us he expects " rid e rs from England. Australia. As promised last week. here 's a pic of John Savitski and Vivian Chadbourne becoming Mr. and Mrs. Savitski. Savitski, a former National MX competitor who now operates S tadium Dirt Designs. and the former Miss Camel Pro were married in Pennsylvania on October 1 . Yep. that's the Czar of Motocross. Bevo Forte. in the background. The Arizona Desert Racing Associa tio n (ADRA) is seeking volunteers for th e BLM Co nserva tio n Project '88. The trail building project which will take p lace in the Table Top Mountain Wi lderness Area betw een Casa Gr ande and Gila Bend , Arizona. Saturday, November 19, will be devoted to marking and clearing trail and Sunday, November 20, will offer an opportunity for the volunteers to participate in a fami ly trai l ride on old mining roads away from the (Continued to page 41)

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