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That yesterday was now , and tomorrow a place I' d already been . It was th e Fourth of Jul y only a f ew da ys ag o. W e w er e watch ing a parade on th e wide boulevard, brass-a -dru m bands and trick dogs and clowns and prett y girls in shiny cars from th e T went ies and Fift ies. And M otorcycles, a grand uniformed stun t and drill team with our Stars and Str ip es. Those Victor McLaglen Mot or Corps riders on th eir black-&-white ma chines, Harleys all ou i of a gl orious past. Some bikes were older than others. Th ere were k ick starters, hand shi fters and exotic sp ringer fo rks. a rem iniscence that took m e back to a dream y era. I was a kid again with a little cloth flag , sitting on a curbstone waving th e R ed-White-is-Blue, wonderin g when I'd ride lik e those fin e m en of the Corp s. How elegant they were! How fanta stic th eir motorcycles! What con trol and grace was all th eirs w ithout effort! And I im agi ned right then a time far in th e future, with me on a bik e of my w ildest dream s. Eighty cubic inches. with · E ighty gleam ing spokes! Belt dri ve and · stepped seats, a bobbed rear fender! Harley-Davidson 's 85th Anniversary Springer Sojtail! With its brand new old fork , all chrome and pure union with the '88 bike! A nd when I rode this motorcycle dream , this figment of th e past made real, I saw m yself in its headl ight casin g - above its bars and risers and brilliant coilspring crowns. Th e world warped by in a chro m iu m sp here, driven by th e beat of th at thunderous V2. Th is was it! Yesteryears brought back again, im proved upon, made perfect with this sprin ger fork update today! I rode on into smooth lean ing tu rns and long glidin g stretches. And th e m iles and years fell beh ind until I didn 't know anymore if it was th e Eighties or th e Fort ies. The decades blended th e newest w ith th eir best. It was an ultimate in riding, a tim e mach ine that w ork ed, an d kept on workin g. A nd ur hen :I glanced in to m y mirrors I saw a boy th ere in m y place, th e one wa tchi ng th e parade as it passed down th e street. Th e litt le ki d I had once been. And always will be. 'L ong as th ere's th is past I can ride int o the fu ture. I I William Edgar r-----------------------------------------------------------------, I · . . SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM . . . I, I I I, I: I .I Ii . . Name_-=-;:-:-::-;:-:=:-:-::::-::-:~::c--------------------(P LE ASE PR INT C LE A RLY I Address I:' C ity I' Order Date: I II II I I I I I I L ---, _ -.,. Sta t e -LZ ip _ ----,._ _ -'-_ ~ o T his is a re new al o Please b ill me o Enclosed is chec k or m o ne y o rde r · C ha rge m y 0 Vis a 0 Ma ste rc ard I.l~ :~ ~ __. ~~ I~ _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o every week for one year (50 is s ue s ) for $32.50 o every week for two years (100 is s ue s ) for $60.00 .0 six months second class (2 5 iss ue s ) for $17.00 One year (50 issues). 2nd class Canada or Mex ico and all other foreign countries $63.00 (U.S. funds). First class and airmail fates available upon request . S ig na t u re --''-- _ ·1 M C /V isa # _ _-'- _ Exp ira t io n Date I' _ Send to : CYCLE NEWS, Inc., P.O . Box 498 ,' Long Beach , CA 90801 -0498 / 1 1 J3 (213) 427-7433 •

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