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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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ake'em up with a heritage of permanent memories of the best moments in motorcycle racing, treasured in rich color. he new art of Mylagrafy makes these original art masterpieces affordable LO you, th e reader of Cycle News. Masterp iece: An original . work of art done by a master of that art. O ri ginal: Not a reproduction . Multip le Original: H andmade, one-ofa -kin d etch ing, sto ne lithogra ph of Mylagraf y su pe rvised by th e artist at every phase. Produced in ed itio ns no t more than 375. Signed and numbered by th e artist. Mylagrafy is to co nven tio nal printma kin g techn iq ues what Co m pact d iscs are to hi-fi. Wh en magnified, th e di ffere nce is obvious. Mylagra fy rende rs th e pure stroke of th e artist's instrumen t a nd th e exact "tooth" of th e m ylar that he is d rawing on . No ca mera inter ven es. Mylagrafs are multipl e origi na l works' of a rt. Muney Back Guarantee \\If' a re su re Supercross will deli ght the dirt riding co n tingen t as much as Isl e or Man and Daytona impresses th e road racers, so Cycle News is offeri n g th e sa m e guarantee: Your money w ill be co m p letely refunded if your are not totally sa tisfied with yo ur brand n ew fine art print. r------------------------------------------------, ORDER COUPO . $72.00 $72.00 Daytona Super cross $72.00 BoIO'O r Pa ul Ricard Isle of Ma n Plrasr rush me th e p rin I s I haur ci rcled . Mo il th is or der 10: Mylagraf Print c/o Cycle News. Inc. P.O. Box 498 Long Beach, CA 9080 1-0 498 l OX Ma gnifica tio n Conventional reprod uction. S atisjuction g u nrn nt rrd o r r O ll r II/O/If)' back. L n) . .. Name (please print cle ar ly ) Addr ess .City _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ State Zip Phone ( _ _ ) --;---- -- -- - oICA res. add 6%.enclosed (check or m on ey orde r. payab le to Cycl e News ) Paym ent LA County res . add .SY.z%) o Charge my VISA 0 Charge my MasterCard Ch ar g e Customers: Card No. Expir at ion Date Signature ~ ~ W e must have com plete account nu mber end card expi ration date . _ J

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