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November if doctors okay it. ''I'm obviously in no lackluster physical condition, now I just have to get on my motorcycle. I have to be involved in something and riding the bicycle keeps me in shape and keeps me competing." Toshi Nishiyama. the popular rider who for years has been the sole Japanese entrant in the ISDE, suf· fered a severe concussion when he hit a car head-on on the fifth day of the recently concluded Six Days in Italy. Nishiyama was hospitalized for four days and upon being released from the hospital spent a couple of days resting at the Franco Acerbis's house in Bergamo, then attended the Cologne (West Germany) Show before flying home to Japen. ~ 00 M Q.) ..0 8 u o ~y P.AP~ Daytona (Florida) International Speedway on October 18-19. Highlighting the weekend will be the Paul Revere 250, the final round of the AMA!MotoWorld U.S. Endurance Championship Series, and the Championship Cup Series Races of Champions which will determine sprint race champs. The 20,oooPauJ Revere was postponed after it W<;lS rained out in July, and it replaces the Six Hours of Daytona, the usual fall endurance race at the Florida speedway. Ticket info is available by calling 904/2546767. Wf.ALfY While driving in a small town in Italy -during the recent Six Days, motorists were stuck in a traffic jam when a shepherd led his flock of sheep on to the street. One of the sheep had a Smith Goggle sticker on its forehead. r---------,---,-~,........,II: Yamaha rider Brian Myerscough claimed d9uble·cl~ss wins during round four of the CMCIDodge Dakota Trans-Cal MX Series at Baylands Raceway, Fremont, Califomia. September 2B. Myerscough went 3-1 in the 125cc Pro class beating Willie Surratt (Hon) and Bader Manneh (Yam). Myerscough swept both 250cc Pro motos, finishing ahead of Jeff Stanton (Yam) and Tommy Watts (Kaw). Watts topped the 500cc Pros after trading moto wins with Stanton. Willy Simons (Hon) finished third. Billy Grossi (Yam) continued to dominate the Vet Pro class with a 1-1 sweep. while Jimmy Gaddis (Suz) also went 1-1 to capture the BOcc Expert class win. w j w :::> a car given to his brother David by father Arthur as a birthday present and the car collided with a motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction on a highway near the Lancashire-North Yorshire border. David Lampkin suffered shock and whiplash and a passenger, trials rider James Snowden, suffered serious internal injuries. The rider and passenger on the motorcycle were killed. ::E ::E ~ >III 5 :I: a.. Irate at a reckless Italian motorist, American Duane 'Summers reached in a Iunch bag and grabbed an apple; leaned out the passenger window, and threw the apple at the car ahead of him. " ... but it didn't even come close," said Summer. "The apple curved and hit an oncoming chase rider square on his helmet. The apple splallered all over our windshield as he rode by." Ben Lewis, owner of Lewis' Husky Bam in Perrysburg, Ohio, passed away on September 22 after a long bout with cancer. Ben was an AMA Congressman and a longtime member of the Maumee Valley Riders M.C, He is survived by his wife Pat, daughters Pat Ann, Connie and Brenda, and sons Joe and Terry. His wife. Pat, will continue to run Lewis' Cycle Bam. Shobert's $40,000 bonus from the Camel Pro Dirt Track Series puts him in fourth on the all-time point fund earning list behind Jay Springsteen ($144,000), Ricky Graham ($134,600) and Randy Goss ($121.900); Shobert has earned $115.700. CIl II: W :I: ~ :::> II: II: 5 ..J :::> ~ >CD ~ o :I: a.. Fritz Kadlec, the top American in this year's ISDE in Italy, was also spectating at the Motocross des Nations. ''I'm going to get into more of this motocross." said Kadlec. "Can you believe how fast our guys go 7 Unbelieveable," said Kadlec. ~an Smith and Larry Roeseler, both ndlllg Husqvarna 510 four-strokes finished one-two in the 30th Annual hamrocks Hare & Hound in Fremont, California, on September 28. The September 27 WERA/EBC National Endurance Road Race Series round at Oklahoma's Hallett Raceway was won by Solmax Racing by a margin of just 40 seconds over runner-up Team Hammer. Dwayne Palmer and Terry Bailey turned in 231 laps aboard the Solmax Racing Yamaha FZ750, as did Peter Carroll and Doug Toland who rode the Team Hammer Suzuki GSXR1100. The Yamaha FZ600 of Team Hard To Beat with Sam McDonald and B.B. Montemayor handling the riding finished third with 227 laps. 2 World Championship Observed Trials Series competitor John Lampkin, a member of ,England's bestknown off-road family, suffered a broken femur in an automobile! motorcycle accident on Saturday, September 13. Lampkin was driving Spectating at the Motocross des Nations in Italy wa former ational and World Champion MXer Danny LaPorte, who was a member of the American team the first year it won the event in 1981. ''I'm living the lifestyle of the rich and famous," aid LaPorte, who has been residing in Sun Valley, Idaho. "I've been riding mountain bikes with Broc Glover back home, and my wife and I spend some time with her parents here in Italy. I'm also looking for a sponsor [or the Paris to Dakar race. That's something [,d really like to do." Bubba Shobert picked up $65,000 in Camel Pro Series point fund money following the September 27 Sacramento (Cali[ornial Mile, the final round of the '86 series. First-place III the Camel Pro Dirt Track Series paid Shobert $40,000, while the Camel -Challenge Cup gave him another $25,000 for being the top combined point scorer in road race and dirt track events. Scott Parker's second place in the dirt track series was worth $24,000, while Doug Chandler earned $18,000. Chris Carr ($15,000) and Ricky Graham ($13,000) filled out the top five. Going into Sacto, there was a tie for ninth between Pete Hames and Steve Eklund; Hames earned the $7000 for ninth while the final payoff went to Eklund, at 6000. CIl II: w :I: ~ :::> II: II: 5 ..J Team Yamaha's Broc Glover hasn't raced a motorcycle since April because of a wrist injury, but his extensive bicycle training paid off when he won the 50-mile Rosarito Beach to Ensenada bicycle race on September 27 in Baja California, Mexico. Glover, who also competed as part of a team put together by the Kawasaki motocross department tha t incl uded Jeff Ward and Mike Bell, completed the 50-mile, 12,000 entry race in 1:55; Glover has been riding bicycles 250300 miles a week during his wrist rehabilitation period. "It was neat," Glover said. "A bunch of motocross gu ys did good." Glover wasn't sure of the team's placing but thought that Ward and Bell finished in the top 10. Glover has scheduled a return to motocross at theTokyoSupercross in :::> The Rus Darnell MX School slated to be held at Glen Helen, California, on October 4-5 will now take placear Lo Angeles County Raceway in Palmdale, California. Darnell reports that the MX champ of India, Ajay Bafna, recently spent some time in California training with Darnell. ~ ~ ~ o :I: a.. Most of the Americans who were in Italy with Team USA at the Motocross des Nations were in for a special treat on Monday, September 22 - Roger DeCoster had arranged a tour of the Ferrari plant in Italy. "I'm really thinking about buying a Testarossa, and now I can see how they put them together," said David Bailey. The Eighth Annual Daytona ProAm road race meet will be held at Two-time Grand National Champion Dick Mann has announced

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