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SCHWARZ01TS Su. ...", EI' Da vi d Schwarzott was the w inner i n the Stadium Motorsports f an desi g ned o bstacl e contest f or t he Nippondenso Supercross series opener in Anahe im (C alifo rni a) Stadiu m o n January 1 8 . For t hose who want to see more racing , the Anaheim Supercross on January 18 in Anaheim, Ca lifornia, will have two 125cc heats and two off-road car heats starting at 7:00 p.m . The regular racing program that includes the 250cc qualifying heats and main, the 125cc main and the off-road car main w ill begin at 8:00 p.m , Steve Pitts of La yton, U tah collected $500 in p rize mon ey and a $ 100 bon us for win ning th e Duralube Pit Stop SIOOO C ha lle nge. held Friday. Ja n ua ry 10 in State Li ne, Nev ada. T h e co m petitio n was held in co nj u nction with th e tech inspecti on a nd registratio n for Wh iskey Pete 's Wor ld Champ io nsh i p Hare and H o und III. Pitts an d hi s cre w too k to p h on o rs by sto p p ing th e time rs at 52.9 seco nds for a si m u la ted desert race pit stop. including cha nging th e rear wheel , Second p lace m on ey of 325 went to Nevada 's co tt Morris a nd hi s crew, wh o sto pped th e clock a t 55.3 seconds. Other win ners included Pete Sh eehan of Kingman . Arizona ( 150). a nd Joanna Brownell of Canyon Country, Californ ia ( 65). . Organizers of the La Carrera Mexican road race want to hear from Expert riders who would like to compete in the second annua l coast-to-coast classic for singlecy linder motorcycles. The race will begin on Highway 3 at San Felipe the morning of May' 3 , and will conclude 145 miles later at Ensenada in Baja California. Racing will i ncl ude a Dual Purpose class, a Cafe /Street division, a Vintage class and Sidecar competition. En- tries w ill be by in vi t ati o n o nly , but all i nt ere sted Expe rt ri der s should write fo r re gist rat io n i nf ormat io n as so o n as possible . Write to: La Ca rre ra , 3049 Laurel Ca n yo n , Stud io City, CA, 91604. Ri d er s also may phone 213 /464- 5720 or 818 /703-5083 . A specia l fund -ra ising ben efi t auction for injured morocrosser Da nn y Cha nd ler will be h eld at the An ahei m upercross a t Ana hei m Stad iu m in Anah eim , Californ ia on J an ua ry 18. Locat ed ou tside o f Gate 10 by the fun zon e. th e a uc tio n will begin at '1:00 p.m. and run until 6:00 p.m . Items for aucti on will in cl ude new accrs soabiiia a nd all ries and rid er mem or purchases a rc tax deductible: for more information contact th e Pro Rider Ben ef it F u n d a t 8 181i8i-3497 o r i J.I/ 240-8334. The annual Bonneville Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah will take place on August 1623 this year. The Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA) will conduct a weekend of speed runs on July 26-27, providing Speed Week-bound competitors an opportunity to fine-tune for the Salt Flats' big week the fo llowi ng month. SCOIl Parker, who finished third in 1985 Camel Pro Series points, has sig ned with H arl ey-Dav idson for th e 1986 season. Park er 's a i rt tracker s will agai n be tended to by tu ne r Bill Wern er a nd mech anic John Par ker. Pa rker. w a wo n th e Indian apolis Mile and acra rne n to Mil e last Y ear, sa id . " Ea rl y in the season wf' couidn 't keep th e H ondas in sig h t. Bu t o ur eng i neers a nd tuners fo u nd so me more horsepo wer an d then we co u ld stay in th e H onda 's draft. T he Hon das still ha ve a slig h t edge on wid eope n tra cks. T hey drive o ff th e corners a littl e faster a nd go faster on the straights. Bu t my Harley pu ts th e p ow er to th e g ro u nd be tter and that lets me go into co rners five to eigh t bik elengths deeper. taking a way th ei r power a dva nt age. I ca n ma ke the transi tion bet ween power-o ff and to power-o n q uicker a nd eas ier. T h is gives us a defin ite adva ntage wh en tra ct ion g-et s lo o se. " T h ree- ti me Gra n d Na tiona l C ha m p io n J a y Sp ri ngs teen an d 1985 Camel Pro Series Rooki e of th e Yea r Chri s Carr ar c cu rren tly negot iat in g co n tracts wit h H arl ey-Davidson. Both arc expected to sig n with the Milwaukee-ba sed manufactur er within th e next few weeks. Tw o-tim e G rand National C ha m pi on D ick M ann is the man to co n t act if y ou 're i nt erest ed in competing i n the Daytona Vintag e on Monday, March 3 . "We'll be racing o n the supe rc ross t rack at D aytona, but we'll eli m in ate thing s li ke double j u m ps," said Mann. "Bikes man ufact ured up to and inc ludi ng 1 9 7 4 are eli gible, but suspen sion travel is lim it ed to four i nc hes rear and sev en inc hes f ront. T his isn ' t a concou rs , so t he bikes d o n't have to be show pieces." Fo r more info, call M ann at 4 15/ 234-6556 . - Whiskey Pete's World Championship Hare a nd Hound III winner Dan Smith was inadvertently omitted fro m the H usq va rn a desert/off-road team lis ted in our January 15 issue . (Contin ued to page /9) Former Ha rley-Da vidson factory d irt trac ker Rex Bea uch a m p . 35, ' who won four Na riona ls between 1973 a nd 1976. wan ts to go racing this year. T he Dray ton P la in s, Mich igan . reside n t retired from din tra cking in 19i8, bu t is now interested in competing- in Came l Pro Series mile even ts, H e'll acce p t co llect ca lls from po tent ia l sponsors/bike owners in the even ing and on Saturda y at 3 13/ 6i3 -5450 . World C ha m pion road racer Fredd ie Spencer has been voted Rider of the Year by the readers of Solo Moto, a Spanish weekly motorcycle newspaper. Spencer garnered 5786 votes to score a runaway victory i n the annual balloting over Australian road racer Wayne Gardner, who received 579 votes. Cali fornian Randy Mamola was third with 507 votes. 3

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