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· ~ ~THD ~ 00 BY P4lPli WfliLfY 0") ........ Jeff Ward (Kaw) swept both the 250 and 500cc Pro classes at the open ing round of the CMC/Skoal Bandit Golden ........ . State Nati on a ls. J anuary 5. a t Quail >- Ca n von in G orman . Californi a . Kawasaki-mounted ~on Lechi en.fin ~ ish ed second til the 2:>Occ.dass WIth a ~ 2-2 sco re. while Jim Ho lley (Ya m). R uss Wagema n (Ya m) a nd George ~ Ho lla nd (Suz) ro unded out th e top five. Wageman al so took second in ~ l!") 8 the 500cc class. Willie Surratt (Hon) used a 1-2 score to capture the I25cc Pro overall; beating Erik Keh oe (Suz), Bobby Moor e (Suz), Larry Bro ok s (Ha n) a nd J eff L c-isk (H o n) . Co m plete coverage ne-xt week . Fiv e-time ice racing c hamp ion Garth Brow had a perfect night Friday. January 3 a t t he o pening round of the AMA 1986 Indoor Ice Racing Series. held in Ft . Wayne. Indiana. Brow won each of h is five heat races and also won the main event. Eddy Morris finished second and Mike Rhodes crossed the fin is h line in third place. All three Michigan riders were aboard motorcycles built a ':ld tuned by Byron Molloseau. Tea m Obsolete of Brookl yn . New York will ente r an ex-wor ks AJS 7R3 "Triple Knocker" in the 1986 Da ytona Hi storic Race. The Dayton a o uti ng wi ll be th e first race for th e machi ne in 31 years. The AJ S 7R3 set sev eral world speed reco rd s a t Montlhery. Fra nce in 1953. and was ridden to victor y in th e 1954 Isle of Man Jun io r TT by Rod Co leman. T he motorcycle is powered by a 350cc sing le-cy linde r eng ine with three valves and three ca ms. Kees van der Ven (KTM) turned in an iro nman performance in the second round ofthe Flo rida Winter AMA MX Series at Cocoa's Diamondback Raceway on Su nday. Janua ry 5. The Dutch Natio nal Cha m pion won both 30-min ute motos of the 500cc Pro class and dueled with Bob Hannah (Suz) in the 250cc Pro class. Hannah won both motos with van der Ven second in each. Rodney Barr (Kaw) turned in a 2-1 day in the 125cc Pro class to top Ron Tichenor (Ka w ). who lo g ge d a 1-2 tally, for the overall win. KTM's Kevin Hines a lso turned in a n iron man performan ce by winning both 250cc B a nd both 500cc B motos a t Diam ondback Raceway o n Saturday. J anuary 4. a nd th en taking th e overall win in the Florida Trial Riders Hare Scramb les Series round a t Lake Wales on Sunday , J anuar y 5. Honda's Johnny O'Mara severely twisted his left knee during the Golden State National opener. According to Honda MX race team manager Dave Arnold, O'Mara was able to bend his knee approximately 90° before leaving the track that day but was in much pain. The seriousness of the injury is not yet known . and whether or not he ' ll be able to compete in the Supercross series opener in Anaheim, California, January 18, is u nce rt a in . Pro motocrosser and Motocross Action magazin e Assistant Ed itor Ed Arn et broke a number of bon es in hi s hand a nd hi s sevent h cervica l vertebr ae in a cra sh at Perris Racewa y in Perris. Californ ia on J anuary 5. Alth ough the re is no sig n of paral ysis, Arn et was admi tted to th e Riverside Genera l H ospital in Riverside. California and put in tracti on under intensive care. Doctor s are co ncered about floating bon e ch ips in his neck. Former Grand National Motocross Champion David Bailey was admit- 2 ted to 'a hospital December 30. after becoming severely ill while vacation ing in Hawaii. "I was out jogging when I got rained on. " said Bailey. " W he n I stopped. I had to wait outside for a little wh ile and I" got chilled . I guess my resistance was down. and I got rea lly sick when I got home. I became delirious and dehydrated and I went to the hospital. They put IVs in me and everything . I got out of the hospital the next morn ing . and I feel much better now." The Houston Supercross, which tradit ionally takes place in April. will now run o n th e sam e weekend as th e AMA/ Cam el Pro short tra ck Februa ry 1-2. The short tra ck happens on Saturday beginning a t 8:00 p.m., while th e Supercross tak esplace on Sunday start ing at 2:00 p.m. . According to figures released by the 49th International Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition at the Milan Fairgrounds in Milan, Italy, the eight-day show. held in December, drew a total of 763.185 people. 1225 press correspondents and 12.912 foreign dealers. Exhibitors . represented 24 countries. The second a nn ual Moto Morini Eur opean tour will take place on Mav 20 to June 5. The $4850 to $5000. 17-day tour includes a visit to th e Mot a Morini factor y in Ita ly and a new Mo to Morini motorcycle. The tr ip is orga ni zed by Herm an Baver of H erd an Cor porati on of Port Clinton. Pennsvlvani a, th e exclusive distribu tors o t Moto Morini in th e Un ited Star es: for more informati on ca ll 215/562-3155. Danny Chandler is now recovering from the injuries sustained at the Paris Supercross in Paris. France. at the Santa Clara Medical Center in San Jose, California. He remains paralyzed. but has gained slight movement in his arms; cards and letters can be sent to Chandler at ·t he Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Room 179D. 750 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose. California 95128.

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