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------------------------------- TEN YEARS O.IILPI AGO III HARD TO FIND A new niche in the sport motorcycling was created with the first high SEhool motocross, held on the grounds Qi Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, California. The show was dominated by a 1972 Serra graduate, Pro MXer David Pessy. These are exciting times for motorcycle enthusiasts. The production bikes of 1984 promise to advance the leading edge of technology by leaps and bounds. But keeping up with a'il the new models may seem almost impossible. It's easy if you turn to The Specialists. With the help of the staffs of MOTORCYCLIST and DIRT RIDER, you will share the excitement of the amazing hardware of 1984 and maintain an in-depth understanding of the latest technology. . MOTORCYCLIST is the authority on street bikes, from supertourers to econobikes to fire-breathing pavement-scorchers. MOTORCYCLIST covers them allup close and in depth, the way no other street-bike publication can. And it backs up its tests and features on the new hardware with unmatched coverage of maintenance, performance improvements, the latest accessories, pavement races and rallies, safety developments and riding technique. Don't miss a singl!! issue. DIRT RIDER is !~! becoming tt'~ "vila's leading off-road motorcycle publication. Every issue is packed with the excitement of dirt riding and dirt bikes-from the Best Test, to the explosive world of racing, to tips on how and where to ride from the people who know. There's even a column by World MX Champion Brad Lackey. DIRT RIDER has it all. Whether you're planning to buy a new bike or just 'want to get the most out of the one you've got, you need the help 01 The Specialists: MOTORCYCLIST and DIRT RIDER. As the most authoritative, informative and exciting magazines in their respective fields, they can give you more of the dirt or street information you need-without making you pay for them both. (But if you do want both, The Specialists can supply it with more detail and depth than a single magazine that tries to cover it all.) Don't miss any of the excitement of 1984. Enlist the help of The Specialists now. Subscribe to MOTORCYCLIST and DIRT RIDER. Maico Meister Adolph Weil followed Husky's Arne Kring around in the fir.5t moto of the Road Atlanta TransAMA round. However, Weil came · back to domina te' the second moto for the overall win, while Kring DNF the second round. Yamaha's Hakan Andersson took second overall ahead of Weil's Maico teammate Willi Bauer. Husky's MiKe HartWig was top Amer- ican at.seventh overall. In the 250cc Support class, Billy Grossi finally stayed upright on his factory Kawasaki and took two of the three motos for the overall win. In its first year, the 125cc World Motocross Championship was decided by a single event in Belgrade, Y~goslavia. Events held prior were simply qualifiers for the final. Works ZUndapp rider Andre Malherbe, a 17year-old Belgian riding under a (rench license, took the World Chamw.onship by posting a 1-2 score in the final. Yamaha rider Tarao Suzuki was second overall with a 3-1, followed by another works Zundapp rider, Fritz Schneider, with a 2-3. J#l;tory was made on the southern California speedway circuit when 19year-old Debb Reon won the Third Division main event at Irwindale and ~ame the first woman to earn a sP1(edway win. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS I I FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY! I Mail to: Petersen Publishing Company, Dept: Subscription Sales, I 6725 Sunset Blvd., P.O. Box 1149, Los Angeles, CA 90078 I DIRT RIDER I 0 12 issues $6.97 I (Sa....e $14.03 oft the regular newsstand price and $4.97 oft the regular subscription rale.) I MOTORCYCLIST I 0 12 issues $6.97 . . I (Save $14.03 off the regUlar newsstand price and $4.97 off the regular subSCription rate.) GEK1/mc G920/dr • "BMW rider Reg Pridmore won both the Open Production and Open GP classes at an AFM road race at Onta.r;6 Motor Speedway. Honda rider Ed Unini chased Pridmore home in the rB mer event, while Yamaha-mounted S eve McLaughlin was the runner· u l' in the latter. • -I .~)t,as a battle of the heavyweight staTs in D-37 desert action at the ti&rt Knights hare 'n' hound. Husky rider Mitch Mayes and CZ pilot Jim Fishback battle for almost two hours, w,'th Mayes eventually taking the o e'rall win. Wayne Cook finished third overall, first 250cc Expert, on a If. nda. . r J\n timated 3000 people in hundreds 6fvehicles circled the Bureau of Land M"anagement's Riverside office in pro· test of the BLM's desert management pi -. "Well, we asked for public commen,t, and I suppose this is one ann of public comment," said the "B M's Bill Flint. AnAMA Regional half mile in Tulare, California, was dominated by outof-state riders. Texan Mike Kidd took the Expert win on a Triumph, while Georgia's Roger Crump utilized similar machinery to win the Junior feature. The only California to notch a win was Novice Skip Aksland on a Yamaha. 1 Jack Johnson won the Nevada State Hare Scrambles Championship, followed by fellow 250cc Expert ScOl Harden. , . -------- I I I I I I I I I I I SEND FOR BOTH AND SAVE 50% OFF THE REGULAR SUBSCRIPTION PRICE! • 0 12 issues of DIRT RIDER and MOTORCYCLIST lor just $11.94. GERO/a,/mc • I Print or type' I~~ • I~s Cu, • I -I I II ZIP SlO'e This rale applies 10 the U.S.A. and its Possessions. Olher counlnes add $6 per year (U.S. funds) lor postage. Otter eXplres March 31, 1964. AllOW 4-8 weeks 101 your IIrsl copy 10 be maIled. I I. 1 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••1 KOIIIi •• that melee 1he ence. The _..poputar 76 _ _ and the new, . . . . .tv 8d,iust8ble. high perfarmance 7610 ...ies. AV8IiIable from your local dealer. y . . . . DiJalllulllt 11¥ ROCKY CYCLE P081431 co.. INC. ~.CA9408I -

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