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******************************************************** Hare Scrambles Big Valley E. Palestine. OH NOY.22.1981 By Joan Pasternack ODVSSEV Ron Spickler Bob McCullough Terry Stamp Rick Secrest Shawn Daugherty Motocross Razorback MX Valdosta. GA Dec. 6. 1981 By Gwen Millan THREEWHEELER Buddy Barnes Mike Webb George Stewart Hon Hon Vam Cross Country MDA100 Lakeland. FL Dec. 6. 1981 110THREE-WHEELER Steve Grizzard 205 THREE-WHEELER Robert Thrift Jim Belyew John Dixon Mitch Martina Robert Smith 250 THREE-WHEELER Joe Watts Steve Felton ODVSSEV Robbie Roberson Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hare Scrambles Square Deal Riders Binghamton. NY Noy. 29. 1981 By Larry McBride THREE-WHEELER (SMALL) Larry Cobb Vam Andrew Sienko Vam . John Hackel Vam THREE -WHEELER IBIG) Chuck Edwards Hon Oavid Sienko Hon Gary Stone Hon Hare Scrambles Mathias Raceway New Philadelphia. OH Dec. 6. 1981 By Scott Brown ATC Rod Leggett Todd Graef Hon Hon Hare Scrambles Amherst Meadowlarks AmherstOH NOY.15 By Jack Daizell OVERALL Mike Reisinger 100THREE-WHEEL Tim O'Donnell Jim Benko Doug Kline Dennis Lumby Tim Beane Mai Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon 200 THREE -WHEEL Vam Jim Judge Hon Tom Holliday Hon Gary Gaisser Vam Steve Vecsay Hon Ralph Haslage OPEN THREE-WHEEL Hon Neil Haupt Hon Ralph HaslageJr. Hare Scrambles Amherst Meadowlarks AmherstOH Noy. 1. 1981 By Jack Daizell OVERALL Jeff Satmary 110 THREE-WHEEL Tim O'Donnell Jack DaizellJr. Dave Williams Doug Kline Brian Kroll 200 THREE-WHEEL Jim Judge Ralph Haslage Jim Murry Steve Vecsey Ray Redhead OPEN THREE-WHEEL Neil Haupt Ralph HaslageJr. Mike Reisinger Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Vam Hon Vam Vam Hon Hon Hon Mai 1981 CRC Final Odyssey Point Standings I x. Karen Pardis 926 2x. Scott Johnson 840 3x. Mike Paradis 741 4x. Steve Kramer 685 5x. Tim Cheek 435 425 6x. Jeff Bagley . Tx , Mark Schuster 422 Bx. Dave Koszela 374 9x. Oscar B. Will 359 lOx. Steve Gleim 336 I I x. Bill Fellows 321 12x AI Robertson 314 13x. Bob Carmody 290 14x. Beverly Carr 288 15x, Steve Huger 265 16x. Jerry McAuliffe 260 I 7x. John Jaramillo 253 18x. Shari Killoyle 247 I 9x. Joe Jaramillo 229 20x, EarlCarpenter 226 21x. Tom Brown 200 22x. Don Dinnell 194 23x, Rusty Robinson 184 24x. Todd Johnson 181 25x. Rick Sauers 173 26x. Michael Brown 170 27x. Wes Moser 170 28x. Frank Gary 165 29x. Todd Carmody I 65 3Ox. Dan Peters 162 31x. Fred Chavez I60 32x. John Scott !W .C,) 157 33x. Randall Burt 157 34x. Jack Wilson 156 35x. Joe Cheek 151 36x. David Kilfoyle 151 37x. Steve Coley 138 38x. Robert John 137 39x. Scott Johnson 135 4Ox Mike Leckich . 130 41x.SteveGrier 130 42x. Wayne Kirk 125 43x. Ron Brown I 15 II3 44x. Larry Watson 44x. Rich Robertson 106 46x. Norman busch 106 47x. Gary Strong 105 48x, Craig Smith 105 49x. Jerry Carmean 102 5Ox. Roberto Cortes 95 51x. George Dove 92 52x. Greg Burns 90 53x. Greg Davis 88 54x. Jack Kirk 88 55x. Joe Goldwater 86 56x. Don Barrington 83 57x. Rob Snyder 82 58x. Scott Pettit 76 59x. Debbie McDonald 75 6Ox. John Peters 75 61x. John Sanders 73 62x. Ed Horst 70 83x. Brett Carroll 70 64x. Diane Lirhus 68 65x. Reid Nordin 65 66x. John Novick 65 67x. John Weil 63 68x. Jim Burton 62 69x. Dan Kaskus 61 70x. Gary Baxter 59 71x. John Stein 56 72x. Sam Arciero 56 73x. Ronald Ross, Jr. 56 74x. Mike Chilldres 53 75x, Bud Gacken 50 76x. Rory Holladay 50 nx. Gary Fries 50 7Bx. Jerry Meyer 40 79x. Bob Wade 40 8Ox. Mike Spencer 40 81x. Todd Johnson 40 82x. Greg Vernon 40 83x. Tom Adams 39 84x. Dennis Schelfield 38 85x, Duane Merbach 35 86x, Cindy Myers 35 87x, Brent Leckich 35 88x. Eric Shuffle 30 89x, TIm Madey 30 9Ox. Robby Robinson 30 91x. William Eveland 30 92x. Mark Jordahl 30 93x. Jeff Datin 30 94x. Martin Alkonis 30 95x. Kelli Jorgensen 30 96x. James Corbin 30 97x. Don Baumunk 30 98x. Ken Larossa 29 99x. Thomas Rini 29 1oox, Scott Mestin 29 ~ . C()min~ Events . i : ~********************* ********************************* 1982 SCORE Race Schedule p..ker 400 Parker . /JJ. 3126-28 Mexieal; 250 215-7 6/4-6 Mexicali. Baja Caljfornia. Mexico Sajalnlernacional IlJ8.8 BajaCalifornia. Mexico Of RoadWorld Championship Riverside Int' 1.Raceway Rivers ide, CA FLAT TRACK (1000 FT. OVAU Picavune MS. Southways , RacePark,3 Wheel Odyssey & Go-Kart. o-soee. 80-130, 130-220, 22o-Open, Beginner class, P.P., Go-Karts-Stock, modified ; Odyssey. Gate fee $4-under 6 free. 5 troph ies per class. For more info call 601/798-8296. 1I IJ.6 Baja 1000 BajaCalifornia, Mexico 3-WHEEL, MOTORCVCLES, GO-KART, FLAT TRACK IA State Fairgrounds (Cattle Pavillion) E. University Des Moines, lA, Indoor racing. Gen. admission $3.50, sign-ups: 6 p.rn., race 8 p.rn. Classes to be run: 0-2oocc, 200 and up for 3-Wheelers. 0-250cc, 250 and up for Flat Trackers. 0-250cc, 250 and up for Flat Trackers. 0loocc, Go-Karts. Entry fee: $5. Pit pass $5. For more info call 5151265-4261. ATC, ODVSSEYTT SCRAMBLES Dade City, FL Hwy 52 just west of Dade city at Pasco County Fairgrounds. 40% trophy payback, ATC Class: 0-200, 201-0pen, Odyssey class: Stock & Modified, Clay track open year round. Sign ups 4:30 p.m, race 7 p.m.. Entry fee: $5, For more info call B13/ 98&4950 . Every 1st & 3rd Sat. night RAC.E. ODVSSEV & 3-WHEEL Corona Raceway. Corona, CA. Hwy. 91 to Buchanan Exit. Full Odyssey & 3Wheel program. For more info call 714/689-1913 or 735-1705. Every 2nd & 4th 0'> >- "- CO ::J C Cf) S w Z CRCATV TRACK RACES Indian Dunes ...Valencia, CA. 3-wheeler r ... ?Jy classes < . inc. 3-wh~O~ds class (12 &under ~G.J lOs, 4 to make a ctassl. ~lIfomia Racing Club. Info 2131830-7519, 714/6896114. > I- « January 24 January 17 For more info ea 2131889-9216 ll BAVLANDS GO-KART DIRT RACING Fremont, CA. Bay lands Raceway Park, Hwy 17 at Durham Rd. Prac. 12:30 to 1:30 pm, race 2 pm. All speedway classes plus new 4 cycle classes for Jrs. and Srs. $500 Pro purse for Open Pro, 30% troph ies for all other classes. Pro entry: $25 all others $16, spectators $4 . For more info call 415/6512545. 3-WHEELMUD & SNOW SCRAMBLES Bringhamtom, NV. 15 miles N.E. of Bringhamton off RT 7, take Martin Hill exit off 188. Trophies 50% p.b. classes: 0-250cc, 251-over. Entry fee: $5. For more info call 6071723-2387. Every Sat. night .... CO -, 8 a.m. Entry $16 sgl. loop. $20 both . Bush-Eaters M.C. Info 714/489-0228, 2751823, 463-8848. Saturday night N CO ATV HARE SCRAMBLES Wadsworth, OH. take 21 N. or S. to RT. 93 Exit, take 93 S to Orrville St. turn right, go 3 miles to Deerfield Ave. turn left to Gran Prix Raceway. 6 classesl6 trophies. Prac. 1:30 p.rn., race 2 p.m. Race $5. For more info call 216/239-2517 or call 683-3959,854-4847. GRAN PRIX RACEWAV Canal Fulton, OH. Take 21 N or S to Rte 93 exit, take 93 south to Orrville SI. turn right and go 3 miles to Deerfield Ave. turn left . Classes : Minis-70ec, 71-125oc, 126zooee. 201-250cc, Modified, Odyssey's. 6 trophies per class. Gate $3, sign-up $5. Prac. 1:30 p.rn., race 2. Track opens 7 a.m. Ambulance on duty , For more info call 216/683-3939, 854-4847, 239-2517. Park Honda SnowShoe ATV series races. GRAN PRIX RACEWAV Canal Fulton, OH. Take 21 N or S to Rte 93 exit, take 93 south to Orrville St. turn right and go 3 miles to Deer field Ave, turn left. Classes : Minis-70ec, 71-125cc, 1262oocc, 201-250cc, Modified, Odyssey's. 6 trophies per class. Gate $3, sign-up $5. Prac. 1:30 p.m. , race 2, Track opens 7 a.m. Ambulance on duty . For more info call 216/683-3939, 8544847, 239-2517. Park Honda SnowShoe ATV series races. January 31 ODVSSEV & 3-WHEEL EXTRAVAGANZA Union City, CA. Going E. on 580 Exit Greenvile rd. Turn left on Tesla. About 12 miles to Carnegie Motorcycle Park. From Hwy 5 Exit 580 cutoff to Corral Hollow rd. west 6 miles to park. Sign-ups 9 a.m, to 10:30, race at I I, For more info call 415/489-3094. D-38 JAIL HOUSEFAMILV ENDURO Superstition Mtn. , CA. Near EI Centro, limed from 1 8 Dunaway Rd. & Huff Rd. All classes inc. 3-wheeleis (185 & 250cc run whole coursel, finisher pins, 20% trophies, D-38 pis. I st loop 20 rni, 2nd loop 65 mi. Start ~--------------------~------ COMING EVENTS FREE Listing Coming Events are a free service. Please type or legibly print all information asked for and mail the blank or a fascimile thereof to: ATV News, PO Box 1030, Long Beach. CA 90801. No phone calls, please; we can only accept items in writing. You may include an event flyer in addition to the Coming Events blank. Type: Event date: Location/directions: Sponsoring club/promoter/sanct ion: Classes/trophies/purse: Add itional info: Gatelpractice/race times : Entry fees: ~ I Your name: ___________ ~___ _ J ~Phone number fo r info (with area code): __ _ _ J .. .. -_ .... _ . • - .. 15 .

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