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Penhall perfect at Intercontinental Final By John Hipkiss VOJENS. DENMARK. JULV 26 ArnerIcen Bruce Penh811 plowed through the mud and rein on his flIvorite treek. Vojene. lest weekend to become the new Intercontinental Champion. H. co•• cted a mllJdmum 16 pointe. and now he Ie flIvored to win the coveted crown In September. The I'8C8 _ run under appelHng conditione with the riders ptotest· Ing that the meeting .houId be abendonecL but the Polish I.ter.. Insisted that the meeting contlnu.. Rider spokesman. promoter Ole Olsen celled for a decision after the meeting _ held up from 8:60 untll1G-.30. The finlII rece finished wsy after midnight. It wesn't a good night for Penhall·. fellow Amerlcene. Kely Moren and Dennis Slgelos scored 0 end 1 point respectfully with both teklng a fell end were completely out of luck und. the difficult conditione. The other surprise IIOft-CIAIIfIer _ IYen Mauger who. eIong with Harry Oxley and Berry Briggs. will cO-promote next y. .r·. World Flnel at Los Angeles. Mauger mad. hie exit from the c:hIImplonshlp. scoring only 4 points. and announced hie retirement from the world .p••ltwlIy . chemplonehlp 8C8M. The top qualifiers were: Penhall (USA) 16 pointe. Ertc GUlld.nan IDennwk) 12 pointe. . . . . N...... (Dellm8rld 11 points. Cycle News, Inc. to publish ATVNews LONG BEACH. CA, JULV27 Cyc" Inc. hea scheduled the first lnu. of ATV News. a monthly teblold speciellzlng In ttv.. and four-wheeled all temlln v.hlcl••• for a Sept. 2 on-.... clllte. ATV Ie .xpected to many of the r. .dershlp need. for ATV .nthu.iate .. Cycl. N.w. does for motorcycflSt8. specIfIceIly. to provide rece covereg•• indu8try news Item.. en .v.nt celender MCtIon. c....lfled ede. new mod.1e and product Informetlon. Interviews with k.y .nthu.laete. off· road pollticel bulletine and equipment teete. ATV News win be a eeperete publlcetlon edited by a eteff of ATV .peclallete. ATV will . t be a uctIon or eupp"m.nt In Cyc" N _ IIIthough Cycle N _ eubec:rlbers wII receive a free eubecrtptIon 110 ATV N_. end it wiD errIve n.ted Into the center of Cycl. ATV charter eubecriptlon. ar. available immediately at $6 per••. ATV News offers a n.w angl. to ATV edv.rtI. .rs. the Imm.dlacy of a .hort·leed-tlme publlcetlon. Advertlsem.nte touting rece wine. .peclal ..... and new produete may be pieced .. Iete .. 14 daye before the on-..I. clllte. reth.r then by th.lIO-120 day d. .dlln. required by curr.nt ATV publlcetlon•. Cycl. Inc. publisher Sharon Clayton f.... that the ATV indu.try and sport ha. r.ach.d the point wh.r. the n. .d for a .peclalty new.peper cen no longer be Ignored. Cycl. N.w•• Inc. .. best pr.pered to fulfill that ne.d. .erv. How happy would you be with a Kaw...kl B.1t Driv. KZ440 LTD. a box of Nlppondeneo sperk plugs. on. C8U of Bel-Ray Modified Synth.tlc 4 Cyc" 011. a half ce•• of B.I-Rey Contect Cluner. a half ce.. of B.I-Ray end engine Cleener. a ClIIIfomIe SuperbIk. SChool tuition. two ShoeI helmets. a Hayden 011 cooI.r. a Kerker .xhaust .ystem. a set of Continental motorcycle tire•• a pelr of K&N .uperblk. bere. a K&N air filter and T·shlrt. a C8U of Performence Leb Performanee Booster. and a one y. .r eubecrlptlon to Cycle "'e...1 How'bout If It wu" yours for free7 Well. John CuIHngton of Freeno. CA _ pretty pl•••• d when he got" of the abcMlllfter wIr1nk1g the Cycle Super ~Hour Sw. .petek... Joining the winner ere Whytel Pec:IfIc:'. Terry Whytal (left) end Cyc" News DeelerlWant Ad Seles Manager Yvette Goeken. Team Suzukr. Jeen.Jec:ques Bruno scored a 2-1 ovenll victory at the July 21 Czechosloveklen 600cc MXGP a. Vameha·. Andre Vrorne.. settled for ucond with a 1-3. Heken CerIqvIst rode his Vameha to a 3-2 third In the hotly. contested 10th event In the 12-rece series. World Champion Andre Malherbe pIac:ed 6-4. dlnglng to hie ucond piece In the preMnt points rece .. his Honda '-'1mete Graham Noyce held his aim d... point edventeg. with a 4-6 aftemoon. Noyc. hold. 181 pointe over Malherbe·. 178. CBrIqvIst I. third with 152. Bred Leck.y recorded a ~9 tally and Is currently sixth In the • tendlng. with 91 pointe. Americans Dave Aldana and Mike Baldwin won the July 26 Suzuka EightHour Endurance race riding a Honda France-sponsored RCBlOOO endurance bike. HuscIv-ne'. Terry CunnIngham led • Husky sw..p of the July 21 AMA National Enduro In Michigan. Dick Burleson lIC8d the AA cleM; Mike Melton topped the A contingent; and a rider I18med Lohman turned In the best B c:Ius score. Rwa Collins and Bob Carpenter topped the Top Fuel and Pro Stock daIlIeS. respectively, at the July 26 AMA/ Dragbiltel drag races at Orange County International Raceway. Full report next week. Let'. get one thing .trelght PlIpe W8lIIey rides motorcyclea. not trIcyc:Jes. The powers that be eround here en looking for en ATV ",.. . editor ( _ the Went Ad MCtIonl. melnly beceuu PlIpe mede It c:Iur that he wesn't Intelested. The ATV file.. steff will h8ve their own 88ptII'lIte office end their own book to put together. 80 you cen rest _red that none of those bubbletired 11ttI. toye wiI .how up In CJde file... PlIpe·. gled the boss decided to etert A TV file. ., though. When those thretHVheeler guye come eround ..king to have their reces covered In CJde file... PlIpe cen tell'em .xactly where to go. Only now he cen be nice about It. 2 Honda will sponsor the Sept. 12-I 5 AMA Superbike National and Pro-Am at Seattle International event Raceway. In addition to the Superbike race, there'll be a full Amateur program and a 250cc Lightweight Phone 206/565-2895 or race. 206/959-2885 for more infonnation. Northern CBllfornla dirt treck. Geoff Lowe lost his Ilf. In a flv. riel. c:resh at Rice County fairgrounds In Faribault. MN on July 26. Low•• a Class C Junior. wiN be missed by his meny friends on the circuit. Godsp••d. Geoff. A CR480R Honda for '82? Just could be... HI-Torque Publishing hea been purchesed by Rolend Hlnz eIthough Bill Golden reportedly will remeln with the compeny on a consulting besIs. HI-Torque publishes DIrt sae, . .tocrou AcfIM end DIrt ......... w.1I . . a number of one-offs and annuals. Ever seen the Wheelie King wheelie? If not, and if you're in the San Bernardino area on July 29, don't miss the speedway program at Inland Motorcycle Speedway. Doug Domokos will perfonn his unicyding feats of magic during "halftime." Th. of Lend Mal18g.m.nt. CBllfornla Desert DIstrict. Needles Resourc. ArM. hes ralM8ed for public r.vI.w an Envlronmentel As....m.nt report for a propoMd motorcycle I'8C8 In eestem Sen Bemerdlno County. A fu. environm.ntellmpect Stetem.nt _ pr. pered on the propoud couru In September 1180. The I'8C8 permit ' - bean ~ by the Checker'. Motorcycle Club. DIstrIc:t 'D. en ArnerIcen MotDn:ycIsl AsaodedcM afflJJete. for en Oct. 10. 1181 evant. The one-dev. mees etert. polnt·topoint I'8C8 would cover epproxIrneteIy 2211 rnII88, rnoatIy on exlsdllg roeds. The event would begin In Johnson Veley. near BlIntDw. go south••st of Ludlow. south of Amboy. along the edge of Bristol Dry Leke and finish with the lest 60 miles coniWctlug with the southern loop of the Perk. 400 coune. ending the rece near Perk•• ArIzona. The route Is ldentified .......Iy In the CBIIfornIa Deeart Plen .. being eulteble for motorcycle racing. The propoMl wu developed In tandem with the PIen. Written commente on the Envlronm.ntel Aue..ment R.port will be BCcepted through Aug. 3. 1981. CopIes of the r.port cen be obtelned from BLM DIstrict Menegar. C8IIfomIa Desert DIetrlct. 1 . Spruce Street. Riverside. CA 92607; BLM ArM Maneger. P.O. Box 306. Need.... CA 12383; or BLM ArM Maneg.r. 831 Berstow Road. Bentow. CA 82311. A copy of the September FInIII Environment8I Impact Stlitement cen be 1.

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