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National Champions Your mission. should you decide to accept it, is to find all of our Grand National and National MX Champions. The crafty Gordon L. Banks. in the last of this series of puzzles. has spirited them aw~y and placed them in a diablical puzzle. Beware. for their names run every which way. Should you be caught or fail in the mission. Papa Wealey will deny any knowledge of your existence. but will provide answers next week. MotocrON 1.IManyl Smi1h C12&cc-74. 76; &OOcc-771 2. (Bobl H......h C12&cc-76; 260cc-78. '79) 3. (Broe) Glover C126cc-77. 78. '79) 4.1Mark) llemett 112&cc·'80) 6. lGarylJ...... l25Occ·71. 72. 73. 74) 8. ITony) DIStefano l25Occ·75. '78. 771 7.1Kent' HowBrton 16OOcc-'78; 260cc- '80) 8. lMarklBlackwell 16OOcc··71 I 9. CBr8dI 1&OOcc-721 10. CPlerrel K.......k... (6OOcc·731 11. CJim) Weinert C&OOcc·74. 761 12. CAick) Burgett C&OOcc-78) 13. (DBnnyl ...P _ C&OOcc·"791 14. CChuckl Sun C&OOcc··101 Grend N8tIoMl 1. CJoeI L.8onerd 11i4. '58. '571 2. CBr8d1 AncIra 1'&&1 3. CCerroIII A_weber 1"58. '59. '80. '81 I 4. (BertI MBrkei ('82. '86. '&81 6. (Dickl Mann 1'83.71) •. IAoprl A......n ('141 7.IO-VI Nixon ('87. '881 8.IMwtl ..._m ('891 8. lo.nel Aom..o ('70) 10. 1M....' ('72) 11. (KBnnyl Aoberts 173. 74) 12. Co.ryl Seem C761 13. IJByl Spring._n 1"78. 77. 78) 14. (Stavel Eklund l"79l 16. (ABndy) GON ('80) ADD ANOTHER SEASON TO YOUR PROFITS. With your expertise in small engine sales and service you can add another season to your profits. The chain saw market is growing steadily. therefore. Pioneer is expanding their dealer network to meet this demand. Pioneer would like to show you how. with a small investment and very little space, you can cash in on those offseason profits. . l Xl 0') Pioneer can offer you more than 40 years of chainsaw experience and marketing know-how. backed by a strong product and accessory line. which offers the best value per dollar. in this fast growing market place. So if you'd like to hear how you can add another season to your profits. call us collect or write Pioneer today for a complete dealer information package. CLIP AND MAIL TO:Pioneer Chainsaw of America. Sales Department. 2535 United Lane. Elk Grove Village. Illinois 60007 (312) 595-6670 NAME L L 0 E T T R I E K N N I B E 0 WH MA A N R N L A o H S E WWA L E N 0 T N R A B OOMR DBA J I E R 0 S R K N T TEE E 0 L S F LEY A A S R N K S F o R T E J ONE X R DNA E I y E K C A L R R N I X P L R U T I B U R G E T T 0 C S E WK C A L E WO HN 0 R o R D D I T E N T E A X o N A R T E R T S R P MMMOR D H A A I E L KTNNB L L G I N E S S OUMWC N S V I S 0 P S NEE R ROMERO RDNULK B A K N S X I N 0 X I N 0 S E COMPANY NAME AOORESS CITY STATE ZIP PHONE NEW TOTE WAGON BUILT FOR ENDURO AND MOTOCROSS MACHINES USED by PROS end BUILT by PROS eAnswers to last week's puzzle 1 23 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N o Ii. 7 8 9101112131416 0 REP I LAC I R T C E L E 10PNALCESOHAHEX ER1WXRNOR10TEST N R P L rAT Q 0 A A 5 A I E EIE1QUUSPPOCPHN LNLVBETTENRISCS LEBWIROPENENOPI A X A JAR E L B PTA R A 0 SI.T£CXDAtLEHITN RrSHSESWKIMCLER EIUTENOHEEOELHA VNJNRACKSRRMOCG lILOMONKEYSCB1TS NIAHCN£RWNISAAA USLOOTTCAPM1WRG Thinp in _ wortllthop ,. AdoptOf IlIOCket. c........ girtfriendl B12 2. Ad~I_nch. leg bo..... etc.) N3 3. Ajax 1 _ . m _... .1 HS ... AUen Iwrench...y'• ...".) Hl 5. An 1m. _ pIctu...1 H5 •. Awl 1m. whole bunchl HI 7. B_Iw"OlcourMl H9 •. _ 1 _ ; what·.1att 01 bik....) M12 9. B............, lwry expenaiwl beerjointJ F5 10. Calipor 1'0 Imprau ooph_.1 AI ", CMin lthing .oundthli aprocketal N5 12. ChiHllfor removinv month old mudl F,.. 13. Coraalappla. valv....c.1 N5 ,ot. Die ' - in "Tap & _ _ "I Al 15.D

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