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- _.. _ - - - - - - - ~ - - - Limeys crush Yanks in Match Race Series LONDON, ENGLAND, APR. 211 The BrItIeh tNm IOUncIIy thrllIhed the AmerIcen tNm In thll ,...... running of the Match RIlc:e SerieI contested et three BrItIeh tr1ICkI on FricIIly. Seturdlty .nd Mondlly of the Eater hoIIdey weekend, Led by John Newbold'. 72 poIntI, the 8rItIIh roed rec:e'" ICOred . . points to the ArnericIln'. 346Top ICOrloIll Afneric:en _ Deytone 200 winner 0.1e Singleton with • poinD. followed by R ~ Sc:hIec:hter (Ii&). Hendy MemoI8 C48I. FreddIe Spencer (471. Nick RIchIchi (391, John Long (31 I. Jimmy Ademo C21L Den Chlvington (191 end W.. Cooley 1191. Hendy Memola. the men meny pick to dethrone World ChempIon Kenny Roberti In thll yeer'. 500cc GP title c:hIIIe, creshecI end InjurM hll rille. Sketchy reportS from Englend uy thet Memole wII probebIy hIIve to lit out next weekend'. GP .e.1OI'I opener In AuItrIe. A tot8I of 160.000 roed ...ce filM attended the three rece ..... which WIll run In dry, but cold weather. Complete coverege next week. - ..... 1-0 P-4 < committee telt on Tu.ldey, AprH 21, the dIly lifter thl. peper went to prell. Vou'li know next lnue whet heppened thenl. If It didn't pen. we'. hepplly Inform you thet the preuure'. off for • yeIlI'. If It did, you'll find en ..... full of Importllnt Inforrnlltlon ebout the next Itep In Itopplng A8IlI8'.....ege. Floyd meets bikers ByD.Brown HAWTHORNE. CA. APR. 211 Aa••mIIIynwn Dick Floyd (D-Hawthornel. euthor of ASIII. the ,.... datary helmet . . . . . up for conIIdenIdon by the Tr.llepOil IliIIIon CommIniM of the C8IfomIII ..... A ••• mbly. met with ...... Apr! 11 In • perk ,.... hie 6trIc:t office, In en .xchenge fImecI by ....... Ioc:eI TV slliIdoM. Floyd defalded the merit8 of hll propoeeI tit the (I"MIP of ebout 40 motarcycAilll. who ch.'."", hie. . . . . . . et.-ty evwy tum. More tMn heIfway dwaugh the 011. . . . . . outdoor .... Iew.. Floyd atmltted thet the bIII"atendllIbout • liOI&O chenc:e of meklng It tIvough the Tr.uepOil IliIdo.1 Committee:' ....... off• • • comproml..: AmeI. . . . the bII tD meb helmet UN ma...., only for thoM under end thoM In the tIrat ~ of p a•••••Ian of. a.. 411ca-. H.... ~•• eource In 8ecrementD told C)Ide News thet "the Highwey Petrol would oppoM IUCh • biI becel_lt'. unenforc•• bIe:' A..- .... before the 13-member T........... 1liI1Ion Committee on Tu••. , . AfIr. 21. If Floyd II uneIIIe tD get the mlllImum . . . . . votII8 for the bII tit . . the 00II'IIIIItIIM. It CMoIOt be r.llla dua. d ~ ~. If. . . . . get the vo-. the bII goal on tD the A••• mbIy floor. 1" 2 How'd you like to ride the International Six Days Enduro without knobbies? Effective in '85, that's the way it'll be, not only for the world's longest enduro but for all FlM sanctioned enduro CVCDts. Instead, compctiton will be required to use trials univenal tires, a tread pattern that is being specifically defined by FlM now and sent to the tire companies in preparation for '85. The practicality of the project is complicated to say the least, because the tires will have to be suitable for observed trials as well as enduroltrials. AMA will decide whether to adapt the FIM rules at the AMA Fall Congrcu. FlM's reason for the change away from knobbies is that trials uni-' tires will have a gentler impact on the environment. Side "benefits" will force the moton to be milder since the motOC1'OllCn now in UIC couldn't pollribly put power on the ground through trials tires, and the ISDE would return to its classic form - a long distance endurance race instead of having the winnen determined by losing zero counc marks then blasting around the MX special tests. Sounds like a whole ncw ballgame... No new newI on Cellfomle Aaemblymen Dick Floyd'. Aa.. the helmet lew bit TN bill _ IIlIted tD undergo ItI first American team and the chairmanship of the riders' association." Autrey explained his resignation: "The responsibility of the team captain is great. I did it for one year, and I think ~l's enough. Bruce deserves the captaincy after his maximum in last year's Wofld Team Cup Final, and he was unanimously chosen for the role." "Doubts 'cast' on Andre's injury" said the headline in England's Tri4ls + MX News, and the story suggests that Malherbe's injury may have been SotDething of a fake. You may recall that the reigning 500cc MX World Champ has been in a wrist cast for some time, a cast that was removed only three days before he won both motOl of the opening round in the 1981 World Championship MX Series! "Now it appcan that the original injury to his wrist is two yean old, and his specialist had told him that time and rest were the only cure," T+MX News continued. "It is thought in some quancn that the injury was a political one. Malherbe was recalled &om America when he was preparing for the Trans-USA by his home federation who said that he must ride in the national championship rounds which clashed with the American rounds. The injury came to light at the o ~ round of the Belgian champIOnships, and Malhcrbe has missed each round so far," the T+MX New story concludes. According to our llP.ectw.y cor· reepondent In northern Callfomle. "Cal-Expo rnede only five rec:e detes IIVlIiIIlbIe thll veer, 10 Speedwey Racing hal relocated to buutifuI Gold CountrY FIlIrgroundl In Auburn. CA, 30 eest of SIlc:nlmento (Mike But', home tDwnl)." The new 1nlCk w1111110w 15 conll8CUtIve week. of llP.edwey I'lICIng. • big Improvement for the NorCeI crowd. Their MUon opInll on FrId1ly, M.y 22 end ruM through August 28. But wiI conteIt the AIIo from T +.X. . . co..... the thet SMwe hal returned to the OP circuit for tudng of their Pro-Link front .-penaIon. A lingle Ihock "...,. of the "funny forks" hal . . . . Ihet'ftd et pr••• nt; they're COI_Ibedng their efforts on the cIueIlhock .yetem. newI Where's this ncw Arroyo Cycle Park you keep hearing about? About 10 miles nonh of San Bernardino,CA. Exit on Palm Ave. off 1·15E and tum left. Follow the signs, and you can't miss it. Leet week'. bulletin on the opening round of the V.mehe P.petuIlI Gold Cup MX S8rIeI et ROMburg. OR lilted Gery Kueet .. • Hondll rider. Wrong. GerY. • V.mehe IUpport rider. V...m+h-L OK. we've got It now. According to England's Speedway Mail, "Scott Autrey, American speedway's finest ambassador, has relinquished the captaincy of his country. The Poole (speedway team) star has reo signed as USA skipper and also opted to Slep down as Chairman of the Inter· national American Rider's Associa· tion ...Cradlcy Heath's Bruce Penhall takes over the captaincy of the En....... m.... ope~. Marcel Fonncy (in case we forgot to tell you earlier) has been the position of ManaginlJ Director at Yoohimura R&D of America. Tho. . c:ruieI over In Colol'lldo .... et It eg.1n" pIIInnlng lInOth. Plk.. Peak InvltBtlonel Motorcycle HRI CUmbo The cIete'. let for July 4, 1981, .nd thll year'. llV8nt will feature • CoIorlldo "500" Celebrity CIeu with teilllild.... commltmentl from the . . . of MllIcoIm Smith. Den Gurney, Peul A. Newmen lIIICI Wely D".nbech. For ~ Info, c:onblCt H. Clmb, Box N, WoodIencI Park. CO 8lII83. Planning your vacation around the 41st Annual Black Hills Motorcycle Rally &. Races? This year, "Sturgis" (as it's more easily called) takes place on Aug. 5·9. and includes Pro and Amateur shon track, Pro and Amateur half mile, various rides. a poker run, an Amateur hillclimb and lots of beautiful scenery. It's all sponsorcci by the Black Hills Motor CIallric &. Jackpinc Gypsies M.C. in Sturgis, SD. Here'•• piece of Interesting Info found In the pegeI of " " . . . , $fINd .,..,., Nern: "Bob Bondurant. one of the ownen of Golden SUIte IntemlltIo... Hec:ewey, In IldcIltion to being • tenent th. . with hll driving .chool, he. resigned •• .n officer in .n .pJ*'Int policy dllpute with the long Bellch Gnlnd PrIx AuociIldoo, which hoIdI • f1v.year m_gemen! contnlet et the Sonoma. CA roed circuit. One 10... POint. llCCOI'dlng to the SCCA'. SIIn FnmciICO Reglon'~ house orpn.

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