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Ducatis. four Triumphs. seven Nonons and eight Moto Guzzis? At Daytona. on the Friday of 1981 Daytona Cycle Week in the Battle of the Twins race. Jon Minonno's Triumph, Dave Emde's BMW and Jim Adamo's Ducati are only three of the shall·we-say·interesl· ing field. Entries are still open, so dial 815/665·4098 (Owain Williams) or 815/525·5659 (O'Briwn Flowmelrics) for d~tails. ..... 00 ..... ~ CuIp Elll8tjJIises. our formar markat- ing director'. busine... ha. moved. Tom end Pet now do business at 3811 Schaefer Ave.. Suite G. Chino. CA 91710. New phone: 714/ 627·3692. Veteran motorcycle and auto racing chIImpion Malcolm Smith WH named "PenIon of the V_r" In off-rolld racing by a vote of hla fellow compedtora In SCORE Inter· netIonIIl. Malcolm received the ..,ort'. top awn at the ennuel SCORE banquet held Jan. 10 at the Los Angeles eIrpart u.rJcm HOWl. He won the 1 . . lon chempion8h1p In the -1111 .. lit ........... ~ ICIua 1) but WH honor• . . , . for hla reputlItIon . . a apor-..n then for hIa victorIeI In the IUCCIiII of the 1. . . . . 1);. Jim Flehbeck WH . honor-' .. the overall motorcycle point chempion .. well .. the 2IiOcc motorcycle cIeea R.- of the V.... FiIhbeck'. 1 . victorIeI Include the SCORE PMt. 400, SCORE MexIceII 2&0, SCORE Beja Internaclonal and SCORE Baja 1000. V........ recelnd the Motor· cycle Menufectu,.. of the Va. Award. Round two in the 11th Annual Florida Winter·AMA MX Series took the riders to Gainesville, FL. for a race over a very different Florida track. Instead of flat terrain and deep su"ar sand, the AMA Pros faced hard, hilly ground that decidedly favo~ the non· locals. Team Suzuki's Mark Barnett dominated the 125cc race. turning in a 1·1 performance. Bob Hannah wheelell-hia Yamaha to a 6·1 250cc c1a11 win over Chuck Sun's 5·4 ride on the worb Honda. Kawasaki's David Bailey was third. In the big bore race. Husky rider Gary Pustelalr. stole the show with a 4-1 afternoon. Fonner ~ Bob Heyea lU'ii1OUnced thIIt he'. be running for the office of Loa Angelel County Supervisor In the 1981 ....etIona. R""'*'I In the fInt d1aalct - the Sen Fernando Veley - Heyea wi! face the men he cIefelItecI In the 1978 Aalernbly race. Jim Ke.,... The primary election II Apr. 14 and .Ince h'. a non-pertl..n race. Hey.. cen win h there If he gets IiO% of the vote C8It. pIua one. Otherwlle h'. OR to the generei election. June 2. 2 The lawsuit for an injunction against the Bureau of Land Management's California Desen Plan, brought by the American Motorcyclist Association. the National Outdoor Coalition and others. has been continued until Feb. 12. The continuance was requested by the plaintiffs because the BLM's Final Plan. or decision document, changed so drastically from the final draft that they needed more time to study it and other relevant docu~ts. "The Plain· tiffs in the case are having difficulty obtaining cenain documents, and the coun has orde~ the BLM to make those documents relevant to the plan and its implementation available," said AMA Government Relations Associate Director Rob Rasor in a Jan. 12 phone call. To that end. BLM Desert District Director Gerald Hillier has been ordered to give a deposition on or before Jan. 26. Rasor also said that Kern County will be joining the suit, along with AMA, NOC, Inyo County and the California Mining Association. There'. a rumor going .-ound thIIt the Hooka ere In the procell of aeIIIng BIencIz8II CorporatIon. The new owners probably wIH have a booth at the J8n. 16-11 Anaheim Expo. Honda, Triumph, Ed Kretz and Yoshi· mura R&D have donated approxi· mately 150 items to be given away as door prizes at the Jan. 18 L.A. Trade Tech Banquet. according to organizer Pat Owens. Thomas Stevens, President of the college. will be a featured guest speaker. The film King Kenny and Honda films about their 500cc World Championship MX Series campaigns will be shown, too. Phone Owens at 2151746·0800, extension 212 for ticket info. Reward: "'.000. Rogar Riddell. who lost his van and two motorcycles used In the re-filming of 0It Ally N, has offered a "'.000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the RC460 HondlI motocro...r. serial number 000948. The offer expires on Mar. 1. 1981. so keep your eyes open for the missing machine. If you have any ..... phone Roger or Connie at 2131273-2912. The van was found burned. "'y While talking with Roger Riddell about his missing motorcycle, Papa in· qllired about On Any Sunday II. Rid· dell reffit"ed to the film, only half· jokingly, as On Any Sunday 1//. and said that it's a totally new movie. Only one scene has been retained from the original OAS II: the Bernie Schreiber observed trials sequence. Release is scheduled for L.A. this summer. Fast qualif'18rB at the Winston Prot Houston short track and TT events will recei"e special awards from Russ Collins' R.C. Engineering. "From the feateat to the faateat.. says the almost·200mph-in-thequarter·mile record holder. Where can you see 10 Harleys race wi~h four BMWs, Once Vincent. 17 Dealers who sell Bell Helmets are in for a treat: On Jan. 26. Bell Dealer Day. they'lI gel a tour of lhe factory and a chance to win a trip for two to either the Feb. 7·8 Houston Winston Pro races of the Feb. 14-15 Seattle Supercrossl The trip includes airfare. hotel and race tickets. Dealers may sign up for Bell Dealer Day at the 15th annual Anaheim Expo in the Bell booth. or just phone Tim Rockwood at 215/921·9451. The purse for the Jan. 31 Anaheim Supercrosa II .28.540. and the flnel event winner will receive Prize buck. for the Feb. 14-15 Seattle Supercrou Is MO,08O whh the winner from each night getting $2.746. Just in CIIM you were wonc:IerIng but dldn't know who to esk ... "'.025. More money. of course. comes from contingency donors. Bell Helmets. for example has marked $15,000 for the '81 AMA Supercross Series point fund. The winner will get $5,000. Bell also will award $15.000 to the Winston Pro Series. $2,000 to the Grand National Road Race Series, $2,000 to the AMA Superbike Series and other individual Awards to special events such as the three USGPSs of MOlocross and The Superbikers. For 1981. there will be a change in the California Superblka School format. A recent lurvey of the 4&0 students who attended the school .ince June showed a de.ire to have the riding session broken down Into two sections. with a review of the lap tim.. and progress done between each riding part. The new format has been tested at the Illst two Riverside events end will continue due to the excel"nt results. The survey allO rev....d that 25% of the rid.... polled hed no de.lre to go racing before the school and then seriouIIy ~ h afl8twerda. Seven percent c:onaicIerec:I racing before but decided against it afterwards. Seventeen percent had never considered racing and still didn·t. Afty-one percent had thought about racing before and were atIIl seriously considering it. Eighty-two percent were coming beck to the schoolllgllin for .lOther ride. Eighty percent of the riders experienced definite improvements in their riding ability end confidetlC8. FIfty·five percent felt they were ..far riders after the school. Ninty· five percent would recommend oth.... to go to the .chool. Five percent would recommend the school but not to learn or expect to be Kenny Roberts at the end. Students may bring and ride their own bike. In 1981. Separate riding session. are now being .cheduled for riders wishing to run their own machines. The Itudenta will be able to get more laps and pay a reduced price from the students using school ~kl KZ55Os. An even further reduction in price will be glven to students who alrellcly own their own riding gear. Riverside s8BIions will be $120 for 1981. up $10 over the 1980 price. In lICkIition. students wishing to be covared under the medical policy wiH pey an additional $10 for the $5.000 coverege. Even though m.e have been no claims against the medical poley in 1980. the school raised the coverage to $5.000 from $3.000. "just in cese." New also for 1981 Is the machine damage policy. For $7 the students can completely cover all costs r. suiting from any IlCcidents involving machine damage. no metter how greet that damage might be. laguna Sece sellions win be $130, up $6 for '81. Golden State Reel uay will also be $130 for the reg..... school seaionI. Survey results on the K_. .kl KZ5&O: !15% of the students like the handling end general feel of the bikes. Rve percent liked their own bike better. Vintage buffs who wish to enler the Vintage Race WedIIesday. Mar. 4 or the Saturday, Mar. 7 Concours d'Elegance during Daytona Cycle Week may obtain entries for either event from Mike Lewis, 10200 Nevada Ave., ChabWonh. CA 91511. He may also be reached at 215/882-4489. The 1981 U.s. round of the World ChempioIi8hIp 0beervecI TiWs s.Jea will be held In WetkinI G"n. New York, on June 14. Due to the remodeling of Anaheim Stadium. the trad for the Jan. 51 SupercrtlSl Kickoff '81 event will be changed somewhat from the 1979 coune. Tberell be mor~ jumps. more wide berms and no bridge to block spectaton' view. Kawasaki's Team Green will be on hand. scouting for talent. Tickets. by the way. are available at participating Kawasaki dealers here in SoCal as well as through Ticketron, Mutual outlets and at the Anaheim Stadium boll office. Intereated In motorcycle ufety1 Uveln the Tucson, AZ a,.1 Then don't mi.. the Southwe.tern Reglonel Motorcycle Safety C0nference. Mer. 1-10, at the Tucson Communhy Certt8r. Or. C...... Hartman. Prilident of Motorcycle Safety FoundetIon; Dr. Harry Hurt. author of the Hurt R.port. and a repnllntlltlve from Netionel Highway Traffic Safety Admlnlaaatiun wiI ....k to a. Intenilted motorcyc:llatl. For details. phone Mark Gru8hke at 8021821 8IIiO. Motorcyclists in cenlral California will be interested in hearing about CCMA. the Central California Motorcycle Auociation. which is cente~ in beautiful downtown San Luis Obispo. Good things are happening. and you may contact them by writing CCMA, 446·B Lawrence. San Luis Obispo. CA 95401. Membership dues? How does free sound to ya? Can't let a ItttIe rein atop you. The CRC Sedlllebeck race IIlited for Jan. 11 wa. rained out. and thIIt WH the . . . queilfler for CRC'. Feb. 1 AnaheIm Stadium i'IiC8. Fortunately, CRC 11M decided to glv. qUIIllfler atatu. to their Jan. 18 Indian Dune. event. One IeIt chence to rid. In Anaheim Stadium: don't mill hi More Info at 213183B-7&1•• S & W Engineering has moved. The "Total Suspension Syltem" people DOW do business at 7051 Village Dr.. Buena Park. CA 90621,7141759·4465.

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