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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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(; III •• ~ E o 00 en .-t .KENNY ROBERTS WAS HERE. j] RUSS COLLINS WAS HERE. ---------------,I INTRODUCTORY SUBSCRIPTION Send me 10 weeks of Cycle News for only $4.95. Dept. S8W34 I 1 I. -_.:_ __ ... . ():.~.a ~ pr ev ails in mud-laden Mid·Ohio US GP Name (Please print legibly) JOHNNY O'MARA WAS HERE. Address City State Zip Area Code Telephone Number MAIL TO: CYCLE NEWS, 2201 Cherry Ave. Long Beach, CA 90801 or call (213) 421·7433 CYCLE NEWS (1 year)•....$20. o o o o SO ISSUES CYCLE NEWS (2 yearsl...$35. 100 ISSUES CYCLE NEWS (3 years)...$53. 1SOlSSUES Please send me th e O EAST WEST edit ion. This is a 'enewal Please bill me I enclose checJc 0 ' money orde, 0 O 0 Please fill in your complete number and card expiration date below 000000 000 000 0000 Card expires Date of this order Signature the card identifl8Cl on this item ia authorized to pay the amount shown .. TOTA L (together w ith any other charges due thSflton ) subject to and in accor dance with the ag reement governing the use ot auc h card. Canada end Mexico [1 year.J 2nd ctau Other foreign rIItlllS available upon .equnt. Check & Money oro .,. peyeble If'! U. s . The issuer ot 56 '"' , .n. tundL . WHERE WERE YOU LAST WEEK? .What are )VU doingfqr the next 10 weeks.1 spend them with the winner.s for anJy $4.95.

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