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The RACER'S CHOICE performance exhaust system is presently being manufactured for: Honda CB750 CB750 '79 Kawasaki Kl650 Kl900/1000 Suzuki GS750 GS1000 Yamaha XS650 XS750 XS11 Harley Davidson Sportster 58-78, Sportster '79 M.A.C. Products is presently manufacturing the RACER'S CHOICE performance exhaust system for motorcycles. This time, it's for the 1979 Honda 750K. And justlike all of the RACER'S CHOICE systems, it was developed totally in-house on M.A.C.'s dynomometers by MAC., Mikuni, K&N, Per-Lux, Nippondenso, 0.1.0., and Derale ... Team Performance. (Above) New and exciting for the GL1100 Interstate Is this (optional) AM/FM radio with digital readout and pushbutton controls. IBelow) Bigger Is better. ~ l' ...-4 M QJ ..c o ... u Each RACER'S CHOICE performance exhaust system is developed on-the-dyno for maximum performance throughout the entire rpm range, because useable bhp at only certain rpm levels is not what complete performance is all about. All RACER'S CHOICE performance exhaust systems include complete dyno room specs, listing recommended jet changes, plugs, plug gaps, needle settil)gs, etc., to ensure the guaranteed performance the system was designed to produce. o M.A.C. Products is currently the only manufacturer of performance exhaust systems for motorcycles in the United States with in-house dyno room facilities. MAC. believes that total in-house development and manufacturing not only produces a superior product, but also allows the distributor and dealer a much greater profit potential, while giving the consumer a superior exhaust system at a realistic price. We know our systems perform .•. and we guarantee it! 1979 Honda 750K BHPwlth RACER'S CHOICE & RPM STOCKCARBS 20.55 24.88 28.13 32.46 37.87 44.36 46.52 53.01 56.26 57.34 58.42 58.42 24.44 26.66 33.33 40.00 44.00 47.77 52.22 55.55 57.77 59.99 62.21 62.21 102 main 115main jet Below) One of the most Importllnt improvements to the CR models Is this aI-rtew air shock. STOCK BHP 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500 8000 8500 9000 9500 jet Suggested retail 199.50 MAC. Products is a member of Team Performance; all PROVEN names in the performance field: • OERALE • M.A.C. • PER-LUX • • MIKUNl • K&N • NIPPONDENSO • 0.1.0. We are the manufacturer! 1410 W. GAYLORD P.O. BOX 20071 ~'\':' ~ LONG BEACH, CALIF. 90813 - Distributed by: Nichols Motorcycle Supply. Chicago. IL Georgia Cycle Supply. Atlanta, GA See our Team Performance RACER'SCHOICEatthe Nichols Show, Oct. 27, 28, 29. Order Now LOW FRICTION BUSHING ------------------------Send Cash. Check or Money Order to: CYCLE NEWS PRODUCTS P.O. Box 498 Dept.5W40 Long Beac.h. CA 90801 Please enclose 75¢ for each Comic Book. Plus 25¢ for postage and handling. • • • : .• • I • • : Colif resiantlS add 6% solrs laz Please send me copies of the MX Cat Comic Book Dealer Inquiries encouraged! : Name (Please print legiblyI • • : 7 7 :;-re:-"s-s------------------. Ad d .._-----------------_... _------------------------ :=:-:----------=-----==------_. • City State ZIP • 17

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