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in Eklund's pit area was decidedly brighter. Randy Goss had been working his way through traffic from a slow start when he hit a rut in tum one which ended his ride. "I hit it every lap in practice and the heat and it never bothered me. Then bingo and I was into the haybales. That's rotten luck because we were running good. " By lap eight Morehead had stretched out even more breathing room while Aksland, Jorgensen and Springsteen still argued over second. Poovey, Parker, Hank Scott and Graham were doing the same over fifth. Hank had gotten a very poor start, but had worked from 15th on lap one to his present position and wasn't about to stop there. Poovey moved into the battle for second on lap 10 as Springsteen began to charge again and got past Jorgensen. Then Hank Scott joined the fray and it became a 10·wheeled snake weaving and bobbing aU over the track. Morehead had about a four second lead at this point. On lap 16 both Scott and Poovey moved around Springsteen leaving him sixth. Parker was leading a close quarten battle with Graham, Brow, Gary Scott, Wilson and Kidd in tow. Two laps later Morehead appeared to slow. "I lost my brakes, slowed and then adjusted my style and hoped that the laps would run out before I got caught." They didn't. AbIand, sensing some problem with Morehead, gobbled up ground and put himself on Morehead's rear tire on lap 21 with Jorgensen only a heartbeat behind. Hank Scott and Poovey were also wheel·to-wheel, although not close enough to present any danger. In the midst of this Mike Kidd's charge probably went unnoticed. Kidd was still mired in 12th on lap 17, but then caught fire and charged to sixth. Morehead lost the lead on lap 25, but only momentarily. He regained it with Altsland probing on every foot of the San Jose traclt. Lap 24 was an instant replay with Morehead barely holding onto the lead. Aksland made his move charging into tum one on the final lap, but it proved to be a mistake as he slipped off the groove and lost five bikelengths. He could not make them up and Morehead was the winner by about that margin. Hank Scott held off Poovey in another dash to the flag while Kidd went around Springsteen in turn three for sixth. "I don't remember the final laps," said Kidd. "I don't think I've been this sick in my life. I collapsed when I got off the bike and then barfed three times." Springsteen was in the same boat. "Hey, two wins, a second and third in four races; I'd say I'm on the move," said Morehead. "Too bad there's only one race left." • Results NATlONAl: 1. St.... Mor_ IH-O); 2. Skip All*>d lH-O); 3. Alex J o r _ IH-O); 4. Hank Scott IH-O~ 5. Teny PocMIy IH-D~ 6. Miko Kidd IH-D); 7. Joy Spoingo1_ IH-D); 8. Riel11d Adult ChIld STEVE EKLUND e.-al ,;J C\ c\ division of "::II r::;I CONT~Ol DATA COR..!'Ol\ATION $12.00, $6:00 $10.00 $5.00 lC.~ (All chlldron B and undor admittod troe 10 goneral admission only.) ENCLOSED IS MY CHECK FOR (Ascat) _ Please enclose a self addressed slamped envelope along with check or money order payable to - AGAJANIAN ENTERPRISES P. O. Box 98 Gardena, Calif. 90247 PHONE NAME CITY 7eacl ''11 7ZQvd, ?Petit L -_ _ 213-795-2n1 _ _- , 20% Dllcount we Racing 12131802·11U ZIP _ De••••• Offtcf411 Ca1' Of .uc.t ..... We've got the very LATEST POOP. No ... kidding. Parts • Accessories 1537 E. Walnut. Pasadena. CA 91101 "WHERE THE HARBOR, SAN DIEGO AND 91 FREEWAYS MEET" _ STATE,...... Service. Motorcycle Setes FREE VIP PARKING FOR MOTORCYCLES _ ADDRESS 18300 VERMONT AVE. GARDENA, CALIFORNIA (213).321-1100 (213) 323 - 1142 ---------------------------------.• Cycle News Vest Order yours today Only $27.95 j Cycle News Products Dept. 6W38 P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, Ca. 90801 NOl bulletproof butlightweighl & WSfm. Br~h' red N with red & white embroidered Cvcle News patch. arne O"..... inqulr1e.invtted 130S2 ROMCraM Norw. . . CA 90&10 • ! z .! u >- U Address - - - - - - - - - - & City State_ _ Zip I i Please fill in your complete account number and expiration date. * love your body! Box 177. Dept, eN Jennings. OK 74038 9181757-2729 Card expires n'......... o.'hec... kMnhllecl ... 't'II. ~=;~~r'u:.:-;::::=' _ '.1_ I poonM- ,. ,.y SUCh 10'" ' . . .''''-' "..;ttl _y ,",,-, cf\af. . . due L * I I I Signature I I I I I I I •• I I I I I th •• eon .>tbi*c, 10 and KCCHcMnc. ~l:.zoc:;_-t erninv'-- .... Size Small 0 Medium 0 0 Large Ex·larse 0 Calif. residents add 6% sales tax. JI ~I 'i> I C I I~ ~• 15

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