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runner-up position ahead of Jerry Canonic. The Open Junior race was a bruising affair with fatigue showing on the faces of the finishers. After two qualifiers and one final. aU of which count points towards the final results; Maico rider Doug Brown was declared the winner. Following Brown was Yamaha rider Tim Main and Jody Van Richison rounded out the top three on a Honda. The Women's classes featured top racing action and a good field of riders. Yamaha-mounted Carey Steiner and Suzuki rider Dede Cates had a see·saw battle for first Woman Expert with Steiner finishing the winner and Cates second. Saturday A beautiful Saturday morning dawned to the sound of 250cc machines as another strong field of riders showed to contest the 250cc Pro class. Once again Reid looked to be the favorite but Moates was back also and Hansen was really wired. Jeff Ward was there on his bright green Kawasaki but he was having trouble sorting out the suspension and failed to qualify for the final. There were even more top Pros on hand than the day before with four ~arate qualifying classes necessary to sort the field for the finals. Even the Pros who didn't make the finalstiU got plenty of riding with two qualifier motos and a consolation race. . Grabbing the lead at the start of the first mota was Yamaha rider David Taylor followed by Kawasaki-mounted Robert Reisinger and Donnie Hansen, who was riding a Can-Am for today's aces. Maico rider Tim Tolar was fourth and Marty Miller had his Suzuki in fifth just ahead of Berlutti. ~t the end of lap one Moates was in eighth spot and Reid was way back in 15th. Hansen moved by Reisinger on the second lap and Miller took over third as Reisinger and Tolar both faded. By lap four Moates was sixth and Reid eighth with Moates moving to third the next lap. Reid quickly followed to finish lap five in four~h. Hansen had gotten by Taylor and was trying to open up some distance on the pack, knowing Reid and Moates were back there. With the race nearly· over Moates charged into second with Reid in tow and began closing on Hansen. On the last lap Reid got around Moates but Hansen took the checkered flag still in first. Moates timed the gate right in the ond mota to grab the early lead away from Reid and Hansen. Jeff Watts had his Husky in fourth ahead of the Suzuki ridden by Mike Tripes. he front three were riding very fast and close together, looking for' an dvantage over the others. On lap four Reid slipped by Moates and began to pen up a slight lead. Hansen was eally pushing on Moates and tried to ass on the downhill but the two riders angled with Hansen taking a tumble. n quicllly remounted but he had ost four places and was unable to egain his blazing speed. Tripes had oved by Watts and now inherited ird place. Ron Turner was putting n a drive from a mediocre stan and oved up iOlO fourth as the mota nded. When the checkered flag came ut it was Reid getting there first head of Moates and Tripes. Reid was he overall victor with second going to oates again and Hansen taking the hird position. Turner's excellent final oto earned him fourth spot with atts in fifth and Tripes sixth. The Pro races were exciting for sure ut the Amateurs weren't exactly oing for a Sunday drive as they ought handlebar to handlebar for the lory of a trophy, a bag of goodies and he possibility of seeing themselves on TV. That'~ right - the local cable station taped much of each day's activities and showed them that night. It was great sport to try and see oneself in the heavily cut and spliced action. The 250cc Intennediate £inal was a great race all the way with the overall .victory going to Maico rider Lee Norton over the Yamaha of Tony Berlutti. Yamaha rider Jim Coffey rounded out the ~op three. The 250cc Junior riders had a classic confrontation between the old world machinery of Maico and the ultra modern Yamaha. When it was aU over Bob Bames had his Maico in the overaU winner's position with second going to Yamaha rider Joe Romp. Mark Toycen finished third on his Maico. (Above) LOP's Marty MOIItes rode to two second place finishes behind Reid. (Below) Jim .Gibson (14) and Jeff Ward battle in the 125c:c Pros. Sunday This was the day everyone was waiting for as the big four Japanese factories were all to be represented by their top 125cc riders. Broc Glover, current National Champ and points leade~, was there to uphold his last year's victory over Reid, and keep the Yamaha colors in front where they've grown accustomed to seeing them. Suzuki was there with Brian Myencough, second in the National standings and looking very good. Jeff Ward was ready, his 125 Kawasaki better dialed in than his 250 and Jim Gibson was called in by Honda to fill the spot vacated by the tired Reid. All four riders qualified, although not without some difficulty and came to the starting line for the first mota along with 50 other riders eager to upset the factory hot shoes. At the start of the first mota Myerscough quickly jumped into the lead followed by Paul Emerson on a Suzuki. Ward came around on the first lap running in third ahead of Yamaha rider Tim Locey. Gibson was in sixth and Glover was already off the track with mechanical problems. (Below) A few 250cc Juniors in action on the scenic mountain course. 17

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