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TOMORROW'S CARBURETOR FOR TODAY'S ENGINES 'Kenny Roberts First American to. Win the 500 C.C. Road Race Championship with Lectron Cam. Charlie Marshall 114) sets up for a pass at 2 + 2 Hare Scrams. J sa w his ca lling as he po u red on the power a nd je tted past the talented McKenna a nd took co n tro l .of m ot o two. Sugar Bear G rossi was looking good when he . passed Dave Mythen (Mai ) and Wiggtns to find himself in th ird . Jerome Heiber ger ca me through with th e overa ll Open victory showing a sco re of 3 · 1 wh ile Dean Wiggins landed a 1·6, Billy Grossi 6·3, and Neil Snarr 2·7. In summary the Sears Point series opener wa s a great su ccess. Everything fell into place , th er e were virtually no delays, or ha ssles. Hat s off to D·36 for a job well d on e! Results 125 PRO: t . Donnie Cantaloupi (MX FlYam); 2 . M ik e Schalow (Suz); 3. Glen J ennin gs (Suzl. , 250 PRO: 1. Larry Wosick IMXF/Honl: 2. David W ood hall (M ail; 3. Dea n W iggi ns (M ail. OPEN PRO: t . J ero me Heiberger (Mai); 2. Dean W iggins (Mai ); 3. Billy Grossi (SU l) . Hare scrambles finale 2 + 2 = Davis By IT Productions HOLLlSTER. CA , DEC . 10 Scott Davis, riding a Selby Motors Maico , storm ed to a win over hard-charging Kevin Ingalls (H i Point -Nelson Bros. Husky) at the 2 + 2 Ra cin g Team's Hollister Hill s Hare Scrambles which was held a t' th e ORV Park's " Up per Ranch" for this seaso n' s cross counl ry finale . Third place man Charlie Marshall . saw a potential wi n go sour when one of his shocks came a d rift near the halfwa y point whil e he was .lead ing . Charlie didn 't fare all that bad though . His Carmichael Husky will be wearing the number on e cross country plate in '79. fo r all the hard work and fast rid ing th at he did in '78. Gary Vanderpool put in another frustrating weekend with the same nagging 'seizu re problem that plagued him at Sacramento a week ago . Though forced to drop out of the race, he finished the season with a strong second place. Know ing his determined n ature, nex t year will bring some long di stance races to look forward to. First place 2~Occ Expert , and also fourth overall , went to mild mannered Da ve Bertram who claims to ride these races just 10 stay in shape for his enduro and ISDT aspirations , but usually ends up a top contender. Dave's teammate from Nelson Bros ., (which seems to have a corner on fa st Husqvarna rid ers) Fred Bellman, dropped out and almost off one of the many "Vista Points" when his rear brake anchor arm broke causing the brake ' rod to tear loose from the backing plate. That left Freddy to a front brake and his own devices . The race track had a unique enduro type flavor to it. Many in th e 2 + 2 Club are woods oriented and it shows in their la yout. This 'r ace is fast becoming known as a good tough ride and those who fin ish well know how 10 ride with their heads as well as th eir hands. The sta rt took place on one of th e few flat areas of t he ranch and th e line up was as any true ha re scram bles sho uld be , all go . Amateur and Expert inthe first wa ve, Novices wer e seco nd , and the Old Time rs and Vets picked th eir wa y through the a fterm a th . . The sweeping turns and who ops thilt followed were slig htly dusty due to co ld , d ry winds that hav e been blowing across northern California t he past few weeks . It 's been cold up here too . Cold en ough to produce th e condition that occured at th e next obstacle. 'The sp ring that runs along the road was not on ly muddy , .bu t full of ice as well . In facr. . all the damp spots on the course tha t were in the shade had their share of surprises. T here was a nice combination of roads and trails but it seemed like they would run you to a frazzle on a tight, twisty trail through the oak trees and scr ub brush. Surprisingly all of a (Continued to page 18) LECTRON::ESYSTEMS,IN~. L F... I ppllcatlon cu rt. Ind brochure. a.allabl. on requ••t, or cl n our Calltomll Carburetor " lYle. C.nt.r:: Pho... (805) 255-6474. 1800 Stephenson Highway, Troy. Michigan 48084 TERRYKIT 1 111· HU)\, 11\,1) I l \ \II'r\' I'd, I \, 11 H)K 1 III ~' .Kl<)\~ « )\1 1'1,1 I I ( )K One of t he West Coa st 's Big Vo lume Dea lersl l ! Husqvarna Hercules SW M & KTM Mail order a specialty New Kits for '79 with Adjustable Travel Maz. Travel Yamaha YZ250/400 '78, '79 12" Yamaha IT 175/400 ·77/ '79 10" 8.3" . Yamaha YlBO '79 Suzuki RM80 '79 8.3" Kawasaki KX80 '79 8.3" Husky '77, '78 li S ' Yamaha&Suzuki80 ·78 7.5" • Suzuki RM 125 '77, '78 10" Suzuki RM 250/400 '78 10" Kits also ava ila ble for most other bikes Write for free literature Out of state call toll free 800 -854 -4691 90 day money back guarantee Dealer or Direct ltiJusqvarna CYCLE MART 5835 SE Pow ell Portland, OR97206 .503-n 5-2741 CURNUTT SHOCKS FINISHER PINS 75992 Base line Twentynine Palms, CA We Make EmAsk Lenny for Samples 922n &07 s. HHI ST . Suit. 631 Lo. Anu.'." CA t0014 n4/367-9179 Cal·Mart Platln. 21~ 15

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