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Instant Wilderness By Philip C. Briggs Just when it seemed that the ORV user, the d irt biker had lea rned ho w to work with the bureaucrats, how to get plugged into the system and ho w to be heard , the environmentalists have u pped the a nte, Frien ds in high places. Politica l pressure. Shades of the vested interest. Ironically , one of the things that may save us now is the Nationa l Envi ro nmental Po licy Act , and that powerful tool of th e p reservationist the envi ronmental im pact statement. T he U.S . Fore st Se rv ice h a s em barked on' a nationwid e p rogra m to expand the nationa l wilderness system. T o tha t end th ey have inventoried a ll "road less" a reas which might fit into t he system . The in ventor ies were completed late this ' spring and are being presented to the public for th eir comments at a . series of public workshops. If you've paid attention to Papa Wealey you 'd have noticed references to these workshops. Odds are you didn't realize the enormity of the proposed ac tion and didn't go . Well it's probably too late for that now - th e last workshop here in Arizona will have been held by th e time you read this. You 're not alone , though. The people that built the Alaskan pipeline, drilled off Santa Barbara, marred the Appalachians , and dumped asbestos in Lake Superior haven 't fa ir ed much better. T here was very little advance notice to th e public on th e workshops, let alone early warnings of the in ten t and approach. Here in Arizona we got t he first a nnou ncement on July 6. The firs t workshop was July 12. Not much time to study the a reas in question or co llect your thoughts. Written comments will be accepted until September 15, but if you missed a workshop you can hardly find ou t enough on what's being done to com m ent :- no thing has been published or d istributed. By Sept ember 20 , t he Fore st Supervisors are to have revised their in vent orie s, giving due consideration to public input (a ny guesses on how much ice ou r though ts will cu t) a nd forw a rd ed th em to W ashington for fin a l review by a "core team ." Then on to th e Admin istration and Congress for action. Never back to us for commen t. T he process is to take 18 mont hs. We ha d less than a mont h of that . Presid ent Ca rte r , in h is enviro n mental m essage last sp ring (you remember that , it was to inclu de his closure of public land s to O RV s), ca lled upon t he Administ rat ion to move ahea d rigo rously with the completion of th e national wilderness system . M . R up e rt C u tl e r , Ass is tant Secreta ry of Agricultu re , h as become the chief pusher of the Forest Service's response to tha t ca ll. .Should you think it odd that a bureaucra t would get so enthused about a ny program , let me add that he is a Carter appoi nt ee , is charged with Agricult u re 's conservation programs, a nd was a paid staffer of the Sierra Clu b. Mr. Cutle r ha s been vigorously p roceedi ng . T h e fores ts h er e in Arizon a had o ne week to co m p lete th e inve ntory . They ha d to begi n th e process befor e th e selec tion cri te ria were firmed u p . T he criteria a rc sim ple eno ugh . Any " roa d less" area will do. T his has been defi ned as one in which " there are no im pro ved ro ads mainta ine d for tra vel of motorized veh icles intended for hig hway use ." Ma rvel ous . U you remember the W ilderness Act (Continued on page') for the first time in the west •.. World Championship Road Racing! • SCHEDi.JLE: Friday : Practice all classes & qua lifying. Saturday : Qualify ing heats , 250cc International final and Aerobatic show. Sunday : Production final. Two 100 km F.750 races, vintage exh ibition and Aerobatic show by Prof . Art Scholl . TH IS IS IT....... Combine a vacation in the most popular resort area on the Pacific coast, wit h three days of wild road racing....including five events on Sunday and an Aerobatic show! See the top European teams battle the Americans for t he World F750 Champ ionship and, for the first time ever; Internat ional Sidecar racing. LAGUNA SECA RAC£WAY MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA SEPTEMBER ih: . A" V· 10· 11, 1 V77 , .c). .~.,:,~' & Please send me the following tickets to the CHAMPION SPARK PLUG 200 at laguna Seca. For further info call: (408) 373-1811 or (714 ) 831 -3540. . I require Sunday Only General Admiss ion Tickets at $9 ea ch. (Save $ 1 each ) _ _ NAME CITY Three Day Gener al Admiss ion Combination at $ 12 eac h (Save $5 each) VI P SUPERTICKETS (Admiss ion, paddock. grandstands each day) Costs you $20 each and saves an incredible $13 on each ticket! _ ADDRESS _ STATE & ZIP Mallyour order to: Trippe, Cox Productions , P.O. Box 2078, Monterey, Ca. 93940 •••• Certified Check or Money Order Only, Please. My tolal remittance I. Advance t ickets also avaiable at Ticketr:>n, BASS and Maeys outlets; _ _ _ &llre975 CROSS This goggle i, the new est addition to the line a nd i, fashioned a h8f the popular 970 model , featuring a clee r inner len a. w ith two (2) clear t881 away lenses. Tha 91S-Crou also tuturn the extra wide 11 1l8'1 elastic . adjus table. reinlorced he adband for snug. eomtortab~ tit. It also hat the 5Oh. atnotben1 cha mois inner facing QVM 8 thick cushi on of , foam. The roll-over air ....nts. both top and bc tten. provide plenty of air drculation. MAGURA U.S.A. Park CORP. P Box 1030 M.C.I.D. .o. Lewistown. Pa. 17044 717/242-0311 3

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