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The latest rumor to co me o ut of J ap an is th at Yamaha will make a full scale return to G P ro ad racing wi th all new models o f their · 350 and 50 0cc works bikes~TiJ.e team will be a two st ar affai r apparently wi th Johnny Cecotto and Amer ican Steve Baker as the likely candidates 'c . \C I HELP YOU?? AN YEAH,I NEEI> A CHAIN TENS/ONER BOLT FOR A 650 YAMAHA. '~ " VERY POPUlAR ITEM ' -) tATtLY, I'M ArMl/) ": WE'RE ALL ;! OllT..· \... The Motorcycle Industry Council , along with its recently-signed co-op with the AMA , is send ing out "Land Use Advisories" to member dealer organizations to warn of lend-use meetings and impending regulation in the members' area. Read 'em, heed 'em, and pass them around, because the lesson from California is - it only gets worse if you don't ge involved. .And it does affect sales. $.4 It-ill: Ta kaz um i Katayama , the Japanese ace who. finished second at las t ye ar's Ontario Na tional road race, will return to . America fo r the AMA Natio nal at Rivers ide this year. Katayama will ride a T Z75 0 prepared by Mack Kambayashi, who also tunes for Gary Scott and David Em de , Roadracers, don't give up on us. The report promised in an "Upshot" bulletin failed to materialize when our reporter blew the crank on his CB750 on the way to Sears Point. And the CMC Willow race is still working its way through the paper mill because the Lame Camel screwed up. As a penance, we are sending him to Japan. He will returned packed in a large tin, labe lled "Fish Heads." Finland's Yrjo Vester inen, aboard a works Bultaco , took the points lead in th e Warld Trials Championship Series by a scant two poin ts from teammate Martin Lampkin recently. Montesa's Ul f Karlson was the winner of the August 29 Sw edish round w ith Vesterinen second. Greg Barbacovi's "High School Form" talk show on KHJ Radio (930 on your AM sed will feature an interview with Women's Nat'l. Champion Sue Fish on Sunday, September 19 at 11:30 p.m. Greg is another media personality who ' cut his teeth on writing Cycle News race reports. Which goes to say, if ya can't be rich, at least be famous. The ladies musta' been doing their spadework in Southern California. Seems that AMC is starting a Women's Pro class at Saddleback September 26 (100% payback) ; and CRC will kick off a similar class at Indian Dunes October 3. The AMC · program will also have a Women's Sportsman class with 30% brass. Wave of the future? co,,SPiRACY? I'YE BEEN 1b 4- UrHER HEY MAN, WHAT Husq varna's new 1 9 771 25 CR motocrossers have arrived an d are n ow availabl e. Although th e ' 77 models w ill f eat ure a vast nu mber of technical improvem en ts and modifications, there will be no increase in price over last year's 125 CR. p,a,m PLACES 1bDAY AND I GOT WE SAME: IWHAAOUMD! ALL I fXIIAUST , /PIPES! . / '-!'~~6 $~'~ Sep t ember 17 , the Lakeview Dist.sBL\1 Advisory Boa rd meets to conside r, t hings , a propos ed am on g other Mem or ial Day race. .Mee ting tim e is 9:00 a.rn ., pl ace is th e Lakeview Commun ity Cen ter , La keview , Orego n . 2 Yo u'll never kn o w what yo u might see on r e-cy cl ed TV. A recent " Best of Groucho" sho w fea tu red an in terview wi th the n-Grand National Champ ion Brad Andres , vintage 195 6. Asking Brad if he was n't a bit yo ung to be a mot orcy cl e raci ng cha mpion , Gro uc ho answered his own quest io n with . " . .. I guess th er e aren't too m a ny o ld motorcycle racing champions." 1"0, Dic k Mann ha dn't been invented. yet. NoW TlUn'I CAN HELPYOU WITH. Groucho Marx once po inted out that his family was big on motorcycles: "Harpo rode a Harley , I rode an Indian and Chico favored a girl from Topeka ... " Pretty heady stuff fo r Middle America, circa 1956. It' s a bit early fo r electioneer ing, but California biker /voters should know about an d sta y o n to p of ball ot Prop os it io n 13, a p roposal to legalize dog racing in th e state. One of t he first things t he dog prom o ter s will get if they win is a I OO-day season a t San Jo se, effec tively shutting o ut all mo torcycl e racing there. Don ' t let it happ en. Kawasaki recently debuted their new 330cc trials b ike in Great Brita in with Don Sm ith and Japanese champ Fum ihero Kato doing the ridi ng. Reports say that extensive use of magnesium has the bikes weighing in at 171 pounds. Debuted at London's Earls Court , M o t o r c y cl e Sh o w l a st week. was Triu mp h's 9 00cc T rident. While full scale production of th e bike rem ain s a qu est io n m ar k , 19 77 Bon nevilles wer e displ ayed and wi ll definitely be available on both sides of the ocean. Kenny Roberts, approached at the Talladega National, says he has no ambitions fo r the GP season in 1977, "w e' ll see what- the rest oTthe season br ings and what Yamaha wants to do when contract renewal t ime comes." l WAf'IT IS AIlUSYr50~ IOU', I'M NOT ASKING FoR SOME11'I/NG RIPICIIlOr$ LIKE NDN~6R.AMEP, 6fJUPlA7D The New Mexico Multiple Use Advisory Board to the BlM meets September 22 -23 at the Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe, N.M. The afternoon of the 22nd will be devoted tos public comments on new BLM off-read regs (which were featured in last week's Po litical Lifeline). To speak, contact PR officer Doyle Kline in advance at the State B LM Office,sPost Office/Federal Bldg., Santa Fe, N.M. The British press, rank speculators, are now speculating that Bultaeo will rely on Jim Pomeroy alone in 1977 250ce GP motocross, for teammate Bengt Aberg has been looking for a thumper ride on CCM. IS THIS? A WHA't!;t ') , • WHAT ARE YoUR INITIALS 1... -.

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