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BINSIDE ~ E Ascot IT 6 Gary's Triumph-ant ride Gardena Gold CupJ orgy gets pumped 8 _ Aqua Fest 10 Scratchin ' and smilin' in Austin, Texas streets Test 12 Touring on Suzuki's new cammer 500 MX Nat'l. 14 Steve Stacks 'e m up at Unadilla International 16 Sheene clinches 500 crown West 18 Dez ••....•...........26 North 28 Politics/Personality Speedway Results Central Calendar Cat 32 33 34 38 40 48 Live and in color ON THE COVER: Suzuki's first production four stroke roadster shows its colors. Photo by John Huerter. AMAOK I know the AMA receives its share of criticism from every comer of our sport but when credit is due, let me be the 'n rs t to say thank you. I am speaking for my entire staff' when I pass on my congratulations to the AMA for ajob well done. I just wish everyone could have witnessed the behind-the-scene cooperation we received from the AMA staff. Their contribution played an important part in the overall success of the Fifth Annual Oly Superbouil of Motocross. All I can say is thank you to every member of the AMA-Superbowl event staff and I look forward to working with everyone at Anaheim in December. LYNNE H. SAUNDERS Stadium Motorsports Corp. Laguna Beach, Calif. Four jolly good fellows Sharon Cla yt on. Publi sher Ro bert L Nor Velle, Gen eral Manager . Ed na Mcwt on. Se crctary to Publisher Advenising Linda Clark , Advert ising Man ager Chris Kotbet. Advertisin g Assistant Editoria' Lane Campbdl, Senior Editor. J ud y Weisel. Ed itor. Bobi S COll. Editor. ' Art and ProductIon Barbara Mizuno, Production Manager; Rita Dres sendorfer, Advertising Production : Dennis Cox, Lab Technician ; Marion Hatashita, Typographer; Mike Klinger, Lab and Production Assistant. Circulation . Rhcba Sm ith , Man ager: Pam Green and Callie Smith . Assistan ts . Accounting Gaylenc Zaionz, Manager; Judy Klinger, Ken Lorin, Jeanne Hammond. Assistants ; Dave Auld, Rhonda Van Doren , Credit Dep artment. Service and Support Michael Colikas, Dennis Wat ts . Juani ta Blanton. receptionist. West P.O. 1I0 x 498: Long Beach, CA 9 08 0 I. 4 27·7433; L.A. Lin e 63 6·8841 . (Telex 6"6-33 0 ) ( ~ 13) East P.O. 1I0 x 8 05 . T uc ke r. GA 30084, Gi\ 30084. (4 04) 934-785 0. (Telex 5 42·777 ) Subscription On e year , secon d class mail $ 12 .50: 2 year s, second class mail. $ 22.50: 3years. second class mail. $30.00: 4 Copyright Cycle News ; tnc;. 1976. Trade marie. registered U.S. p... tent Office. All rights reserved. Published weekly ex cept the first and last week of the calendar year by Cycle New s, Inc .. P.O. lIox 498, Long Beach, California. .Secc nd clas s postage paid at Long Beach. CA . 90MOI. Editorial stories, cartoons, photos. etc. arc welcome. Addressed, stamped envelope assures return of unpurchased editorial matter. Reprinting in whole or part only by permission -of the publish en. Advertising rilles and circulation information will be sent upon request. Sec S. R.U .S . Members of the Cactus Cats M.C. sincerely thank and acknowledge the trophy winners at our Hare Scrambles on June 20, that are donating their trophy toward Roger Reed's hospital bill: Chuck Cartledge, Bruce Jones, Jerry Carson and Pete Grossnickle, CACTUS CATS M.C. Corona, Calif. Help! I have a 13 year old son'who is riding a (what I call a small) small size motorcycle. No matter what I try to get him involved with, he always gets right back to his bike, or maybe he never really gets away from it . .. It has been his dream for several years now to race at a track. We just .m oved here and I know nothing about what club to join, where to go, age, regulations, etc.? Most of all, I would like to fmd out who and where I can take him for professional help in training for professional racing? I would possibly be interested in a trainer who can take him to the races, etc. and will keep him properly advised yearly. You might even say a "promoter?" MRS. L. HIGHLEY Olivehurst, Calif. p .S. Our closest large towns are: Yuba City, then 40 miles away is Sacramento. If your son is interested in motocross, haul him out to Live Oak Raceway in Yuba City since it's probably closest to your home. If it 's dirt track experience he wants, try Cal Expo and West Capitol Raceuury, both are located in or near Sacramento. If you check our Calendar listings each week you will know what's happening in your area. Sponsors (or promoters) aren't so easy to come by. If he's fast someone's bound to notice. Visit some of your local motorcycle dealers and get to know them. They can probably help you out . • . Ed. Pleasures endange'red A few months ago the L.A. County Sheriff's Department closed Hi Vista. Vehicles hauling motorcycles were stopped on their way in and "discouraged" from coming back. Three helicopters flew over the hills and canyons that weekend to ticket those who missed the road block. Motorcyclists have stopped riding in Hi Vista. The store is closed permanently, and the owner has re-opened near Lake L.A. This happened as a result of complaints from only three' property owners. The majority of Hi Vista residents enjoyed the convenience of the store and did not object to motorcycles to the extreme of making their community a small police state. Now another business is in jeopardy; the Spanish Bit Cafe at EI Mirage. Two of us rode our bikes there Saturday from our camp in the Shadow Mountains. It was quiet and we felt . a little awkward. like drinking beer in a funeral parlor. Two bicyclists came in while we were there and ordered water. We talked with the owners. who said they have had to fall back on their savings in order to keep the place open. They want to stay in business, but will have to close their doors if bikers stay away much longer. . Mirage Dry Lake is open to recreation, and so are the Shadow Mountains. There are patches of BLM land here, and much of it consists of piles of red and black volcanic rock that no one but a motorcyclist could appreciate. All of the land around the lake is in San Bernardino county, so if there is to be another show of force like Hi Vista's, it will take a- new combination of property owners and police. I used to enjoy those long, hot, dusty rides to the Hi Vista store. looking forward to a cool spot in the shade and a pitcher of beer with my friends. Now those rides are gone forever. It is still fun to ride to the Spanish Bit, but even this trivial pleasure may soon be denied. The folkJ at the Spanish Bit Cafe need and want your business, You may phone them at (714) 388-4481 or use your C.B., KMX C13353, for local information and direction. WINSTON BEAUMONT Wrightwood, Calif. I didn't do it I was not surprised to read the irate letter written about my report on the WERA National at Ontario July 17 and 18. In the news story on the event that I wrote for Cycle News, I covered the Box Stock classes, mentioned the scoring errors, and reported that the promised purse money had not been paid. Unfortunately, someone edited ou t those sections of my story. As a freelance photojournalist, I lose control of my story when I deliver it into the hands of the editors. JOHN D. ULRICH La Mirada, Calif. Krew Kudos Please express my appreciation to the following for their help in announcing Laguna Seca's Champion Spark Plug Classic this past weekend: Randy Garell (communications), CraigMarkJ (sidecar color), Gary Twombley (color), Mike Hinshaw (spotting) and my wife, Bev, for scoring. A special thanks to Roxy Rockwood for the outstanding co-announcing job. The man is - beyond a doubt - the most knowledgeable announcer in motorcycling! And I'd give my left (?) to know how Roxy can recognize the .riders coming out of turn 7 .. • from three miles away in the tower ..• before 1 can even see 'em! Absolutely uncanny - unless he's sold his soul to the devil! Laguna Seca was a blast - see you and the roadracing fans at Riverside. LARRY "SUPERMOUTH" HUFFMAN San Clemente, Calif. CI o 17Ie views expressed in this column ana o th er columns appearing on the following pages are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Cycle News West or Cycle News, Inc. Qualifkd read wishing free and equal rebuttal spa should contact the Editor.

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