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U2 litigat io n by the De pa rtment o f th e In t e rio r. I greatly ap preciate the opportunity of clarifying the position of the Solicitor's Office on th is ma il e r fo r you and your subscribers . I SIDE • 51 ~ ~ ..:::lI Nat'l. MX ~ Grand Nat ' l. M ile -e- Night enduring C7l Dismal desert darkness? Dwindling dawn? g g l' 6 '- :.J ...0 E I:J ~ Co I:J o: 8 Romero does it 10, 23 SoCal on S.L.U.P. 15, 16 Desert c<"l BURTONJ. STANLEY For Charles R. Renda, Regional Solicitor, Sacramento Region Pair of Jims D-37, DRA North 18 Scraped knees . • . • •• •• . •24 All fall down Fast 26 Bonneville Local MX ..... ... . .. • . 2:1 Big money escaping lrrt'I, MX . . . . . .. . .• . . .28 Finnish Fin ish Results ........ . •..... 30 Ask E.C , 34 ISDT Trumpet 36 Number 269 Slow 42 Trials with Farlcy O N TilE COVER : J im Weinert and Tony DiS tefano knock bars again, this tim e in Ohio . Jimm y fell d own, but got up t o wi n wh en Tony toppled all by himself later. Charles Mo re y ph ot o. Goofed I goofed in my last letter. Tunney finall y replied. JOliN McALPINE Nashville. Tenn. A letter f rom John Thank yo u for your comm un ica tion e x p r es sin g yo ur co nce rn ov er the di ffi culties Mr. Rol f T ib bli n an d his fami ly a re ex periencing wi th th e Immigrati on a nd Nat uralizatio n Servi ce. Du e to th e large am oun t of mail rec eived in my o f fice on Mr. Tibblin 's behalf, I contacted the Immigra ti on Service to fin d out t he d e tai ls of h is casc:o Sh aron Clayt on. Publisher Thomas R. Culp . General :\Ia nagcr : Edna Mewt on , Sec retary to Pu bli sher. Advenising 'Tho mas R. Cu lp , National Dire ct o r : Chris Kolbe r, Ad ver t ising Assist a nt . Editorial Charles Clayt o n , Editor aj ohn D. Ulrich . Associate Ed ito r ; Lane Campb ell. Calen dar Editor. Art & Production Catherine Lampton . Art Dire ct or : Nan cy Gray, Ad verti sin g Art Dire ct or: Hect or Aguiler a : Lab T ec hn ician , Mar ion Hatasb ita , Typogra pher: Me lvin Phelps. Assist an t Typographer. Circ ulation Rheba Sm ith , Ma nager: Pam Hobbs & Chris Andrews. Assistan ts. Acco un ting Gave Zai on z, Man ager : Twila Wheeler & linda Mall ard , Assistan ts : Ro semary Chandler, Coll ect io n : Lani Simko Assistant. Services & Support Mike ; Randy Davis: Bill Run yan ; Jeannie Dunivan . Receptionist . West P.O. 80. 498. Long Beach. CA 9080 I (2 13) 427-743 3 : L.A. Line 6 36-8 844. East P.O . 80x 805. T uc ker , G A 30 08 4 (4 04) 934 -7850. Central P.O . 80. 13 24 5 . Au stin, T X 787 11. (5 12) 444-7548. Subsaiption One year, second class mai l S 12 .50; 2 yean, second cla ss mail . $22.50 ; 3 yean. sec o nd class m a il, 530.00; Single co py pri ce, 50 cen Is. Copyril(tll Cycle." Ne."WI, Inc. 19 74 . Tr ad e m ;lrk ~ltisterC'd U.S . Piltnl! Offi ce. All rill:hu re se rve d . Published wttk ly t' uqJt th e." fint and IdS' wed. of t he calendar yeaT by Cycle N... 5 . Inc•. P.O . W 8ox. 49H, Lonl{ Beach, Cal ifo rn ia. Sec o nd c!;&u ~I~e JWd at Lonl{ Belich . CA . Ed ito ri al storiC's, cartoons, phot os . eve. are we h-cme. Addrcsard. s tam pe d enveloee assur('s "t ur n of unpurchuni edilorial matter. Reprinlin K in whole or pari o n ly by p ermission of th e publishers. Advertising U les a nd n rc ub tiun informalion will bl:' sent u po n req uest, See 4 s.s.ns. I h ave been informed that :\1r. Tibbli n is require d to present h is Swe dis h c o u r t records to th e Immigra t ion Authoriti es before they ca n co ns iller whether or not he m a y st a y in th e Unit ed S ta tes . I have written to Mr . T ib blin urging him t o co m ply with th is rule so tha t hi s case ma y be res o lved. I h a ve a l so w ri tt e n t o th e Immigration officials. o f my interest in this matter, and it is my hope th at they will give Mr. Tibblin every co ns ide ra t io n po ssible when h is case is heard . Thank you aga in for sh aring your thoughts on this matter with m e. JOHN V. T UNNEY United States Senator from this fund has gone for administration and that very, very little has been allocated o r is left for the original purpose for wh ich it was intended! This news is most disheartening. The soil composition of the land on whi ch the minibi ke park is located is sand-blasting sand. To make the track sa fe to ride on, it wa s n ecessary to purchase 8 ,000 cubic yards o f soil at ap pro xima tely 2.00 per c u bic yard, t o co ver the entire tr ac k. We a re with out immediate funds to pa y for th is improvernen t , a n d see none forth coming in the near or distant fut ure. un less we rec ei ve ass ista nc e from the State. \l'e, therefore, re q ues t your assistance in a n "early eva lua tio n o f our a p p licatio n," and po ssibl e pa yme nt from u nexpended fun ds from last yea r. CHARLES E. SCHOTT President Lo ng Beach Safe ty Counci l Baja gas cans Thank you for yo ur help in trying to lo cate the owners of gas ca ns we p icked up in Ensenada at the recent Baja race. We h ave had only one response and sure would like to return the other gas cans (25, 53 , 59) to their rightful owners. There were some head ligh ts, too, for bike No . 25 and they arc worth a lot. The owners should ca ll 805/947-8243 to claim their stuff. EVERETT MI\ YES Palmdale, Ca lif. A letter to Ronald Reagan Dear Governor Reagan: Subje ct: Urgent co nsidera t io n for immediate financial assistance from the Orr-Highway Grants Progr am, Department o f Parks and Recreation. In January of this year, aft er two long years of negotiations with the agencies concerned, th e Long Bea ch Safety Council developed and is now operating a "safe legal area." for youngsters of all ages (eigh t to 80) to ride their minibikes and motorcycles. The eight and one half acres of land on whi ch the park is situated are: I. Owned by the City of Los Angeles. 2. Leased to the U.S. Navy until 1979. 3 . Sub-leased by the Navy to the City of Long Beach. 4. Under the jurisdiction of the Par ks and Recreation Department, City of Long Beach to be: 5. Operated a nd developed by the Long Beach Safety Council un der con tract with them. Recently we applied for funds from the State Off-Highway Vehicle Grant and sub mitted all of the necessary information r e qu ired through the inter-governmental agency, the City of Lo ng Beach. As a follow-up to see if our request was received a nd during a conversation on the telephone with Mr. Charles Parker, Park and Recre ation Spe ciali st, (916) 445 -1370 , I was informed that it takes one year for an evaluation to be made a nd for funds to be a lloca ted! I have also learned th at most of the money received to dale Young lady Where did you take the photograph of the young lady you had on page 18 of your July 3D, 1974 issue of Cycle News West! She looks like someone 1 had seen at the Red Dots Annual Mother's Day function this year. - She was at the final check point for the race. D. STEINEL Guam, USA Dale Brown snapped her in th e pit. at a California City DRA race . . . Ed. S.L.U.P. fees I am extremely concerned about the article appearing on page 16 of your August 20, 1974, issue of Cycle News written by Leslie Richards and dealing with the payment o f fees d ue for Special Land Use Perm its issued by the Bureau of Land Management. Ms. Richards' article is inacc ur a te in many . respec ts. T he So lic itor's Office is no t authorized to accept fees for th e Bureau of Land Management and has not established a suspense account for this purpose. All checks sen t to me will be returned to t he sender. Fees shou ld be paid di rectly an d uncondi tionally to the local BLM Office from which the Special Land Use Permi t is ob tained. I should also point out that these fees go into the Land and Water Conservation fund and are not used to finance When I negotiated the SoCaI Suspense account with Burton J. Stanley, 1 requested, and Mr . Stanley agreed, that he should accept S.L. U.P. fees from other clubs wishing to suspend payment until the legality of the fee has been clearly established by the courts. Since Mr. Stanley's relationship with me had in every way been reasonable and honorable, 1 t hought I had no reason to request that t his a rrangement be put in writing. This was my m ist a ke. J .R. Penney, California Director of th e BLM has plain ly re neged on this sensib le legal a rrange ment, commonplace in a ny legal di sp u te involving the Government of the United States. Clea rly, Mr. Penney welcomes the opportunity to crush any opposition to his insane plan to c rea te a huge bureaucracy to administer imaginary problem s in the California Desert. Clearly, this is one more skirmish in Mr. Penney's war o n motorcyclists, his plan to slo w ly push the public out o f the d esert a nd off all public lands. In answer to BUI 's c o nt en t io n that no suc h suspe nse ac coun t exists, I offer eviden ce th at SoC al had indeed es tablished a suspense acc o un t. Clearly. Mr. Penney lies. RAN HOOPER Legal Secretary SoC al1\IC Ensenada race We wo uld like to th an k J erry Me Neal o f CRC fo r the race in En senada which had a little bit of everything. Jerry did a fantasti c j o b o n suc h a sho r t notice to move th e cou rse fo r o u r o w n protecti on. Myself, m y 14 ye ar old d aughter, and my 13 yea r o ld son rode it and finished. CRC is nothing li ke the ierra Club. Thanks again Jerry McNeal for a super ride. THE CAM PBELL FAl\IlLY Brad Lackey If I see one more pi cture of Brad Lackey before he wins something, (anything) it had better be in a paid ad. I ' l l con cede to your ul t r a-over-exposure of motocross as being a necessary evil. But if you have to give the space to motocross, how about some de cent coverage instead of trying to get Brad's good side (if he has one) in focus ? There have to be some interesting things at the World Championship races to write about, what types of tires the winner (that lets out Brad) use d, what type of carb, engine mods, etc. Here are all these motocross fans somewhere who are obviously trying to learn about the guys who go fast and all they get is pictures of Brad. I completely disagree with Tim Elliot. Evel has done an awful lot for bikes and racers everywhere . T hey call it exposure. I hope he makes a b illion off the jump. J E FF DAVIS Fo rt Po lk, Louisiana Brad happen. to be the only American c o m p e t i n g in 500cc World Championship mo to erass, and is rated among the top ten rider. in the wo rld. That 's pretty fast, considering hi. age (about 20) and t he fact that new champ Mikkola is 29. A. for what kind. of internal modifications th e hot shoes use, we unsh: th ey'd telL Th e tire. they use aren't nece•• arily applicable to u. e under U.S. MX condition. or on our tracks. You '/I see morc photo. of Brad, and not n e c e ssarily only in paid ad•.. . Ed.

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