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M "> g Q. N ..... '" a5 d> " U Brelsford kept his points lead. Not~ movie star Mert Lawwill. Darr's tuner got his Harley running for their best showing of the season. Brelsford IB4YI pushed hard enough to make the Main and a third. after all the shuffling. a good margin, you get the white nag and bang, your foot peg comes off knocking your chain loose and you spend the rest of the last halJ lap running and pushing as you watch eleven riders truck on by. Happiness is having the Director of Competition tell you they ran one lap too many and you won after all. Disappoin tmenL is having the Competition Director tell you that the checkered nag you got was just a lap late and the scorers saw you pass the second place man on the extra lap and now, "Sorry, you're in third." Sound impossible? ot if you're Jim Rawls and you're out of breath from pushing or you're Scott Brelsford and you've just kissed first and second place money goodbye. Jim Rawls led the en tire distance from start to finish although be wasn't sure and neither was anyone else for a long five minutes arter the race ended. Rawls served notice that it was his race on the frrst lap. He took the outside groove off the line and outrode Bill Field (Nor) and Ramon Perez (Tri) diving from the high side to take the lead. Jim Houston (Tri) and Mike Johnson (Tri) moved in second and third along the back stretch with Brelsford moving into fourth ahead of Field on lap four. Brelsford got off the line slowly bu t once he got the throttle cracked open, he ran his own race cutting an easy path through traffic. Brelsford moved into third on lap nine passing Johnson, almost losing it on the back stretch; then scooting into tum three with third place for good. Brelsford rode on Houston's rear wheel but couldn't find an opening. Fourth place was a blanket race between Johnson and Cummings until they came by the Start/Finish line on lap eleven side by side with Johnson giving way going into turn one and putting Cummings into fourth for the final laps. Keeping everyone honest and waiting for a chance that never came were Triumpb riders Wayne Wood, .S~Ye ~DaJgam'l> 'a'nd> 'lite i' Mizen II Bach I was riding hard bu t ou t of striking distance of the leaders. LONG ISLAND GOLD CUP EXPERT MAIN Yam Chuck Palmgren H·D Mert Lawwlll H·D Mark Brelsford H-D Larry Darr Trl Mike Kidd Yam Don Castro Tri Mark Williams Tri Gene Romero Tri Terry Dorsch BSA Bill Eves Tri Larry Palmgren BSA Dave Aldana JUNIOR FINAL Jim Rawls James Houston Scott Brelsford eert Cummings Mike Johnson L. wayne Wood Steve Dalgarno Ike Mizen Gary McGoron Bill Field Richard Kish Ramon Perez Burrito buttons up BSA Trl H·D H·D Trl Tri Tri Tri Yam Nor Tri Trl STICKlES PAY OFF TO TUNE OF $3,420 SO FAR Those red and white signs that you see on the sides of racebikes that say "Cycle News" are worth money to the riders. As of July, 1972 $3,420 has been paid by the publishers of Cycle News to racers who cross the finish adorned with the familiar logotype. National-winning Experts and Juniors on AMA big bikes get $50 if they display the Cycle News colors and so does the overall winner of each of the 17 AMA Professional motocrosses. Also, the top ten American riders in the International class motocrosses will win $10 each, no matter how they placed, if the CN stickie is shown. In the National class of motocross, every rider in the top ten can collect an extra $ 10 from Cycle News if their stickie is on. New, medium-size stickers (4x4V,') are available free from any Cycle News office. What's more, CN and Pat Manning Tailors are awarding a wardrobe of custom-tailored clothes to the AMA Grand National Champion this year. It . only goes to prove that.the well-dressed 1€~P'ioo I weaJlSD6yaie New~., ~l Jim Rawls won the Junlo/'Main li?st and! f'/ri'ally, eVen Olot of' ore6th. ~ . "u I )

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