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N, f lL ,.. N en >- :; .., l/) i: w z w -' U >- U fBa1eIfi Milt ile fN8tltftihl IT'S BRELSFORD AGAIN; BUT By John Bethea SALEM, ORE., July 9, 1972 - Yikes! Them Harleys sure do go fast. Fast is an understatement. Ever since the alloy jobbies were exposed at Colorado's Mile National, they've been going faster and faster with each progressing weekend. Today, in the rain-delayed time trials, the H-Ds of Cal Rayborn, Rex Beauchamp, Dave Sehl and Mert Lawwill placed )-2-3-5 in the "times" race. Rayborn got stuck in third ┬Ěplace in his heat at the checkered, but was only 30 yards behind winner Chuck Palmgren and Gene Romero (Tri). (Yam) BeauchamJ> stabbed his nose underneath Jim Rice (BSA) in the second go on lap one and went on to win with Don Castro (Tri) pushing in third, Mert could only gain fourth and headed for the Semi. In the third heat, Sehl. grabbed the poin t bu t wen t wide on tum three of lap one and dropped to fourth where he finished. Meanwhile, Mark Brelsford (H-D) worked his way around Kenny Roberts (Yam), who took the lead when Gary Scott (Tri) also went wide in three, and wen t on to win. Roberts was second and Scott third. . Sehl then pulled back on to the track for the Semi, snatched the lead off the line and never got caugh t. Keith Mashburn (Yam) battled with Sehl for Mark Brelsford slides through turn two. Smooth but aggressive, he won his- third National of the year and seventh of his career. This is how they did it. second until Frank Gillespie sandwiched himself in second for the duration. So there they were: 'four Harleys, four Triumphs; three Yarnahas and one lone BSA. The green flag went up and the Yamaha Gold Cup 20-lap National was underway. Jim Ric.e, entering his fifth National of the season, plopped his privately-sponsored BSA into the lead as Heat No.1: (To the Main) - 1. Chuck Palmgren (38), Gene Romero (3). and 3. Cal Rayborn (14). (To the Semi) - 4. Frank Gillespie (76), who took second and transferred to Main; 5. Terry Dorsch (22); 6. Eddie Mulder (behind 88); and 7. Tom Rockwood (881. Tom White chased Jim Crenshaw all the way but couldn't catch him in the Junior Main. He won his heat, though. Heat No.2: (To the Main) - 1. Rex Beauchamp (31), 2. Jim ice 24) and 3. Don Castro (11). (To the Semi) - 4. Mert Lawwill (behind 31). 5. Mark Williams (behind 11 I, 6. Dave Aldana (behind 89) and 7. Jim Jones (551. Heat NO.3: (To the Main) - 1. Mark Brelsford (87). 2. Kenny Roberts (80) and 3. Gary Scon (64), (To the Semi) - 4. Dave Sehl (16), who won and transferred to Main; 5. Keith Mashburn (19), who took third and transferred to Main; 6. Dick Mann (1) and 7. Allen Kenyon (behind 61. Novice John Gennai had a little bit of exhaust problems. He went four laps while banging it out - witH the NtrV'i'ce Main leCftjers before he got black-flagged.>.:' - .. .. ~ It 0., I ~ 1

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