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P110 CN III LOWSIDE BY RENNIE SCAYSBROOK C ycle News has always prided itself on being as apolitical as a wide- reaching platform possibly could be, and I'm not about to use my column to voice opinions on the current administration. After all, I'm not even a citizen, so it's not my place to say you're either wrong or right for voting for this person or that, because this writing isn't about politics. The year 2020 really, well, sucks in a lot of ways. I know there's never been a crazier year since I've been on this earth, and it's made me realize we need motorcycling and every- thing it stands for now more than ever. The great thing about riding a motorcycle is you have no idea who is under the helmet. Could be male or female of any race. Doesn't matter. Nor should it. I've seen a lot of this country in my five and a half years here, probably more than many Ameri- cans, I might add. I've gone riding with every race of person WE NEED MOTORCYCLES NOW, MORE THAN EVER Doesn't matter who is under the helmet, we're all riders.

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