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· .. .. : SUNDAY, AUGUST 16tb : ••••••••••••••••• . : ••fio••' C ,iols'i,s : ••• .. AMA HALF-MILE NATIONAL at .. .. Vlgo County Fairgrounds, Terre .. .. Haute, Indtana. .. • FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st : • THURSDAY, AUGUST 13111 /' "'\ REGULARLY SCHEDULED.EVEIITS ATTENTION PROMOTERS: For Llstlneln this column call or wrIte: Tom Walsh at CYCLE NEWS Box 498, Lone Beach, Ca. 90801 (213) 427·7433 EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT FLAT TRACK & TT RACING. at Orance Co. Raceway. Take S.D. Fwy to Valencia or S.A. Fwy to El Toro road to Valencia, rlcbt to track. Gates open 6 p.m. Sign \IP closes 7':30 p.m. 1st ·race 8 p.m. 125, 250, 500 & ()pen Clssses, Am. & Expert. ACA sanction. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT CLASS A Speedway Racing atOranp County FaIrgrounds, Costa ..... Gates Open 7 p.m., Racing 8 p.m. Free parking and prOlP'&mB. CMC MOTOCROSS at Ascot Park, Gardena, CaI1f. Gates open 5:30pm, 1strace at 7 pm. CMC membersbiP and tbree readable number plates required. TT AND FLAT TRACK at Trojan Speedway, South Gate, CaI1f. 100, 125, and 250Cc clssses. Gates open 6pm,lstrace at 7:30 pm. Info: (213) 923-9132. FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th HALF MILE RACES at Ascot Park. New rooster track. Adults $2.95, Juniors $1, under 8 tree. tan SCRAMBLES by Lod1 M.C. at Lodi Cycle Bowl. Entry $2 per motor. Info: (209) 368-7182. SPEEDWAY RACING at Orange Counb' Fairgrounds In Costa Mesa. 8 pm. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT SCRAMBLES at Hangilown Speedway, El Dorado Counb' FaIrgrounds, PlacervWe, CaI1f. Limed trom HJcbway 50& PlacerYllle Drive. SIgn\IP and pract. 5:30 to 7 pm, raclng at 8 pm. AU AMA clssses. $2 to rtde or w.tch. Info: (916) 622-0209. Elslnore Rack Track. Gates open 3 p.m., races start 7:30 P.m" Off Hwy. 71 In Elsinore, CaI~ SATURDAY,AUGUST1~ TI RACING, Ifll SUN. OF EVERY M_TH Deadman's Point. Apple Valley, Cal. - 3re! Sunday, Motocross- all clssses, II a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. $1.00 Entry Fee - Info: (714) 247· 7473 (-J. COfIISfS fOi REliT ADELANTO T.T. TRACK Available for club ,meets (sanctioned events only). Suitable for cycles and m1n1.b1kes. Hwy. 395, 8 mlles West of Victorville. For Info: (213) 9273860. ~ \. SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK at Cycle Land Speedway 14 mlles south of Cb1co at Hwy. 99E and Gage Sblppe Rd. SIgnQll 7-7:30 pm, pract. 7:30-8 pm, first race 8:30 pm. $1.50 ride or watch.AMA sanct. SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK at Cycle Land Speedway 1.4 m11es south of Cb1co at Hwy. 99E and Gege Sblppe Rd, StcnUP 7-7:30 pm, pract. 7:30-8 pm, first race 8:30 pm. $1,50 rldeorwatch.AMAsanct. SCRAMBLES by Feather River M.C. Practice and s1gn\IP 5-7 pm, race at 8 pm. AMA sanct. TrlpleM5peedway,nlllLl' Marysvllle, Cal. 3 legible number plates required. Knobbles O~cusb1oned track. Info: (916) 742-7785. By Popular Demand I.R.E. PRESENTS CoIIIboCross MotoPrix 501 TIOP.'ES TO JU.'OIS CAS. TO SE.'OIS JOO".CO.,O·CIOSS AWAIDS TO AU HALF-MILE FLAT TRACK at Calistoga FatrgrOWlds. East of santa Rosa, north of Napa, CaI1f. Purse $1200. Trials 7 pm, ~es 8:15 pm. Info: (408) 436-3210. $peclallOOcc J .. lor Race Special Dinosaur race Aug. at BIJ Mare :::;'~::o iii · Direction: Tin Ventora FWJ aortb to oew FIII ....e FWJ to HWJ 23, tlleo loft to Moor Plrk, 111 to 1!:I1c0lS CMfoa lid•• follow sl,ns to IIIJ ...... .. AMA TT NATIONAL at PeorlaM.C ... grounds, Peoria, Illlnols, • • • • . .. AMA MILE TRACK NATIONAL at .. MIssouri State Fairgrounds, Sa- • dalla, MIssouri. • ••••••••••••••••••• SCRAMBLES by Richmond Ramblers M.C .• at PolDt Richmond, at toot of Gtrard mvd. Pre-entries to Aug. 15 ($2.50), post entry $3. Admission $2., Sign-up 8-11 a.m., Practice 9-11; first race 11:30. AMA sanet. MOTOCROSS byAntelopeRamb1ersM.C. at Se.dd1eback Park. All cards accepted. 3 1eg1b1e number plates. Powder Puff and Mlnl races also. 30% trophies. Mall $3/Post $5. Matl entry to 23920 W. Carland Ave., Newball, CaI1f. Entryc10se Aug. 11. MON., TUE., WED., AUG.·ll, II, 11 MOTOCROSS by Everett M.C.atSl:artuP, Wash. Follow signs on Hwy. 2. AMA sanction. Adulte $2.50, students lZ-17 $1.50, Ullder 12 tree. PRACTICE at Huntlngton Beach Cycle Park. MX and mlnls noon to 7 p.m. 7561 Talbert, Huntlogton Bch. Info: (714) 8974458. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Crestllne M.C. Dtst. 37 pts. Limed trom AdeJaDIio on Hwy. 395. Norice traU b1kes start at 8 am. Entry $3,25. Info: (714) 338-2918. THURSDAY, AUGUST 2l1li '11UALSlly Southern Caltf. TrtalsAIIIIOC. and san D1ego Tr1aIs RIders atSan Dleco. CMC MOTOCROSS at Ascot Park, Gard - . CaI1f. Gates open 5:3Opm,lstrace at 7 pm. CMC member8h1P and three relldab1e number Plates required. TT RACES by Asbland Lancers M.C. at AsbJand, ore. Info: P.O. Box 739, Asbland, Ore. 97520. TT AND FLAT TRACK at TrojaDSpeedSouth Gate, Caltf. 100, 125, and WlI7; MOTOCROSS at Arlington Moto Park In Arlington, Texas.Admisslon $2,50, entry fee $1.50 for beglnners, $3 for pro. Info: (817) 262-3825. 250cc classes. Gates open 6pm, 1st race at 7:30 pm. Info: (213) 923-9132. FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st MOTOCROSS by lIRA at BuntlJICton Bch. Cycle Park. Mall entry $3 closes four days prior to race to P.O. Box FA, Westminster, 92683. Post entry $6 trom 8-10 a.m. Non-members ride eJrPert. 3 /I plates. 756~ Talbert. HWlttnrton Bch. Info: (714) 897-4458. HALF, MlliE RACES at Ascot Park. New rooster taU track. Adulte $2,95, JunIors $t, under 8 tree. MOTOCROSS by CMC NorthatCbamPion Raceway In Brtsbane, Cal. off US 101. $5 mail entry, $10 post. Admisston $2.50. Pit passes $1. Matl entry c'loses 3 days prior to races. Info: (415) 682-3543. SATURDAY, AUGUST 22ftll SP,EEOWA Y RACiNG at Orange COWlb' Fairgrounds In Costa Mesa. 8 pm. TT SCRAMBLES by Far West M.C. and the Six Rivers RacIng Association. FOl- low state signs entering trom ~tb or south to Redwood Acres FaIrgrounds located at the east end of Harris St. In Eureka, CaI1f. NIgIIt races. CMC MOTOCROSS at Ascot Park. $5 mail entry to CMC, Box 1402, Costa Mesa, Cal. 92626 closes Aug. 11. Post entry $10. Gates open at 7:30 a.m.; racIng at 10. 3 /I plates. SCRAMBLES by Feather River M.C. Practice and slgn~ 5-7 pm, race at 8 pm. AMA sanct., Trlpls M Speedway, near Marysville, Caltf. 3 leg1b1e number plates required. Knobbles O~cusb1oned track. Into: (916) 742-7785. MOTOCROSS at Dead Man's Polnl. $1 entry, $2 admission. Slgn\IPs 8-9:30a.m. 3 II plates. SHORT TRACK by Ratn1er Sp0rt5mans M.C. at Ralnler RodeoGrounds,Ralnler, Wash. On Hwy 507 between Yelm and Tenino. SIgnup 7 pm, pract. 7:30, races at 8 pm. AMA sanct.1nfo: (206) 446-2401. TT RACES by Mesa M.C. at Soutbbay Speedway. Benel1t wlth donation of $1,25. $2 entry fee. Located south ofsanD1ego; take Matn St. turnott trom Interstate 5. AMA sanet., DIstrict 38 pts. SCRAMBLES by Los Gatos M.C. atUvas H 101 • Dam - Cycle H111s. Llmedtrom wy Slgn\IPs Iibd practice 9-11 a.m.; first race at noon. AMA sanct. clsss C tr~tlon. Admtsslon $2. • . Post enlry: $5.10 For ~~~:~n~~'7':'n~:I=on"':+----1~- Canoea Park, Calif. · • • SUNDAY, AUGUST 1&111 "SOMETHING YOU'LL KEEP CLOSE to YOUR HEART FOREVER." Mall eatry: $3.. 2511-. SPORTSMAN QUALIFICATIONS FOR IfORTH1S0UTH.U - - TOil 3 2~5II0 JUNIORS will win trill tt "ite Rock, wltlla 4111 team member to be selected • SUNDAY, AUGUST 23rl1 ,. SUNDAY, AUGUST 3l1li PRACTICE at Huntlngton Beach Cycle Park. MX and minis 10 a.m.-4p.m. 7561 Talbert, HWltlngton Bch. Info: (714) 8974458. : AMA SHORT TRACK NATIONAL at .. santa Fe Speedway, Hinsdale, Ill• • Q'_. . A Rother First For' /4., ' SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK atHeartO' Texas Coliseum, Waco, Texas. AMA sanet. Texas State Indoor CbamplonsbiP. Admission $2, $1 (8012), all size b1kes. Info: (512) 836-2658, 472-8246. ) (Continued on page 27 ~ Thursda v NIGHTS ' . , MOT0 C R0 SS' Every Thursday Pit ,a. op.. 4:3 0 Pill Pit ptes and ..tries close 6:00 p. &ates opn 5:30 p. $480. , ASCOT PARK OFF FREEWAYS i83.c1 ~ VERMONT ::'RLa:~ ~:;~r:= 3 IIrlS readable # plltes OOOOOO~OOOOOOOOOOO

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